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If you have products to sell and are looking for a way to sell them online you have probably come across many sites offering to sell them for you. Some of these sites require a subscription and some will take a percentage of all sales. There are a few free options out there but, as with anything, you get what you pay for.

Now, you may be asking yourself: “Are there any other options out there?” and my response is: “Why not create your very own eCommerce store on your WordPress blog?”

It’s really not as hard and complicated as it seems and ANYBODY can do it relatively easily. It may take a little longer to get up and running but the increased revenue and the pride of owning your very own eCommerce website will definitely be worth it!

MyThemeShop - Five Great eCommerce WordPress Themes - Time and MoneyBefore we look at the themes lets unpack what an eCommerce website or blog actually is. In simple terms it is website in which money is transferred between parties. In its very nature this dramatically increases the need for advanced security measures and greatly increases the complexity of a website.

Luckily for you and I a lot of smart people have simplified these complicated aspects of eCommerce websites for all of us normal folk to use. There are only three elements you must have to create your very own online store: a website/blog, an eCommerce plug-in for your site, and a theme that is able to beautifully display your products.

This post is primarily focused on the five best eCommerce themes from MyThemeShop. However, before we get there lets take a quick look at the first two elements of creating a eCommerce website. (Scroll down to skip to the themes)


A Website/Blog

Obviously, to host your own eCommerce website or blog you must first have an actual website and domain name. In many ways this might be one of the most complicated aspects of getting your very own store up and running.

However, with the right resources such as the process of setting up a FREE WordPress blog can be very quick, easy, and inexpensive.


eCommerce Plugin

There are a few eCommerce plugins available to consider; however, there is only one that stands far above the rest in terms of quality and user experience: WooCommerce. WooCommerce is a FREE eCommerce plugin that allows you to sell any type of products, physical or digital, on your WordPress blog.

MyThemeShop - Five Great eCommerce WordPress Themes - WooCommerce

In my opinion there are six reasons WooCommerce is your best option and why it is my one and only suggestion for your eCommerce site:

  1. Payments – It is easy to integrate all forms of payment: PayPal, Credit Cards, BACS, Cash on Delivery, etc. On top of this you can also easily integrate many other smaller and lesser used payment gateways.
  2. Shipping – Shipping with WooCommerce is made easy with the variety of shipping options they provide. You can choose free, flat rate, table rate, and product specific shipping just to name a few.
  3. Inventory Management – Inventory management is simple as you can easily manage your digital and physical inventories. In fact, much of this is done automatically based on your customers’ actions on the site.
  4. Reporting – WooCommerce provides you with a variety of reports that make it very easy to discern valuable sales information. Some reports that are provided include incoming sales reports, review reports, stock level reports, and performance reports.
  5. Marketing – Coupon codes are a very popular tool to encourage customers to make purchases and using them is a breeze with WooCommerce. You can even customize the codes with usage limits, product and user restrictions, and special shipping terms.
  6. Taxes – Taxes are simplified with WooCommerce as you are able to preset what taxes need to be calculated with each purchase. As a result you are always guaranteed to charge the correct tax on all of your sales.

Don’t forget that everything I have mentioned so far is offered to you absolutely FREE! In addition to these built in aspects, there are also a huge variety of in-house and third party extensions available for free and for purchase. These additional extensions allow you to completely customize your eCommerce experience.


eCommerce Themes

Now lets get to the real reason you came here and look at five of my most recommended eCommerce themes from MyThemeShop. If you would like a detailed reason why MyThemeShop is my theme provider of choice you can check out my extensive review of their products and services here: MyThemeShop Review – Responsive, Elegant, WordPress Themes.

Here is a quick summary of the benefits of using a MyThemeShop theme for your WordPress blog:

  1. MyThemeShop themes are fully responsive and fully ready for mobile devices
  2. MyThemeShop themes are created from the ground up by experience bloggers and web developers.
  3. The installation and initial set-up of MyThemeShop themes is ridiculously easy.
  4. MyThemeShop themes are completely unique. There is nothing else like them available!
  5. MyThemeShop offers excellent customer support. Their support staff is friendly, fast, and extremely knowledgeable.
  6. MyThemeShop theme prices are very competitive and quite a bargain for the high quality product you receive.
  7. MyThemeShop has a series of themes specifically designed to be eCommerce sites and that fully integrate with WooCommerce.

That’s right! MyThemeShop offers ten themes that have WooCommerce compatibility structured into their very code. This might not seem like such a big deal at first glance; however, from someone who has experience creating eCommerce sites this is absolutely essential. If you choose a theme that is not designed to be WooCommerce compatible you are in for a long, tedious process of trying to make your site functional and look good.

Luckily for us we don’t need to worry about that. Out of all of the themes MyThemeShop offers here are my top five most highly recommended eCommerce themes in no particular order:



Well, I may have lied about the “no particular order” as MagXP is actually my favorite theme (I promise the remaining four will be in no particular order). This theme is one of MyThemeShop’s newest themes and as a result is jam-packed with features super useful.

MagXP offers you four different layouts for your homepage and you are able to easily change the overall design from a variety of preset color schemes…or you can choose your own color schemes from an unlimited number of color choices. In addition, MagXP is completely SEO optimized and has an integrated product review system.

MyThemeShop - Five Great eCommerce WordPress Themes - MagXP



Immunity is a beautifully simple theme that really emphasizes the visual aspect of a blog and eCommerce store. This theme can function as either a “magazine” or “blog” style website and of course beautifully displays your products in its web store.

MyThemeShop - Five Great eCommerce WordPress Themes - Immunity



This theme is reminiscent of what you might expect to see when you are checking for the latest breaking news update. Clock is very simple and sharp and really focuses on elegantly presenting your content for users to read. It also offers many interactive features to add the final touches to an already awesome theme.

MyThemeShop - Five Great eCommerce WordPress Themes - Clock



FrontPage is perhaps the most flexible eCommerce theme MyThemeShop has to offer. It has 6 different homepage layouts as well as 3 different single post layouts. It has a responsive design and is able to gracefully present your content and products to your customers.

MyThemeShop - Five Great eCommerce WordPress Themes - FrontPage



This theme has a variety of preset color schemes that simplify the “color choosing” process for those of us that aren’t particularly aesthetically inclined. It is designed around presenting video content. So if you will be producing a large amount of videos than Repose may be the theme for you.

MyThemeShop - Five Great eCommerce WordPress Themes - Repose


There you have it! My top five MyThemeShop eCommerce themes for WordPress. Have you ever used any themes from MyThemeShop? If so please leave a comment with your experience below. Or maybe you are searching for a good theme and have some questions or concerns? Please drop them below as well.



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