Kirby's Marketing exists to help as many people as possible find success in online business. We all know how many scams and less-than-honest individuals selling completely crap products are out there. I want you to know that Kirby's Marketing is not one of those sites and I am not one of those people.

I want my readers to be able to trust me and know that I truly have their best interests in mind. To do that, here are the 6 core principles underlying everything I do here at Kirby's Marketing:


To the best of my knowledge, everything I publish on this website will be completely honest. I will not be deceptive in any regards, use any shady sales tactics, or make any false claims. I will never set unrealistic expectations as to how my advice, or a product I am reviewing may help you in your pursuit of success. I will be honest about my failures as well as my successes.


Trust is arguably the most important aspect of any relationship. Because of this, I want trust to go both ways. I want you as my followers to be able to trust every piece of content I put out. I also want to be able to trust my followers to keep me accountable to my word and my claims.


I promise to be completely transparent with everything I am doing regarding This will manifest itself in a couple obvious ways. Firstly, I publish Income and Progress reports to give a complete picture of my revenue and expenses on a bi-monthly basis. Secondly, I will disclose any and every affiliate link on each and every post or page on my website (I'm still working on updating the affiliate links on most of my older posts so please be patient)

Honor & Respect

I will honor each and every one of you, my followers, as if you were my closest friends and family. I will never recommend any products or services I wouldn't recommend to my immediate friends and family. I promise to treat all of my followers with the love and respect you all deserve as fellow human beings occupying the same planet as me!


I am a firm believer in the idea that a strong family makes a strong and successful man. For me, family always comes first…even if I have a big deadline coming up and a lot of work to do. If I miss a deadline or am unable to respond to a comment for a few days, it will likely be because I was spending some extra quality time with my family.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these core principles, please drop me a comment below or let me know via my Facebook Page. Also, please consider subscribing to my weekly email list where I send out valuable content every Thursday. You can subscribe here:

Dustin “Kirby” Garness