Commission Black Ops Review – Abort Mission And Retreat

In this review, I will be taking an in-depth look at a new product from Michael Cheney called Commission Black Ops. This is a product that I have purchased (despite my better judgment based on the sales page) for the purposes of provided you with as accurate and in-depth of a review as possible!

I'll kick this off with a quick review for all of you who are in a hurry. After that I'll get into my in-depth review where I cover every aspect of Commission Black Ops: what I like, what I don't like, exactly what you'll be getting, who should consider buying this product (if anyone), the customer support you can expect, pricing, my final verdict, and finally any potential alternatives that might better suit your needs.

Affiliate Disclaimer: According to the Core Principles of Kirby’s Marketing and FTC Compliance Standards, I choose to disclose all affiliate links to my viewers (this means I’ll be making a certain percentage if you choose to purchase a product after clicking on a link). I also only affiliate myself with products I would recommend to my closest friends and family. This product, however, is NOT one I would recommend, so I do not have any affiliate links in this review, nor will I link to the sales page directly. If you’d like to visit the sales page, you’ll have to type the domain address into your browser yourself.

Quick Review

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Product Name: Commission Black Ops
Overall Rank: 4.4/10
Price: $2.95 + 2 Payments of $49.50 OR one-time payment of $185
Owners: Michael Cheney

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UPDATE: After looking into this product a little more and being on Michael Cheney's email list, I have come to the realization that I would definitely not recommend this product at all! For one, it's become obvious that this product is merely a way to suck you into his sales funnel in which he tries to sell you MUCH more expensive products (which he tries to sell you immediately once you purchase Commission Black Ops). Secondly, he sends an annoyingly large amount of emails to you, again all promoting more and more of his products (iPro, some list building strategy, and many more to come I'm sure). Thirdly, he is quite arrogant, crude, and rude in his emails…that's not something I want to see in my inbox multiple times a day. In fact, once I publish this update I'm going to unsubscribe from his list because I don't want to see that crass language in my inbox. If you'd like to learn more about this product, keep reading, but I'd really encourage to check out some other resources that are much, much better.  

When it comes down to it, Commission Black Ops is simply a 66-page e-book. It also comes with 5 videos and 5 audio files that are essentially the exact same content in the e-book. The training provided focuses on teaching you how to find products on the JVZoo platform and various methods of promoting them, mostly via email marketing.

Unfortunately, I am pretty much opposed to most of the techniques he teaches, not because they are black-hat, but because they are very un-genuine…simply promoting products to your subscribers without actually knowing anything about the product other than what you find on the products' sales pages and their affiliate resources. Even amidst this, he does provide some good ideas and methods…but nothing you can't find elsewhere.

When it comes down to it, Commission Black Ops is not a product I would recommend to you. I believe there are much better resources and communities out there where you can learn how to do all of this in much better, authentic ways.


In-Depth Review

Now it's time for an in-depth look at exactly what you can expect when/if you purchase Commission Black Ops. This is all based on my personal experience purchasing, using, and going through the provided material myself. I'll start by discussing what I like and don't like about this product. Then I'll discuss everything you actually get, who might be interested in purchasing this product, the level of customer support you can expect, and the price. I'll finish up by giving my final recommendation as well as a better alternative that I believe will serve you better.


What I Like

I always strive to be fair in all of my reviews…even products I wouldn't necessarily recommend have some good things about them. Here they are regarding Commission Black Ops.


Field Manual (PDF E-Book)

The main point of content you will be receiving is the “Field Manual” which is basically a 66-page e-book. Overall, content quality aside, this e-book as very well put together. It is very professional, polished and easy to read. In fact, all of his material is. It seems he invested some good time and/or money into producing all of this content.



The content is divided up nicely and it's easy to follow his thought progression from one topic to another. Cheney is a good and convincing writer who is easy to understand.



Going along with this point, the videos are high quality as well. They are crystal clear and have a pretty sweet introduction. Again, he spent a lot of time and/or money have thing created. The videos are mostly “PowerPoint” type videos as he explains more thoroughly what's displayed on the slides.


Multiple Forms Of Content

Another nice thing about the content you get is that you get it in multiple forms, which makes it nice to consume in various settings. If you don't like to read, you can watch the videos. If you don't have time to sit down and read the e-book or watch the videos you can listen to the audio files while you're on the go.


Don't Like

Now we get to the part where I tell you all of the problems I have with Commission Black Ops. Unfortunately, in the case of this product, this list is quite a bit longer than the things I like about it.


Sales Page

You can tell a lot about a product by its sales page and how it represents itself to potential buyers. In this case, it doesn't perform well, primarily because you can read the 3,500+ words on the sales page and still not have the slightest idea of what the product actually is…


Right away this tells me that the owners aren't confident that the product can sell itself. Instead, they must hype it up like crazy using all sorts of marketing techniques to suck you in…without ever actually telling you what you will be getting. They're selling the idea of striking it rich without actually giving you any substance in the pitch.

Another red flag that caught my attention was the insane amount of “income screenshots” and dollar amounts literally in every paragraph. I never knew you could throw a huge dollar amount in a sales page so many times…by the end of the sales page I was so sick of dollar amounts.


The sales video at the top of the page was also very poorly done in terms of being an asset to helping you decide if this is a quality product or not. All it is is the typical “Let's show you around my big, fancy house to demonstrate how I can afford this house because I have so much money while I vaguely tell you something sort of related to this product I'm trying to sell you.”

Look, if it really was as easy as this sales page claims, don't you think everyone and their mother would be doing it. The truth is, the money claims that are made throughout the sales page are there simply to build on your fears and insecurities in an attempt to make you think this product is the solution to all your monetary problems!


The truth is, building a successful, sustainable, and ethical online business takes a lot of time and hard work and doesn't happen overnight. Also, you most likely won't be making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year…at least for the first few years.


Upsells/Purchase Process

Before I could even complete my purchase of the basic Commission Black Ops I was hit with a grand total of two upsells and two downsells. The first upsell was for a $97 collection of “done-for-you” services, including promotional copy, bonuses to offer your future buyers, a coupon code, automatic affiliate approval in the JVZoo affiliate platform, and another e-book entitled “The $250,000 Interrogation”. Upon declining to add this upsell onto my total it was offered at a lower price of $47.


The second upsell was the option to upgrade to “Elite Status” for $47 (or $27 if you decline it the first time). Upgrading to this level will give you access to more copy you can use to promote your stuff: a video tutorial series called “The ‘Secret Seven Thousand Dollar Surveillance'” and access to more “free” products you can use as bonuses as you try to convince people to buy the products you'll be selling if you use the system taught in Commission Black Ops.


Disappointing Amount Of Content

The title of this section explains this pretty clearly. On the sales page it seems like you're going to be getting amazing content that will help you become massively successful. However, all you're actually getting is a 66-page e-book and a series of videos and audio files with pretty much the exact same information that's in the e-books.


Don't Like What He's Teaching (Manipulative)

Not only is the amount of content disappointing, but what he's actually teaching is not what I consider high-quality teaching. I really don't think his teaching will help you build a good, steady online business. It's teaching you to be one of those annoying “internet marketers” that sends multiple emails a day to everyone on their list with new offers all of the time. You don't even have to know anything about the products you're promoting…which is never good, but for some reason, people think it's ok to do online.


All About Money, Money, Money

Taking the previous section one step further allows you to understand the thinking that went into the sales page for Commission Black Ops itself…money, money, money. He basically teaches you that the more you talk about money, the more convincing your sales material will be. While this may be true, it's only true because it is taking advantage of people's weak spots and innate desires to be wealthy without actually doing any work.


This is repeated over and over again in the e-book…so much so that it just gets plain annoying.


Takes Military Metaphor To The Extreme

Cheney is using a metaphor that is actually pretty clever and works well, but just takes it too far. He takes it so far that, at times, it's difficult to know exactly what he is talking about.


When it comes down to it, this is just another sales tactic that allows him to take already common knowledge that can be found anywhere, repackage it, and sell it to you, the naive, easy-riches seeker!


Makes A Lot Of Assumptions About What You Know

I hate to say it, but I don't think that, as someone new coming into internet marketing and online business, you would be able to take this product and do much with it. This is because it makes a lot of assumptions about what you know: how to collect email addresses, how to use email automation software, how to build social media followings on various social media platforms, the basic ethics of online business, etc.

If you purchased this without knowing anything about this topic, you wouldn't be any better off than you were before you bought it. That being said, if you do have some experience, you may be able to gain some basic techniques for writing more convincing sales copy.



Oh My Goodness…Cheney sends out SOOO MANY EMAILS. Literally, an email every couple hours from him. Also, pretty much every email has some dollar amount in the subject line. The actual email content isn't much better…pretty much all about money, money, money without actually giving you any sort of substance.


I've gotten five emails on March 21 along and this pace still hasn't stopped…it's about time to unsubscribe!


Product Overview

Now I'll get into the actual product…what you'll get when you purchase Commission Black Ops. Obviously, I can't disclose the details of what he's teaching because that would be copyright infringement, but I will tell you a general idea of what type of content you will be getting without giving anything special away.


Upon purchasing the product you're given a username and password to log into the Member's Area on the website. I'll frame this section as if we're progressing through the menu at this website.


Live Orientation Call

The first piece of “content” you will come across on the home page is a pitch for a “LIVE Orientation Call”. This is supposed to be an extremely helpful call that will give you more resources and information to help you as you earn thousands of dollars. I wasn't able to catch the beginning of this call, but when I did come in they were in the middle of pitching a product called iPro. This is a product that costs over $1,997 dollars! This call is purely a big long pitch for iPro.


Earn Money

The first item on the menu is the “Earn Money” page. This is the first sign this is a product that is self-promoting, that is, gets you to make money by promoting this very same product to others. This is because, at this point, you are instructed to go to the JVZoo page and sign up as an affiliate for Commission Black Ops so you can begin promoting it. To whom? I'm not sure at this point.


Overall, this just seems like a strange first step if you're actually trying to help your customers become successful. Don't get me wrong, there's definitely not anything wrong with allowing affiliates to promote your products. However, you should be recruiting affiliates that are actually very familiar with your product and able to give honest reviews and critiques to their audiences. How are you supposed to do that when you haven't even gotten to any of the actual product yet?


Core Training

Now we're finally getting to the meat and potatoes of what Commission Black Ops is actually selling, the Field Manual and its associated videos and audio files. I'm not going to go through each one individually because they all cover the exact same content, just in different forms, but I'll frame it around the Field Manual and add relevant information regarding the videos and audio files where necessary.


Content & Critique

The field manual is a 66-page PDF format e-book that is broken into the following broad topics: introduction, product selection, target audience, delivery methods, and posting schedules and strategies.


In addition to the Field Manual, you get five videos which total just under an hour and a half, and five audio files all covering the exact same material. Here are my thoughts on said material:

As I mentioned earlier, there are a lot of assumptions made about the readers' previous knowledge in the field of internet marketing/building online businesses. Right away you're hit with the assumption that you know what a target market is. If you don't, you're not going to learn from Commission Black Ops.

Also, in the beginning, he spends a good amount of time walking the reader through how to use to find high-quality products to promote. He does this well and provides good tips and tricks to help you ensure you're finding products worth promoting. This is a good and helpful portion of the content if you're looking to use the JVZoo affiliate platform.

On another, not so complimentary note, I find it ironic that he spends a couple pages discussing how to analyze a sales page to determine if it is a good product or not. One of the key aspects he's looking for is a product that talks a lot about money and has money at the center of everything. To me, this is just the opposite of a product you'd want to buy.

Learn How To Determine If An Online Offer Is Legit

His whole premise is convincing people to buy the products you're promoting by promising them the money they will be making. Here are some exact quotes from the e-book itself:

  • “They don't buy the product itself, they're buying the money that the [product] can make them. If you're not talking about the money in your campaigns, you're missing out big time.”
  • “Always, always, always be talking about the money.”
  • “It's never, ever about the product, or the features, or even the benefits.”

Throughout this entire e-book he is constantly talking about doing a lot of things in his sales material that I really have a problem with; using fear, embarrassment, promises of money and instant riches, etc.

He does have some good ideas and strategies regarding supplementing the products you're promoting with additional content that makes up for its weak spots and talks about various methods of getting your promotional material out in front of potential buyers. He has some good strategies that are common among most internet marketers and spends a lot of time talking about writing effective email copy; subject lines, headings, body, etc.

Basically he's teaching you how to promote products on JVZoo simply by using their own sales/affiliate material. While this will probably work, to some extent, it's not how I recommend it. You're not building authority; you're not actually promoting products you have used.

You're simply finding affiliate links and blasting those products in front of your followers. You're not building trust. You're not building a good reputation. The people will eventually stop following you or opening your emails because they'll eventually realize you're simply filling up their inboxes with product after product promising to make them tons of money.



The last section of the member's area that you have access to is the “Help” section. Here you can read the FAQs (although they're not really too helpful) or submit a support ticket. They say you should be able to expect a response within 24-48 hours, which is decent.


That's It. Everything else on the site is blocked unless you pay more money. All of this additional material basically appears to be the upsells that you were offered when you first purchased: “Done-for-You” stuff and the “Elite” membership.


Who Should Buy

Unless you have $10 (or whatever the price is at the time of reading this) burning a hole in your pocket, I wouldn't recommend anyone buying this product. That being said, if you're a beginner, I think you should pass on Commission Black Ops as it makes too many assumptions about what you already know and will leave you behind.

There are better places for beginners like yourself to learn the business of building an online business.

However, if you already have a basic understanding of internet marketing and would like to learn some new sales copy techniques, then you MAY find some value here. However, it's still not valuable enough for me to recommend spending money on this product.


Customer Support

The customer support you can expect to receive will all take place on the “Help” page of the website. This is where you can either read the, rather limited, Frequently Asked Questions section or submit a help ticket directly to the support team.

If you do submit a support ticket you should be able to expect a response within 24-48 hours, which isn't amazing, but isn't horrible either.



When I purchased Commission Black Ops for this review it was “on sale” for $9.95. However, today (one day later) the price is $14.50 so it may vary based on how many people have purchased it and how far out we are from the launch date. They claim the original price is $97, but I'm pretty sure this is just a way to convince you to spend the much smaller $14.95, or whatever it is for you!


On top of this, you are also hit with two upsells. The first is a one-time payment of $97 and can be downsold to $47 and the second starts at $47 and can be downsold to a one-time payment of $27.


Final Verdict

My final verdict is this: Commission Black Ops is not a scam; however, it is my belief, after purchasing the product and reviewing it, that it will not help you much on your journey to building an online income, especially if you want to do it ethically and actually make the internet a better, more helpful place by adding quality content that people actually need and want to read.

It simply doesn't deliver, despite the well-written content, in a manner that I can recommend it to my readers with a good conscience.


Better Alternative

Wealthy Affiliate Review - Commission Black Ops ReviewIf you are truly looking to build a successful online business and are willing to put in the time and effort to make it become a reality and willing to learn everything you need to know, then I would like to recommend you check out Wealthy Affiliate University. I actually have an extremely in-depth review of all Wealthy Affiliate has to offer and why it may be the right fit for you here.

In this review, I go super-in-depth just like this one, except much longer because of the breadth of content and training platforms Wealthy Affiliate has to offer!

In fact, if you've read my about me page, you'll know that I started my profitable online business a couple years ago as I stumbled across a random Wealthy Affiliate University review. Since then I've dedicated countless hours of diligent learning in regards to…well, everything I need to know for this business!


If Wealthy Affiliate University seems like something you may be interested in, I'd encourage you to check out my in-depth review to determine for yourself what you think. If it's something you may be interested in, go ahead and sign up for the free membership without even entering your credit card information and give it a shot and see how it goes. I'm confident that if you take it seriously, you will become addicted before long and well on your way to building your very own successful online business!

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