Ewen Chia’s Autopilot Profits 2014 Review – Fly Far, Far Away!

Ewen Chia's Autopilot Profits 2014 Ratings
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Product Name: Ewen Chia's Autopilot Profits 2014
Overall Rank: 1.4/10
Price: $37, $27 + Upsells
Owners: Ewen Chia
Website: www.autopilotprofits.com

User Rating 1.33 (3 votes)
Comments Rating 0 (0 reviews)

Ewen Chia – Scammer

To be honest with you, I am not going to spend a lot of time on this product. It is simply a low-quality, Clickbank money making scheme.

The motivation behind Ewen Chia’s Autopilot Profits 2014 is not to actually help people make money as it claims, but simply to use affiliate marketers to sell people on the idea of making money to get commissions by sucking others into their lies.

So…let me break it down for you…


Does Autopilot Profits Offer Anything Good At All?

No, there is absolutely nothing good about this program. In fact, if you follow the process he lays out for you, you are likely to get banned from Google and destroy your internet business, or ruin it from the start. (More on this later)


Can Autopilot Profits 2014 really be THAT bad?

Let me give you a few examples of how bad this program is. We will start by having a look at the promotional material aka Chia’s sales page and then look at the actual product itself.

Issues With The Promotional Material/Sales Page:

1. Everything about their sales page screams scam:

  • Claims of instant income

From the very first line of the sales page…

  • Pictures of outlandish lifestyles (Ferraris and Lamborghinis)

Apparently this is what we will be living like if we buy Chia's Autopilot Profits!

  • Effortless success

This sounds like a great business model…said no-one ever!

  • Limited time offers

You better hurry!

  • Everything seems too good to be true

Mmhmm…about that…

2. The language of the sales page is extremely sales-ey. I mean, if you didn't know any better in regards to Internet Marketing, I guess you might fall for it. But, if you have even the smallest sense of how making money online and Search Engine Optimization actually work, you know Ewen Chia’s sales page is complete BS.

He claims you will have 20 imaginary ATMs spitting cash into your bank accounts 24/7 without lifting a finger. If you can’t do it yourself, they will even do it for you. Why would anyone do this? Oh, right, because he says he just wants to help people out and offer his super secret system to the lowly poor people such as you and me….yeah right!


3. It’s impossible to leave the website. Literally, I thought I was going to be stuck in a never ending abyss of Ewen Chia’s duplicated scam products. Once you click to exit, you run into a pop-up saying they are now offering a one-time deal and giving you an additional $10 off the product. Apparently, this is only available for “next 2 people only”!

If you try to leave this page you are taken to Mr. Chai’s “Complete Business Set Up” sales page. When you leave this page you're taken to Chia’s Super Affiliate Millionaire…leave that one only to be redirected to Chia’s Traffic Millionaire…then to Chia’s Cash Biz…then to a Cash Biz discount…only then, was I able to leave without any further sales pitches! (P.S. all of these products have very similar sales pages and sales techniques)

Issues With The Product:

  • The product is extremely outdated. Everything it talks about has been general internet marketing knowledge for quite some time.
  • The methods and techniques he is describing are quite sketchy and will get you in more trouble with Google than help you.
  • In fact, he even admits that some of the methods he is teaching are against Google’s Terms of Service. He leaves it up to you to make an ethical decision to follow along or get out.
  • The material is poorly worded, hard to understand, even for an intermediate level internet marketer, and, ultimately, ineffective and unethical.
  • He uses automated blogging techniques to try to rig the system in a way that generates income for you.
  • The real purpose of this product is for affiliate marketers to profit from it, not to teach people how to make an honest living from the internet.


What Do You Actually Get For Your Money?

Ewen-Chias-Autopilot-Profits-2014-Review---Stay-Far-Far-Away-ProductsWhat you get is an incredibly long .PDF document explaining the process and steps you need to take to follow his “top secret” system.

You also get access to a “members only” website that has some additional information. This info is basically a more in-depth explanation of everything covered in the .PDF document. Again, none of this is groundbreaking or actually helpful in generating income online.


Who Would Buy This Product?

Heaven forbid nobody will ever buy this product. Unfortunately, I know that Chia’s sales page will convince some people to spend their money on his scam products. I only hope they do their research first and learn how to recognize a legitimate product.


What Kind Of Support Does Autopilot Profits 2014 have?

They have next to no support for any of their paying customers. In fact, if you do the research you will find many complaints about people not getting the actual products they paid for!


How Much Does This Thing Cost?


Don't buy this product!

The price of Ewen Chia’s Autopilot Profits 2014 starts out at a whopping $3,797.00 but is promptly slashed down to just $37.00. If you try to exit the browser you will be given an offer for $27 dollars. I didn’t stick around long enough to find out, but I’m sure there are many upsells and re-bills along the way as well.


My Final Opinion + A Better Alternative

Let’s be honest. I, in no way, shape, or form, would ever recommend this product to anyone… It really is that bad. There is no good information to help you build a sustainable income online. The only reason you should spend money on it is if you’re trying to sell it to others and profit off of their naivety.

Luckily for you and I, there are actually some honestly good products and services out there that can help us and teach us how to build a sustainable online income. I have always recommended Wealthy Affiliate University from day 1 as it is where I learned everything I know about Internet Marketing, building websites, attracting legitimate traffic, etc.

If you are interested in checking out this resource, please have a look at my in-depth review of all they have to offer here: Wealthy Affiliate University – Why It’s My #1 Recommendation. If you were seriously considering Ewen Chia’s Autopilot Profits 2014, I’m sure you will find what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer extremely refreshing!


If you have any questions or comments regarding this product, or anything else, please leave me a comment below. Finally, if you would like to follow along on my Internet Marketing journey, and see how Wealthy Affiliate has helped me along, please check out my KM Monthly reports here: KM Monthly Reports. …and sign up for my weekly newsletter here:


So, I signed up for the “Secret Free Video” to see what would happen. I received an email to download a large .zip file. The mail also included links to ALL of Ewen Chia’s other products, all of which are just as bad. There was also an invitation to join his “Inner circle” which actually took me to a PayPal checkout where I was supposed to pay $10/month to join “Super Affiliate Cloning Program”…there wasn't even a squeeze page telling me what the “inner circle” was…just straight to PayPal!

Oh yeah…the video, well, it didn’t even work! 🙂


Do not sign up for any email list through this website! If you do you will get 5-10 emails a day from Mr. Chia promoting his products. Also, the emails are so poorly formatted it's ridiculous!


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