Easy Video Suite By Josh Bartlett Review – Great For Video Marketers, Not For Anyone Else

Easy-Video-Suite-By-Josh-Bartlett-Review---Great-For-Video-Marketers,-Not-For-Anyone-Else-FeatureIn this review, I will be taking an in-depth look at Easy Video Marketing, a very prevalent video marketing service that claims to be an all-in-one video marketing platform made by video marketers, for video marketers.

Obviously, videos are playing an ever-increasing role on the internet. Whether it be YouTube, Vimeo, or other hosting platforms, videos are becoming more and more popular. In addition, it has been proven that utilizing videos to aid in the sales process is surprisingly effective.

This is exactly where Easy Video Marketing (aff) is inserting itself into the market as a video marketing platform that will dramatically increase the ease in which you create your marketing videos, upload them, and analyze their effectiveness.

Now let’s take a deeper look and see if Easy Video Marketing (EVS from now on) lives up to these claims. I will discuss what I liked and disliked about the program as well as the features it offers, price, and, of course, give you my final recommendation.

Affiliate Disclaimer: You will find a few links to Easy Video Suite throughout this review. According to my Core Principles and in order to comply with FTC Compliance Standards, if the link is an affiliate link, meaning I’ll make a commission if you purchase the product, it will be followed by “(Aff)”. Don’t worry, I’m not taking advantage of you. I only affiliate myself and earn money from products I would recommend to my closest friends and family. In fact, most websites online are making money from you, they just aren’t disclosing it to you!

Quick Review

Easy Video Suite Ratings
  • 6/10
    Price - 6/10
  • 6/10
    Support - 6/10
  • 9/10
    Tools & Resources - 9/10
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    Ease Of Use - 10/10
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    Honesty - 8/10


Product Name: Easy Video Suite
Overall Rank: 7.8/10
Price: $297 + $97 One-Time Payment & Optional $37/month Training
Owners: Josh Bartlett
Website: www.easyvideosuite.com (aff)

User Rating 3.67 (3 votes)
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In-Depth Review

Now we'll get into the nitty-gritty details of exactly what you can expect if you decide to purchase Easy Video Suite! We'll start by looking at what I like about the program and what I don't like. We'll then take a close look at all of the features you will have access to as well as some more of my thoughts regarding the product.


What Do I Like About Easy Video Marketing?


EVS utilizes an extremely easy to use drag-and-drop interface; from video creation, editing, posting, to web page design and editing, everything is super easy to use. I have used some advanced video editing software in the past and the drag-and-drop features within EVS are much simpler but don't lose the ability to create good quality videos.

Video Quality

The quality of videos that you can make within EVS is quite high. You are able to record videos in up to HD quality with a screen capture function or through your webcam. You can also upload previously recorded videos into the program.

Video Optimization

One amazingly cool aspect of EVS is that it will automatically optimize the video size, quality, and aspect ratio according to the device the video is being viewed on. Basically, EVS is busy behind the scenes creating multiple versions of your video to fit every device and screen type possible.

Custom Video Players

ESV allows you to easily create (drag-and-drop) custom video players that can really enhance your visitors’ experiences. You can create video players with:

  • Specific marketing features
  • Social media buttons
  • Password protection
  • Playlists
  • And more

As you can see, there are many ways to customize your video players.

Interactive Videos

With EVS you are able to create really cool interactive videos, something that is impossible with most traditional video editing software. You are able to add custom sign-up forms, social share buttons, buy now buttons, among others right on top of your videos at specific times and locations. One really great thing about this feature is that it allows you to subtly place calls of action within the actual video itself in a nice, unobtrusive way.

Web Pages

Easy-Video-Suite-By-Josh-Bartlett-Review---Great-For-Video-Marketers,-Not-For-Anyone-Else-Web-PagesWithin the EVS online command center, you are able to create fully customizable web pages (still with the drag-and-drop interface). Even though no coding is required, you can easily implement aspects such as:

  • Buy buttons
  • Comments
  • Social sharing buttons
  • Search engine optimization
  • And more
Split Testing

Split testing is a very important step to getting the most sales possible. With EVS split-testing is made super simple. All you have to do is set it up, again with their drag-and-drop interface, and EVS will do the rest. It will split test the videos until it has enough data to determine which one is getting better results. Once it knows, it will play that one only!

Video Analytics

EVS offers an extensive amount of video analytics to help you see what is and isn’t working. The analytics page within EVS will show you:

  • Minutes played
  • Sales numbers
  • Viewer engagement
  • Social media sharing
  • Split test results
  • And moreEasy-Video-Suite-By-Josh-Bartlett-Review---Great-For-Video-Marketers,-Not-For-Anyone-Else-Analytics

Also, by using these analytics, EVS is able to provide you with suggestions and tips about how you can improve your video content.


What I Don’t Like About Easy Video Suite

While I think Easy Video Suite (aff) provides a good quality final product, there are a few aspects I am not particularly fond of.

Forces You To Use Amazon S3

I’m not saying I don’t like Amazon S3 as a hosting platform. It is a great, stable, and inexpensive service. What I am saying is that I don’t like that, in order to use EVS, you must sign up for an Amazon S3 account which is a paid subscription service. It is an additional expense on top of the already pricey software (see below).

Specific For Video Marketers

Yes, I know EVS is advertised specifically for video marketers; however, it is a super simple and easy-to-understand platform that I wish could be useful for a broader audience. Basically, if you’re not using EVS to promote a product, it isn't going to be worth the purchase costs.

Limited Reach

Unfortunately, with EVS you are not able to publish your videos to YouTube, Vimeo, or any other popular video sharing websites. This greatly reduces your potential reach as your videos will only be seen by those who are specifically directed to your video in some manner, and not by the millions/billions of people browsing YouTube and other video services.

Commercial License

Easy-Video-Suite-By-Josh-Bartlett-Review---Great-For-Video-Marketers,-Not-For-Anyone-Else-Commercial-LicenseIn order to legally use EVS for any of your clients, you are forced to buy a “Commercial License” for an additional fee. W le, I can understand this, it really just seems like just another way for them to squeeze a little more money out of you. Also, I don’t like how it is advertised as a limited time offer, but has been in play for quite some time.

Sales-ey Promotional Material

For the most part, I think EVS does a good job of honestly promoting their product; however, there are still a couple tactics that caught my eye and made me question things. Their primary sales video plays on your emotions quite a bit and makes you think you will be sorely sorry for not purchasing their product.

Also, the promotional video convincing you to buy the “commercial license” attempts to convince you that it is a limited time offer that you must purchase now…or you may have lost out forever. The thing is, I looked into this product months ago, and they were saying the same thing then; therefore, I conclude that this is purely a sales technique and they have no intention of ever stopping the “commercial license”.


EVS is a bit expensive, at least for people like me who don’t have much extra money floating around. While I understand that EVS is a quality product and provides solid videos, the price still seems a bit steep. (see below for detailed pricing)


What Will You Get When You Purchase Easy Video Suite?

When you purchase EVS you will be given access to a small desktop application to record screencasts as well as access to an online “Command Center”. The Command Center is where you will do most of your work with this product.

Within the command center you can edit your videos, create custom video players, sales pages, landing pages, and squeeze pages, view your analytics, do your split testing, and change your account settings.

Commercial License

Purchasing the commercial license will basically do two things for you:

  1. Allows you to use EVS’s services for clients other than yourself. This includes the ability to sell EVS’s services, analytics, and other features, as well as create multiple login accounts and user levels. Without the commercial license, each client would need to purchase their own copy of EVS.
  2. Removes all branding from pages created by the EVS Page Builder and removes the EVS logo from the dashboard of the web application video player.

Who Should Invest In This Product?

This product is specifically targeted for current video marketers or internet marketers who are thinking about moving into the area of video marketing.

If you are looking for video editing software for family videos or an advanced video editing program, you will want to look elsewhere as ESV is not what you need.


What Kind Of Tools Does Easy Video Suite Offer?

In essence, EVS offers you video recording, video conversion and uploading, basic video editing, video publishing, and video analytics capabilities. All of these functions are done through the desktop application and/or the online Command Center.

Desktop Application

The desktop application is actually a pretty nice program. You are able to upload previously recorded videos and have them converted to the proper format by simply dragging and dropping them.

You are also able to record videos with the desktop application itself from your webcam or desktop. The cool thing about the desktop recorder is that you can move around the capture area as well as “draw” on the recording.

The EVS desktop application also allows you to easily cut your videos and do some minor editing before uploading the video to the command center.

Command Center

Because I have covered a majority of the tools within the command center in my “Likes” section above, I will not rehash everything again. In short, the tools offered are very intuitive and easy to use.


Does Easy Video Suite Come With Any Training?

All of the training offered by EVS is actually from an attached website called VidMarketing.com. This is a subscription based service that claims to teach you everything you need to know about video marketing…but doesn’t say anything about teaching you how to use EVS.Easy-Video-Suite-By-Josh-Bartlett-Review---Great-For-Video-Marketers,-Not-For-Anyone-Else-Training

When you purchase EVS you are given a free 30 subscription to VidMarketing.com, but once that 30 days is up it will cost you an additional $37/month.


What About Support?

EVS does have some support capabilities through their online dashboard. They are somewhat responsive with these inquiries, but definitely not top of the line. Typically, in my experience, any service that has a one-time fee doesn’t usually have the best support.


How Much Does Easy Video Suite Cost?

The EVS software itself will cost you a one-time payment of $297. If you want to use the service for any third party clients, or want to remove any branding from your videos and pages, the Commercial License will cost you an additional one-time payment of $97. This brings the total cost of the product up to $394.


If you decide to subscribe to their training service through VidMarketing.com that will cost you an additional $37 per month.


My Final Recommendation

If you are an internet marketer or, more specifically, a video marketer, I am willing to recommend this product. I believe it will greatly benefit and simplify your entire video creation and upload process. In addition, assuming you know what you are doing and can leverage what Easy Video Suite (aff) has to offer, it will increase your conversions and, ultimately, the profitability of your video marketing campaigns.

On the other hand, if you are not a video marketer, I would not recommend this product at all. This is a product specifically for video marketers. Also, if you are wanting to post videos on YouTube or other video platforms this product will not work for you.


Are There Any Other Options Available?

In terms of video hosting platforms, I would still recommend using YouTube as it has a HUGE consumer base and is free to use.

If you are looking for Internet Marketing, or more specifically, video marketing training I would highly recommend checking out Wealthy Affiliate University. Their in-depth video marketing classrooms are just a small portion of what you will have access to inside. Also, Wealthy Affiliate University’s premium membership is only $10  more a month than the $37/month offered by VidMarketing.com.


If you have any questions regarding Easy Video Suite (aff), Video Marketing, or Wealthy Affiliate, please leave me a comment below and I will be sure to get back to you ASAP! Also, if you would like to keep in touch and receive my latest product reviews and suggestions, tutorials, and other internet marketing updates, please subscribe to my weekly newsletter here:


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