Domainer Elite Review – A Decent Introduction To Domain Flipping

Domainer-Elite-Review---A-Decent-Introduction-To-Domain-Flipping-FeatureIn this review, I will be taking an in-depth look at a new product from Jamie Lewis called Domainer Elite Course (Aff). I have recently purchased this course in order to complete this review and give you my personal insight into what it has to offer and if it is something you should consider!

I'll start with a quick review for those of you in a rush. I'll then follow with an in-depth review going into great detail!

Affiliate Disclaimer: You will find a few links to Domainer Elite throughout this review. According to my Core Principles and in order to comply with FTC Compliance Standards, if the link is an affiliate link, meaning I’ll make a commission if you purchase the product, it will be followed by “(Aff)”. Don’t worry, I’m not taking advantage of you. I only affiliate myself and earn money from products I would recommend to my closest friends and family. In fact, most websites online are making money from you, they just aren’t disclosing it to you! This is what makes bringing these in-depth product reviews to you possible…and what keeps my wife happy!

Quick Review

Domainer Elite Ratings
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Product Name: Domainer Elite
Overall Rank: 6.2/10
Price: $24.95 with multiple upsells
Owners: Jamie Lewis
Website: (Aff)

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Domainer Elite is a video series (plus a few additional resources) walking you through the process of finding domain names with the potential for later sale, purchasing them, then posting them for sale with the hopes of selling them for a profit. You will learn how to do this with this course, nothing more.

The production quality of the videos is quite low, but their content is fairly good for the most part. There are a fair amount of upsells, but none of them are necessary to complete what is being taught in this course. This is a very specific course on a very narrow topic, so if that's what you're looking for then great, it will likely be worth your investment. However, if it's not, you should consider other training platforms.

If you are interested in this course, you can purchase it here (Aff).

In-Depth Review

In this portion of the review, I will be going into as much detail as possible, without giving away the actual proprietary content of the Domainer Elite Courses. My goal is to give you as much insight as possible so you can make an extremely informed decision when deciding whether or not to purchase this product.



Just so you know I've actually purchased and reviewed the course in its entirety, here is my purchase receipt from JVZoo.


I'll start by covering the aspects of this course that I like, followed by those that I don't. I'll then give an in-depth look at what exactly you will be getting when you purchase this course, what kind of person might want to purchase it, the customer support they offer, and the price. I'll finish up with my final verdict regarding this course and offer some additional/alternative resources you may be interested in checking out.

What I Like

Knowledgeable On Subject

I have no doubt that Jamie Lewis knows what he's talking about when it comes to domain flipping and all that this method of generating income entails. Whether I like his style or not, I simply can't deny that he seems very well-versed in this field.

Passionate Delivery

Jamie is also very passionate about this topic and that comes through very clearly in the videos. Again, I may not like his style, but he does approach it with confidence and energy which makes it easier to listen to and watch.

Explains Ideas and Concepts Clearly

In the videos where he is actually explaining the ideas and concepts of domain flipping, he is easy to follow because he speaks with language that is easy to understand and follow. He also uses whiteboards a lot to help diagram his concepts and make this easier to grasp for those of us who are visual learners.



I'm a fan of teaching through videos and I appreciate the effort made to put this course in video format. I will say that some of the videos are not the greatest quality, but overall they're clear and easy to understand and follow.

Supplementary Resources

In addition to the videos, you are also given a few resources which will likely be helpful in the future of your domain flipping business. He includes a “Recipe” which allows you to estimate the value of your domain based on the number of words and syllables.

He also gives you access to a “Word List” of tens-of-thousands of words and a list of 1,500 nouns to serve as inspiration when you are searching for potential domain names to purchase. You are also given a copy form of a sales page to use when writing descriptions for the domains you are selling.

Purchase Process + Moneyback Guarantee

Because this course is sold through the JVZoo affiliate network, the purchase process is simple and streamlined. You can either purchase using a credit/debit card or using PayPal. Also, because it is on the JVZoo affiliate network, this also means you have a limited time refund window, which is always a nice safety net.


What I Don't Like


I must say that I was a bit disappointed in the number of upsells I was hit with upon purchasing Domainer Elite. Immediately, before I could even access the product, I was hit with three upsells. The first was for a software that is supposed to supplement your domain flipping business by automating the entire process for you.


Once you say “No Thanks” you're downsold and offered a cheaper price for this same software.


Next, Jamie tries to get you to buy his VIP Webinar Coaching subscription.


This is followed by his sales page trying to convince you to purchase some one-on-one coaching with himself.


Maybe these products are decent and can help you, but please don't push them on me right away before I even have access to the product I just purchased. If my initial purchase is of high-quality and actually helps me out, then I'll be interested in everything else you have to offer me!


I know I'm contradicting myself here, because I had videos in the “What I Like” section above. However, now I'm being critical of the production value of the videos. I hate to say it, but most of the videos have just about zero production value. They haven't been edited. Some of them are unsteady because someone is holding the camera by hand…he really should invest in a tripod.

I guess I feel like, being that Jamie has his own video production company, I should expect the videos he is producing to be of the highest quality. Because they're not, I feel like he put a minimal amount of effort into this course and could've done it much better.

Time-Sensitive Technique

While domain name flipping has the potential to be very profitable, it is also a race against everyone else who is doing the same thing. At this point in time, most of the logical domains are already purchased and held. However, many of them are expiring every day and are up for sale again. This means you must follow the droplists for all of the domains that are entering the market again and purchase them quickly before someone else snatches them up.

Also, these lists are usually put out at 2 am…so if you're going to be doing this as intensely as possible, you're going to need to be up late at night to get the best domains. I guess this wouldn't be so bad if you're the night-owl type!


Domain flipping isn't nearly as sexy as it sounds at first. When it comes down to it, most of what you'll be doing is quickly searching through the latest lists looking for the domain names that have potential as you race against many others doing the exact same thing!

Leaves Out Some Important Steps

Jamie does a great job of walking you through the process of finding domain names and listing them on Flippa; however, that's where he stops when it comes to the technical aspect of the process. He doesn't cover how to send and receive payments, how to actually transfer domains to a new owner, etc.

Somewhat False Resources

Along the left side of the members area, there are many links to a variety of resources. Unfortunately, a few of them are direct links to the products he is upselling you when you first purchased Domainer Elite. Many of the other links take you to third-party websites and resources. Of all the links, only four of them actually take you directly to resources you have access to.

GoDaddy And Flippa Focused

It's obvious that he has an affinity for GoDaddy and Flippa; however, there are many other sites and companies you can purchase and sell domain names at, none of which he covers in any sort of detail.

Product Overview


Members' Area

Once you purchase Domainer Elite (Aff), you will be given access to a Member's Area which is where you can access all of the videos and other resources. There's really only one page in the Member's Area with all of the videos underneath each other as you scroll down.

Along the left side of the page are links to all of the additional resources you have access to (some of them are upsells and some of them are third-party resources).

Instructional Introduction Videos

The first group of videos is designed to introduce you to the basic principles of domain flipping as well as provide you with some inspiration.

Video 1 – Domainer Elite Basics

The first video is by far the longest video in this section at 36 minutes long. In this video, you are essentially following along on his computer screen as he goes through the process of finding new domain names as they become available.

Along the way, he walks you through the basic steps of purchasing domains from GoDaddy. He shows you some tricks for finding lists to provide inspiration for potential domain names as well as a brief introduction to using the bulk domain search function to aid in your search for quality domain names.

He also spends some time walking you through a membership website called EstiBot. This is a site that provides you with Droplists in excel format. These are basically lists of the latest domains that have recently become available on the market. He uses these to find expired domains as well as sifting through the domains up for auction on GoDaddy.

Video 2 – Let's Sell Some Domains

As the title suggests, this 11-minute video walks you through the basics of selling domain names on various sites, such as,, and However, when it comes to selling domains, most of his time is spent on

In the process of walking you through selling, he covers the concepts of Domains, Starter Sites, and Established Sites, how Flippa has a listing fee of $9 per site, and also discusses guidelines for setting up reserve and starting prices and creating titles and descriptions for the domains you are trying to sell.

Video 3 – Domainer Elite Presentation #1

This video is basically a 5-minute advertisement (read: upsell) for the Domainer Elite Software program that helps you to automate the domain flipping process. I haven't purchased this software so can't comment on its quality or effectiveness, but in terms of valuable information for you, there is nothing of real value in this video.

Video 4 – Domain Name Sale for $5,000

This 4-minute video is essentially a case study of how he purchased a domain name for a mere $9 and sold it for $5,000 a few months later. Honestly, I'm not even sure why he includes this video other than for purely motivational purposes. The truth is, this sale was made with nothing but luck…but, then again, maybe this income generation method will require a good amount of luck!

Video 5 – A Quick Case Study ($36)

This is another 4-minute video of another case study. This one isn't quite as impressive of a sale as in the previous video, but I think it's more of a proof-of-concept promotional video. Again, I don't really feel like there is too much value in this video…

Video 6 – Domaining Research Trick

In the last video of this section (13 minutes), Jamie walks you through a “trick” he uses to figure out how to set a reserve and starting prices for the domains he is selling on Obviously, I can't tell you the trick, but I will say he talks about how using EstiBot isn't always to be trusted with the estimated prices it gives you.

He then shows how you can use other sites to determine the sale value of similar domains that have recently been sold, the age of your domain/site, and other valuable information when figuring out how to set the prices.

Private Mastermind Class

The Private Mastermind Class is where the rubber really meets the road. Honestly, it was a relief to get to these videos because, up until now, the introductory videos were quite underwhelming as they didn't go into a lot of detail and left me wanting more.

This mastermind class consists of four videos totaling just over 90 minutes of content. All four of the videos are him standing in front of a whiteboard teaching by writing and drawing on the board as he speaks to get his point across visually.


Unfortunately, as I mentioned earlier, the production value of these videos is very poor, so they're not the nicest things to watch or listen to, the light is glaring on the whiteboard and he tends to ramble at times…some editing would've been nice. That being said, at least he seems to have used a tripod for these videos so it's not all shaky!

Essentially, he goes into much more depth regarding the concepts and ideas briefly mentioned in the first set of videos: selling domain names and websites, building new websites, discussion the differences and similarities between branded and keyword domains, domain name parameters, and pricing options.



In addition to the videos, you also have access to a variety of “resources” in the member's area. They are as follows:


Software ($97-$47 Upsell)

This is a link to the Domainer Elite Software which allows you to automate a good portion of the domain flipping process. It will set you back $97-$47 depending on how many downsells you are offered!


Domainer Recipe

This is a cheat sheet of sorts to help you figure out just how much potential domain names might be worth. It breaks the domain names down by syllables and letters and gives an estimated value in US Dollars of its worth on the market.


Assistance ($297 Upsell)

This is another upsell for the opportunity to have Jamie or one of his assistants coach you through the domain flipping process. This will set you back $297.


Word List

This is a massive list of thousands of words to provide you with some inspiration when coming up with potential domain names. I don't exactly know what the point of this is as it seems like you be just as well off going through a dictionary…because that's basically what this word list is.


1500 Nouns List

This is another list of 1500 words only they are all nouns. Again, these are supposed to serve as inspiration for potential domain names.


Example Flippa Listing

This is a template for domain listings on This has the potential to be a very useful resource for you as you begin selling your domains as it's important to paint an adequate picture of why a purchaser should be interested in your domain.


Webinars ($67 Upsell)

This is another upsell for lifetime access to all Jamie's webinars.


3rd Party Sites

The rest of the “Resources” are just links to third party websites Jamie mentions in the training and/or will be helpful as you venture into the realm of domain flipping. Some of them are free to us and some of them will require payments or memberships to access. The resources linked to are: GoDaddy, AWeber, RankPay, Sites, Graphics, Escrow, Paypal, Flippa, Wayback Machine.


Who Should Buy Domainer Elite?

Well, if you're interested in and/or looking to gain some expert insight into the world of domain flipping, then I think this Domainer Elite course may be a good fit for you (Aff). However, if you're looking to just build a sustainable, semi-passing online business, then you'll probably want to consider other resources that may be a better fit.

Customer Support

Honestly, I haven't yet needed to contact customer support, so I can't give you an honest critique of this aspect of the Domainer Elite community. However, he does give his email address out to those who purchased the product so I'm hoping that means he will be responsive to any questions and/or concerns he may receive regarding this product.



The price of the Domainer Elite course itself is a one-time payment of $24.95. You are also offered a series of upsells, none of which need to be considered unless you have money to spare.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, I think the Domainer Elite Course (Aff) offers quality, relevant information to those who are into or looking at getting into the realm of domain flipping. The information is good, albeit poorly presented at times, so you will learn the basic techniques to complete a full domain flip from finding a domain name to buy to listing it for sale.

If this is what you're looking for then I think this may be a good investment for you. I don't think you'll be disappointed with the information presented as long as you're not expecting beautiful videos and a plethora of endless instructional content.

Get Domainer Elite Here (Aff)

However, if that is not what you're looking for, there are some other options you may want to consider in the next section.


Better Alternative?

Domainer-Elite-Review-Wealthy-AffiliateAt this point, if you made it this far and you're like me, you're probably wondering just how sustainable and passive domain flipping really is. Well…it's not sustainable at all in any sense of the word. It requires constant vigilance of the latest domains coming available and also calls for a good amount of luck. If you're trying to build an online business you can count on, I believe there are much better, more predictable, tried and true methods of doing so.

In fact, that's what I have done here with If you'd like to know my full story you can check it out here…but basically, I was trying to answer the same question you were when you came across this review: “How can I make in income online?”. While looking for an answer I came across an online training resources and community called Wealthy Affiliate University.

After doing my due diligence and researching Wealthy Affiliate like crazy, I decided it was legit and jumped right in. Little did I know that I would learn everything I needed to know about creating a sustainable and profitable online business! If this is what you're looking for, I would highly encourage you to check it out and see what you think.

The best part is you can sign up and get access to tons of great material completely free, without needing to enter any credit card information. After you've had time to check it out you can either forget about it with no harm done, continue as a free member, or sign up for the premium membership and gain access to even more high-quality training and other premium resources.

You can check out my full in-depth report of all Wealthy Affiliate has to offer here.


Thanks again for checking out this review…if you've made it this far you're truly dedicated! I hope to see you around again and if you have any questions or comments regarding Domainer Elite, please don't hesitate to drop them in the comments section below!

Dustin “Kirby” Garness

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