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Product Name: Clickbank University
Overall Rank: 7/10
Price: $47/month + $297/year upsell & $97 one-time upsell
Owners: Adam Horwitch & Justin Allen

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In this review, I will be looking at Clickbank’s new training center known as Clickbank University.

If you’re not familiar with Clickbank, it is an online business that allows vendors to sell their digital products using through Clickbank's proprietary affiliate software. The idea is that people will promote the products you have created and, in turn, they will get a percentage of all of the sales they create.


Adam Horwitz and Justin Atlan are the purveyors of Clickbank University and will guide you through all of the training sessions.

This has proven wildly successful as Clickbank is by far one of the most popular affiliate platforms available. Before Clickbank University, there really was no formal training from Clickbank teaching people how to create new products and/or work as an affiliate marketer.

This has all changed with the recent launch of Clickbank University (“CB University” from now on). As it turns out, CB University as actually a really decent resource for those interested in creating their own products to sell!

Throughout the rest of this review I will cover what I like about CB University, what I don’t like, give you an overview of the product, talk about who should consider purchasing this product, their support you will receive, the price of the product, as well as offer possible alternative products. Let’s get started!


What I Like

Focus On Product Creation

It is a refreshing change to be able to review a resource that teaches you how to make your own products, as opposed to simply promoting other people’s products (there is an aspect of this, but it’s not the primary objective of CB University).

On this note, by creating Clickbank products you will, essentially, be taught how to get others to do your work for you. Your training includes recruiting affiliate marketers to market your products on your behalf!


Honest (Mostly) Promotional Material

ClickBank-University-Review---One-Of-The-Better-Training-Resources-Out-There-Walk-Before-RunThroughout the CB University promotional video, I was pleased to hear an honest representation of the realities of internet marketing online. They didn’t promise riches immediately and, in fact, even said your first goal should be to simply shoot for a few hundred dollars a month.


The testimonials they used seemed to be completely authentic and weren’t the typical “let’s pay some bad actor to pretend like they’re living the high-life from using my product” type of testimonials.


Well Structured Training Modules

ClickBank-University-Review---One-Of-The-Better-Training-Resources-Out-There-Dont-Spend-Too-Much-TimeCB University has a series of training modules designed to not overwhelm beginners. This is typically a huge problem for new internet marketers.


There is just so much information out there that, once you jump in, you are completely overwhelmed. The training is structured in a way that makes it very easy to follow, even for complete beginners.


Solid, Proven Methods

ClickBank-University-Review---One-Of-The-Better-Training-Resources-Out-There-Good-InformationThe information that you will be learning is comprised of good quality, solid, proven product creation and internet marketing methods. They don’t attempt to teach you any sketchy, off-the-book type of tactics. If you follow the training, there is a good chance you will find some sort of success.


No Need For Technical Skills

A common thought is, in order to be successful online, you must be proficient at coding, networking, and lots of other technical skills. This is simply not true if you know where to go, and CB University is one of those places. They have an optional “Clickbank Builder” (see below) that allows you to create custom landing pages without typing a single word of code! Also, all of their training is explained in simple, easy to understand language.


High Quality, Energetic Videos

The videos you will be watching in each of the training modules are well produced. They have good quality audio, clear video, and energetic instructors. The videos are a combination of “over-the-shoulder” style tutorials where you are watching the instructor’s screen, as well as a few where you actually see the them talking to the camera.


What I Don’t Like

Some “Sketchy” Promotional Tactics

Yes, I know I said their promotional video was much better than usual, but there were still some aspects I didn’t really like. For starters, they mentioned how they would be forced to remove some options once there were too many subscribers. Typically, this is just a tactic to pressure you into buying now rather than later and I think this is exactly what they are doing here.

The second aspect of their sales pitch that made me unhappy was how they spent a good amount of time selling a lifestyle. By this I mean they were painting this image in my head: “If I buy this product, with a little work I will be traveling the world, living on the beach, without a care in the world.” While this may be achievable for a select few, it is definitely not going to be the case for most. You may find success, but I doubt it’s going to propel you into the highest classes of society as they make it seem.


Only Teaches Clickbank Products

As you might expect from a product called Clickbank University, you only learn how to create and promote Clickbank products. This is unfortunate as there are many other options out there that you could take advantage ofl, but with CB University, you won’t learn any of that, only what is relevant to Clickbank.


Contradictory Moral Standards

There were a few times in the promotional video where I was a little bit confused. For example, they were outright denouncing scammy products created by “unscrupulous marketers” who pitch “shiny objects” just to get your money without offering any value. This is all good, except when you consider how many of these very products are promoted through Clickbank itself.

In fact, if you go through my review library, a huge majority of my poorest rated products are all promoted through Clickbank. I know this isn’t a huge problem, but it still rubbed me the wrong way.


Locked Modules

I think this may be a result of their not wanting to overwhelm beginners, but they do not allow you to access all of the training modules right away. Instead, it seems like they unlock them when they determine you are ready for them. This means if you are a quick learner you may not be able to learn at your own pace. The only way to get around this is to pay an entire year’s worth of subscription fees…which adds up to quite a large chunk of change (see pricing below).


Product Overview

When you purchase your membership to CB University, you will be given access to the CB University Members’ Area. This is where you will be able to find all of your training, the builder, the community, etc. Now I will give a brief breakdown of each section of the Members’ Area.



This section is specifically focused on those of us who are complete newcomers to product creation and affiliate marketing. It aims to paint a big picture of what your potential is as an internet marketer by giving you a look into current and previous Clickbank success stories as well as tips on quelling any negative thoughts or feelings you may be having as you get started.

During orientation you will also be given a brief overview of the basic principles of internet marketing: researching and creating your first product, choosing a domain name, putting your site live, driving traffic, and attracting affiliate and joint venture partners.


Clickbank Builder

The Clickbank builder is a really exciting aspect of the CB University, unfortunately it is only available to you via an upsell. So, if you want to have access to this resource you will have to pay $297 a year, which kind of sucks.

However, if you do choose to pay this fee, you will have access to a super intuitive, point-and-click editor developed specifically to integrate seamlessly into the Clickbank platform. It basically allows you to create an unlimited number of sales funnel without any technical know-how.

You can create sales pages, thank you pages, product pages, and even terms of service pages. You are able to integrate upsells and create membership websites where buyers get login details to your website to login to your course.

The Clickbank Builder has its very own help area complete with video tutorials for each and every aspect of the builder. Also, hosting is included for any sales funnels you produce.


ClickBank-University-Review---One-Of-The-Better-Training-Resources-Out-There-Beginners-Classroom-ModulesClickbank University Beginners Classroom

Here is where you will get started with your first training lessons. The Beginners’ Classroom has ten different modules, each with their own set of training videos. I won’t go into the details of each module as the topics covered are evident based on the title of each module:

  • Module 1: Start Here
  • Module 2: Your First Product
  • Module 3: Packaging Your Products
  • Module 4: Sales Pages + Lead Pages
  • Module 5: Convert Visitors Into Buyers
  • Module 6: Product Pricing + Funnels
  • Module 7: Building A List
  • Module 8: Getting Approved
  • Module 9: Leveraging Joint Venture Partners
  • Module 10: Your Graduation + What’s Next?


Clickbank University Advanced Master Classroom

ClickBank-University-Review---One-Of-The-Better-Training-Resources-Out-There-Advanced-ModulesOnce you have successfully completed all of the training in the Beginners’ Classroom, you can move onto this section of training. The training here focuses on using advanced traffic and conversion methods to boost sales. Unfortunately, if you want access to this portion of the training you will have to pay an additional, one-time fee of $97 dollars.

This is done by looking at the most successful Clickbank vendors and how they are generating traffic, converting their visitors, and ensuring those conversions turn into sales. The six modules are:

  • Module 1: Visitors Into Subscribers
  • Module 2: Advanced Selling Strategies
  • Module 3: Split Testing + Conversions
  • Module 4: Joint Venture Traffic + Social
  • Module 5: Paid Advertising + SEO
  • Module 6: Congratulations! What’s Next?


Clickbank Affiliate Commission System

ClickBank-University-Review---One-Of-The-Better-Training-Resources-Out-There-Affiliates-ModulesThis is the area for those of you who aren’t ready to create their own products to promote on Clickbank. Here you will learn the very basics of affiliate marketing and how you can promote other peoples’ products. The modules are:

  • Module 1: Start Here
  • Module 2: List Building 101
  • Module 3: Building A Squeeze Page
  • Module 4: Capturing Emails
  • Module 5: Managing Your List
  • Module 6: Driving Targeted Traffic

I believe you will learn the basics of affiliate marketing in this section, but only the basics and only in terms of promoting Clickbank products. If you would like a much more in-depth affiliate marketing and internet marketing training that is applicable to a much larger breadth of products, there are better products out there.


University Talks

This section of the Members’ Area is where you can go to learn from other successful Clickbank vendors. Every two weeks there is a new “talk” in which these successful vendors will answer any questions about how they have achieved their success


CB University Community

The Clickbank Community is where the forum lives. The forum is an area where you can ask any questions you may have as well as respond to questions asked by others.


Who Is Clickbank University For?

I would say that CB University is best suited for those of us who are looking at actually created our very own products to promote. If you are already an expert in doing this then CB University won’t teach you anything new, but if you are a beginner or still in a learning phase than you will definitely get a lot out of it.

If you are primarily interested in affiliate marketing or internet marketing, then I’m afraid this won’t be exactly what you are looking for as it is primarily focused on product creation. However, there are great alternatives available if that is what you’re looking for.



ClickBank-University-Review---One-Of-The-Better-Training-Resources-Out-There-Guide-You-To-SuccessThe support within CB University is mediocre. I wouldn’t say it lives up to the hype created in the promotional material, but it definitely exists in a couple different ways. First of all, you can always message Adam and Justin, but I wouldn’t count on a quick answer using this technique.

You also have access to the forum which is probably your best bet for getting support. However, I don’t think CB University has reached that critical mass that makes the community a vibrant and constantly active space.



It’s good news for us that the price of CB University was actually cut in half recently. Now it will only cost you $47 a month to have access to the Beginners’ Classroom, Affiliate Commission System, University Talks, as well as the Forum. The Clickbank Builder will cost you $297/year and access to the Advanced Master Classroom will cost you a one-time fee of $97.


So, in order to take advantage of all CB University has to offer, it will cost you $861/year plus a one time fee of $97.


Final Verdict: Good But Overpriced

In my humble opinion, Clickbank University offers some really great, but overpriced information. $861 each and every year is just too much money for me to spend when there are other products out there with vastly more information for half the price.


Alternative Training Resources

A few times throughout this review I have alluded to a better product that offers just as good, if not better training for much cheaper. This product is a vibrant community called Wealthy Affiliate University.

Clickbank University Review - One Of The Better Training Resources Out There - Wealthy AffiliateThink about this, Wealthy Affiliate has multiple in-depth classrooms with hundreds of tutorials on keyword, niche, and market research, WordPress, authoring and writing content, search engine optimization, social engagement and marketing, website development and programming, local marketing, video marketing, email marketing, Pay-Per-Click marketing, and much, much more! It also comes with an unlimited number of full-fledged, fully-hosted WordPress websites.

You can have access to all of this, and more, for only $47/month or $359/year. On a monthly level, it costs the same as having access to only the Beginners’ Classroom at CB University. On a yearly basis CB University is more than twice as expensive.

Wealthy Affiliate University is where I learned everything I know about internet marketing and making money online. In fact, if you’re skeptical, I would encourage you to check out my monthly reports where I document my progress from the very beginning to now. You will see how Wealthy Affiliate has helped me turn my online business (this website) into a profitable venture!

That being said, if you do decide to go with Clickbank University, you will have some success, just not as much as with Wealthy Affiliate!

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