2014 Millionaire Review – Trading Your Money Away By 2015

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Product Name: 2014 Millionaire
Overall Rank: 1.2/10
Price: Free + $250 “Investment”
Owners: “Stan Lutz” AKA Mike Shah

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In this review I will be taking a look at a new product called 2014 Millionaire. Just the other day I received an email from an online “guru” telling me to check out this latest moneymaking product. (I got on his email list when researching my Click 4 Surveys product review.)

My scam sensors were already tingling before I clicked the link and they were only confirmed upon reaching the 2014 Millionaire sales page. This page was filled with countdown timers letting me know there were only a few spots left and I only had so much time before I would lose out on my life changing opportunity. Not to mention the annoying video that auto-plays and is impossible to pause or mute.


These “statistics” come straight from the 2014 Millionaire sales page.

If you don’t already know, these are tell-tale signs of a scam that you should familiarize yourself with. 

Anyways, because I am always looking to know what the latest scam is, I began listening to the video. I was intrigued because the product claimed to be “FREE” and was pushing a system that involved trading currencies, something that I have been interested in and have done in the past.

I love the stock market and have made some money there before and I know, from first-hand experience, there is no “secret formula” or “automated way” to make money from the stock market. This is a problem since this is exactly what 2014 Millionaire is claiming to give you.

2014 Millionaire Is Just Referring You To Another Product

I will admit, because 2014 Millionaire involved trading foreign currencies I was curious, so I did a bit of digging.

2014-Millionaire-Review---Trading-Your-Money-Away-By-2015-CitradeIt turns out that 2014 Millionaire isn’t even a real product, but rather an elaborate squeeze page designed to look like a real product, but that is actually just collecting affiliate commissions by referring you to the trading platform called Citrades.

Citrades uses Top Trading Network as its affiliate managers. So, what Mike Shah has done is become an affiliate of Citrades by registering with Top Trading Network. He then created his own “Product” called 2014 Millionaire that he promotes through the ClickSure affiliate network.

Tell Me More

Now, just to humor you, I will follow my usual review structure and take a deeper look into 2014 Millionaire.

Pros And Cons

Usually “Pros and Cons” is two separate sections, but since there are no “Pros” with 2014 Millionaire I will only look at the cons:

Extremely Sketchy Promotional Material. As I mentioned before, the promotional material for this product is jam-packed with all of the typical emotionally charged language designed to get you to believe the product will work for you.

For example, it claims to be a limited time and number opportunity and you only have a short time to join or else your life will be destroyed. It literally promises you millions of dollars in months. It even plays with your heart by making you promise to donate $50,000 to charity once you make your first million.

Falsely Claims To Be Free. Throughout the entire promotional video the narrator claims that this product is FREE. However, what he means to say is that this product is free to register, but you can’t do a single thing with the software until you “invest” $250.

They use the “Get your foot in the door” approach to make you feel like you’ve committed yourself before they hit you with a charge. Since you feel committed you feel obliged to pay. See a silly example of this principle in action:

Trading Shares/Currency Isn’t For Beginners. Remember that 2014 Millionaire is only getting you to sign up for Citrades. Once you are registered and make your $250 investment you will be TRADING FOREIGN CURRENCIES. This is the kind of stuff people receive Masters and Doctorate Degrees to do…and still lose money regularly.

If you believe you can do this with no knowledge of markets and currencies like 2014 Millionaire claims, you are sorely mistaken and are sure to quickly lose your $250 investment.

Citrades Is Sketchy. Buying and selling stocks is a very well-known and popular thing to do. You see commercials on TV for brokerage firms all the time. The main ones are well-known, even to those that aren’t in the stock market. I did A LOT of research to determine which brokerage firm I should use when I was getting into the stock market and Citrades never came up once. In short, I would never trust Citrades with my money.

If you are truly interested in investing in stocks and currency, check out this side-by-side comparison of the top ten online stock trading websites.

Who Is It For?

Nobody. Nobody should fall for 2014 Millionaire’s emotional promotional material and invest in Citrades. If you are actually looking to make money in the stock market, there are many other legitimate ways to do so.

Training/Tools Overview

2014 Millionaire itself has absolutely no training materials whatsoever. Citrades does have some very brief investment related definitions but it is very limited. Your best bet for finding free investment training is through other resources such as Investopedia.com.


Citrades claims to have support, however, I am not willing to invest the $250 to find out whether they are responsive or not. My guess, based on my experience with sketchy sites such as this, would be that their support is not any where near what they claim it to be.


All of the promotional material within 2014 Millionaire claims that it is free to join, which technically it is. It is free to create your account with Citrades; however, if you actually want to do anything you will need to make an initial investment of $250.

Final Opinion

2014 Millionaire is a complete scam…actually, it’s not even a product. Therefore you should not even consider investing in it, or in Citrades for that matter.

Where To Go From Here?

You came to this review for one of two reasons:

  1. You were researching 2014 Millionaire because you didn’t know what it was and were just looking for ways to make money online, OR
  2. You already knew that it involved trading currencies and were trying to see if Citrades was legit. Let’s first look at alternatives to this option.
Resources For Making Money On The Stock Market

As I mentioned earlier, I have done some trading. I did a lot of my own research to determine the best brokerage to use based on many factors. I finally decided on ShareBuilder as my brokerage of choice and I would highly recommend it to you as well. However, there are many good, reliable, trustworthy brokerages to choose from. You can see the top ten here.

Resources For Making Money Online

If you came to this review interested in making money online, there is one resource I would like to point you towards: Wealthy Affiliate University. This is where I learned everything I know about building websites, affiliate marketing, internet marketing, and making money online. In fact, everything you see on this website, I learned from Wealthy Affiliate.

Now, there is one thing you MUST understand: making money online is not immediate, and requires a lot of hard work, time, patience, and diligence to be successful. All of the products that promise instant money, such as 2014 Millionaire, are utter crap.

Wealthy Affiliate University will train you to create a solid, long-term, sustainable online income. It never once claims that it will be easy or that you will strike it rich. What it does is provide you with the tools to be successful. It is up to you to put in the effort to make your new knowledge and skills work for you.

Just for kicks, let’s see how 2014 Millionaire matches up to Wealthy Affiliate University:


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Finally, if you have any questions whatsoever about 2014 Millionaire, Citrades, Wealthy Affiliate, or anything else for that matter, please drop me a comment below. Also, if you would like to stay in touch with Kirby’s Marketing please sign up for my weekly newsletter here:


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