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Product Name: 101Contact
Overall Rank: 8.7/10
Price: $97 + $37/month upsell
Owners: Tom de Haan
Website: www.101Contact.com (Aff)

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101Contact-Review---An-Awesome-WordPress-Plugin-To-Personalize-Your-Email-Marketing-Campaigns-FeatureHello KMers! In this review I will be taking a look at a new WordPress plugin called 101Contact, a WordPress plugin that claims to greatly improve your email marketing conversion rates by personalizing your actual web pages for each individual subscriber.

I was actually approached by the product owner, Tom de Haan, asking me to take a look at his new product and write a review. You can actually check out my personal interview with him if you'd like.

Of course, I told him that if he were to give me reviewer's access to the plugin, I would write an honest review, even if I thought it was complete crap. That didn't stop him from giving me access, so that's the first sign this is a legitimate product!

In fact, I'll get more into this later, but I will actually be implementing 101Contact on my own email marketing campaigns from here on out!


Affiliate Disclosure: In an effort to be completely transparent with my audience, according to my personal code of ethics, as well as following FTC Compliance standards, I want to let you know that any link in this review followed by “(Aff)” is an affiliate link, and I will make money from your purchase.


Quick Review

101Contact is a WordPress plugin that allows you to customize your web pages for each individual subscriber you have on your email list. The plugin is easy and simple to use and integrates seamlessly with all of the most popular email marketing providers. If you are getting into email marketing, or already have a large list and are looking to increase your conversion rates, I would highly recommend checking this plugin out. You can purchase 101Contact through the JVZoo platform here (Aff).

Now, let's get to the meaty bits of this review! I'll start by talking about some of the good and some of the bad based on my experience using this plugin. Following this I'll give a detailed description of just exactly what 101Contact is, the training materials provided, who will benefit the most by purchasing this plugin, the quality of customer support, the two pricing options, and, to end, I'll give my final opinion. Here we go!


The Good

As you can already tell, I think 101Contact is a great plugin that could be extremely useful and effective for many email marketers. Here are just some of the best things I've noticed about this plugin since I've begun using it on my own websites and email marketing campaigns


Integrates With All Popular Autoresponders

101Contact can seamlessly integrate with six of the most widely used Autoresponder services available. Unless you're using a small autoresponder service, you shouldn't have to worry about 101Contact not working with your provider. All you need to do is log-in to your autoresponder account from the plugin or get an API key from your provider, and you are good to go. You can use 101Contact with the following autoresponders:

  • AWeber
  • GetResponse
  • Mailchimp
  • iContact
  • Infusionsoft
  • Active Campaign


Unlimited Personalization

With this plugin, you can customize your web pages based on any number of data you've collected about your email subscribers. Some of the most common personalization fields used are email, Name, First Name, Last Name, City, Country, Region, as well as an unlimited number of custom fields. It pretty much boils down to how much information you are able to obtain from your subscribers when they sign up.


Increase In Conversions

Why is pretty much every big company attempting to become more and more personalized to each and every customer as time goes on? Well, it's because they've done the research to know that personalization sells! Why would your web pages be any different? Because of the personalization 101Contact allows, you can potentially see huge increases in your conversions from each and every email you send…that is, assuming you know what you're doing.


No Code Needed

With 101Contact you'll never need to worry about these complicated personlization codes again!

In case you didn't already know, I know next-to-nothing when it comes to coding websites. Fortunately for me, this is perfectly okay as 101Contact requires no coding whatsoever.

101Contact does all of the coding for you, so you don't have to. Ever wonder why most sites don't have custom personalized pages, even though it is possible? Because, to do so requires a ton of complicated code to accomplish and most of us simply don't know how.


Shortcodes Make It Easy

All of your personalization can be done using very straightforward shortcodes within the actual text of your web pages. You can either select the exact information you want to display, or type it in by hand if you know what you're doing.



There is a video tutorial for all of the basic aspects of 101Contact to help get you started. Once you understand the plugin and are ready to use its advanced features, there are textual and photo tutorials for the more complicated steps.



Quick, Speedy Customer Service

I actually tested their customer service with the sole purpose of seeing how quick, friendly, and effective they are. I submitted my first support ticket through their private web page at 12:19am on June 18, 2015. I received a response in my email at 4:35 AM, just over four hours later. The response was quick, personable, and actually answered my question.


Works On All WordPress Themes

I say that tentatively, but according to the claims regarding 101Contact, and my experience, 101Contact will work nicely with pretty much every WordPress theme. There's always exceptions, but for the most part, you don't have to worry about this plugin malfunctioning.


The Bad

Slight Creepiness Factor

I believe it's a perfectly reasonable expectation for some people to be a little creeped out by your website knowing their name and/or other personal information. They won't understand that it's just showing the information they themselves provided you with, but rather think it's coming from some security weakness on their computer/phone. However, I don't think a majority of people will think twice about it this day in age.


Need To Collect Personal Information

If you want more than an email address and maybe a first name, you will have to figure out a way of getting this information from your subscribers. In general, it seems most people are a bit skittish about giving away any information other than their email address and possibly their name. If you want to get more info, such as their address, country, etc. you'll have to have built up a lot of trust, or have a good, clear reason for requesting it.


Heavy Accent In Tutorial Videos

Now, I know this is no fault of Tom, or anyone else, but it was a bit difficult at times to completely understand what was being said in the tutorial videos. If you're hard of hearing, or have trouble understanding heavy accents, you may have some difficulty with the tutorials. However, you can still see what to do, so it's not a huge problem.


Cannot Install Directly From WP Dashboard

In order to install 101Contact you first have to download the files from the 101Contact website, then upload them into your WP Dashboard. I know this isn't a big deal, but it's just one more step that could go wrong during the installation.


No Free Trial

I'm a big supporter of free trials, or a “freemium” pricing model where you can try the product with access to a limited amount of features, without putting any money up. If a product is good quality, it will sell itself. I'd rather be convinced to buy by actually trying it out than simply from a sales page. However, this is just personal preference, not a major knock against this plugin.


Product Overview

Now let's take a look at exactly how 101Contact works, then I'll go through everything you get when you purchase it.


How It Works

101Contact is a simple plugin you install on your WordPress website. The plugin integrates with your autoresponder service so it can draw upon the information they have about your subscribers. You can then customize your web pages using the simple shortcodes to create a page unique to each one of your email subscribers. Whatever information your autoresponder has, you can put in your post.

If you'd like to see this in action, sign up for me email list here and my thank you page will have your name on it!


What You Get

When you 101Contact (Aff), you are given login credentials to a members only site. It is on this site where you can download the plugin files, find your licensing codes, access the training tutorials, and sign up for the affiliate program through JVZOO. You are also given a bonus, which is an analysis of your email marketing campaign and a list of steps you can take to improve it. I'm not sure exactly how this works as I haven't taken advantage of it yet, but it sounds interesting.


There is also a VIP section you can access with a monthly fee (more about this in the “Pricing” section below). As a VIP you are allowed to use 101Contact on an unlimited number of clients' sites as opposed to just your own. VIP status also gives you access to a lifetime of support and updates as well as monthly interviews with email marketing experts. I do not have a VIP license, so I can't vouch for any of these aspects.


Who Is It For?

101Contact will be a great plugin for anyone who is doing email marketing work and looking for ways to improve your personalization and conversion percentages, whether you're just starting out and have a list of 10 people, or you've been doing this for years and have a list of 10,000s.


Training Overview

This plugin is fairly simple, so there really isn't too much to learn about it. However, for the few things you do need to know, there is either a training video or textual/image tutorial available.

Here are the five training videos which teach you all of the basic aspects you need to know to get 101Contact up and running:

  1. Installing the plugin
  2. Activate the plugin
  3. Connect to your email marketing provider
  4. Make your page personalized using shortcodes
  5. Sending an email using the special email link

In addition, here are the five textual/image tutorials for some of the more advanced features:

  1. Getting more details from subscribers
  2. Using custom fields
  3. Displaying a photo of your subscriber
  4. Success/thank you page shortcodes
  5. The use of forms (contact forms, order forms, etc.)

Overall, the training is pretty straightforward. There aren't too many difficult concepts so you should be able to pick it up in a manner of minutes. As I mentioned earlier, the training videos can be a bit hard to understand at times, but you can see everything he's doing, so it's not that big of a deal.



From my experience, the customer support has been on point. I sent in a “test” support ticket at 12:19 AM CST on June 18 and woke up with a response in my inbox from Tom himself that had been sent at 4:35 AM CST. The answer was very friendly and directly answered the question I was asking. In fact, here is the exact message:




The price for the Pro License of 101Contact has been reduced (down from $127) to a one-time purchase of $97. This includes use of the plugin on an unlimited number of personal sites, full personalization, and support and updates for 1 year.

Once you've purchased the Pro License, you'll have the opportunity to upgrade to the VIP License whenever you feel like it. This will cost you $37/month and will allow you to use the plugin on an unlimited number of clients' sites, give you access to support and updates for life, and access to monthly interviews with email marketing experts.

101Contact is a good, useful plugin that I would have no problem spending $97 for; however, $37 a month for the VIP License doesn't seem like as good of a value, unless I had numerous client sites I was working on. It would make more sense to just buy the regular license for each individual site in most cases. Also, I'm not entirely sold on the interviews with email marketing experts because I haven't been shown an example that they even exist yet. I'm not willing to pay for that just yet.


Final Verdict

All-in-all, I firmly believe 101Contact is a great plugin that has the potential to be an extremely valuable tool in your email marketing toolbox. If you use it effectively, it has the potential to really improve your conversion rates and, ultimately, make you more money. For that, I would be perfectly willing to spend $97 on this plugin, and believe it might be a valuable investment for you as well.

Read an interview with the creator of 101Contact, Tom de Haan.

That being said, I'm not willing to endorse the VIP License because I just don't see the value in it…yet. If the interview series becomes a reality and is successful, then possibly, but there are already many free podcasts available interviewing successful internet/email marketers, so why would you pay for one? For that price per month you could pretty much pay for a complete internet marketing training community!

So, go ahead and get yourself 101Contact (Aff) and see what you think! Please let me know in the comments below if you have any thoughts, concerns, or questions about this plugin.

Finally, you can contact me through my contact page or by subscribing to my email list below and replying to any emails you receive from me:


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