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Product Name: Forever Affiliate
Overall Rank: 5.8/10
Price: $97 up to $594 with upsells
Owners: Andrew Hansen

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In early 2013 Forever Affiliate burst onto the the internet affiliate marketing scene with much fanfare. There were speculating affiliate marketers jumping on the bandwagon to promote the product before it’s initial launch. The problem with this was that they were recommending a product before anyone really had a chance to test it out.

I hope to provide an honest review of the product and point you in the right direction.


The Good

Forever Affiliate does have a few bright spots. First of all, it’s creator Andrew Hansen is very detail oriented in the content he creates. He is able to explain the concepts and theories of internet marketing and website mechanics effectively without sacrificing important information.

Additionally, there is a good amount of information available to anyone who subscribes to the program. There are many training videos, topic oriented webinars, “expert” interviews, and “action” checklists available to walk you through the process. However, most of these resources are only available after a series of pricey up-sells (continue reading for more information on these).

The Bad

Unfortunately, in the case of Forever Affiliate, the cons outweigh the pros. To start with the primary page of is a super long page implementing all of the latest selling techniques. There are Clickbank screenshots showing huge commissions, over-sized promises of huge monthly incomes, and a solid amount of “personal” customer reviews saying how awesome the product is.

Another telltale sign of something being not quite right is that within the purchased material there is a section explaining how to promote Forever Affiliate. In this section it highly recommends not promoting the product too much to ensure that no “red flags” are raised with Google. Why would a product be afraid of raising “red flags” if it is 100% legit?

The warning not to raise any "Red Flags" when promotion Forever Affiliate is a bit sketchy.

The warning not to raise any “Red Flags” when promotion Forever Affiliate is a bit sketchy.

Up-sells are also a hidden aspect of Forever Affiliate. In fact, there are no prices mentioned whatsoever on the “sell” page until you actually click on “Add to Cart”. Then, and only then, you discover that you must pay $97 to have “full access” to the entire system…which isn’t true. If you continue on you will be hit with another, much larger, upsell. I’ll save that for the “pricing” section below.

As mentioned in the “Pros” you do get a good amount of valid and accurate information regarding affiliate marketing; however, it is just one man’s perspective on everything. One man, however much of an expert he claims to be, cannot know nearly as much as an entire community of web-designers and affiliate marketers.

The final con is that a majority of the information you purchase is static information. That is, it was released in 2013 and is not updated with time. We all know that the internet is constantly changing and adapting. In fact, Mr. Hansen has released similar products in the past. So as history has shown us when one product becomes obsolete he simply creates a new one with new purchase prices and new up-sells.

Who Is It For?

With Forever Affiliate’s promises of huge monthly income it is primarily targeting the person who is in a tight financial place and looking to make quick money easily. In other words, Forever Affiliate is looking for the individual who is willing to spend a little money with the promise of a quick and lucrative return on investment.

Training/Tools Overview

As mentioned before, there is actually a fair amount of valuable information contained within Forever Affiliate. There are over 40 videos with each being 5-20 minutes long. These videos are the primary training resources. There are additional webinar recordings, “expert” interviews, and “action” checklists.

The training is divided into three primary phases: Phase 1 “Initial Analysis”, Phase 2 “Test & Validation”, and Phase 3 “Expansion”.

Phase 1 “Initial Analysis” is structured around building your initial knowledge and theory regarding affiliate marketing. It focuses primarily on the analysis of niches and offers and how to determine if they will be profitable. It also spends some time teaching you how to locate new offers and niches.

Phase 1 “Initial Analysis” is structured around building your initial knowledge and theory regarding affiliate marketing.

Phase 2 “Test & Validation” focuses on setting up your sites. This includes purchasing a domain name and setting up hosting. Once you understand these points it moves on to content creation, how to monetize your site, and how to install and use Google Analytics.

Phase 2 “Test & Validation” focuses on setting up your sites. This includes purchasing a domain name and setting up hosting.

Phase 3 “Expansion” is focused on increasing the traffic to your site and building and authoritative presence on the internet. It really drills down Search Engine Optimization, link building, and even goes into how to use press releases effectively.

 Phase 3 “Expansion” is focused on increasing the traffic to your site and building and authoritative presence on the internet.


The support offered within Forever Affiliate is minimal unless you succumb to the up-sells. Without the up-sells you are able to email the customer service address and wait for a response.

In addition, Mr. Hansen has a personal blog that is updated relatively frequently with some good information. However, the primary focus of the blog is to drive people to purchase Forever Affiliate.

If you are willing to purchase the up-sells you are given access to the “Forever Affiliate Coaching Program” which basically means live (or recorded depending on the level of up-sell you choose) webinars in which you can ask questions and hopefully find answers. You are also given access to a “Team of outsourcing staff” which can answer some questions and is available to help you produce content.


Now we get to the fun part! The price doesn’t look too outrageous to start. As mentioned before you can have “full access” for a one time payment of $97. However, you will quickly realize that you don’t truly have “full access” as you are not allowed to access the “Forever Affiliate Coaching Program” webinars or the “Team of outsourcing staff”.

If you want true full access to these aspects of Forever Affiliate you must pay an additional one time fee of $497 or two payments of $297 seven days apart. If that is too much you can choose the “lite” version for a one time payment of $297.

Final Verdict

Because Forever Affiliate does have good quality information (albeit for a price) I am willing to give it 4.6 out of 10 points. If you have some extra money to spend and want some good but limited information than you should give it a shot. If you are interested here is a brochure distributed by Forever Affiliate itself. 


Better Alternative

Forever Affiliate does have some good information…but it's really expensive. There are actually some better alternatives out there if you are looking for quality training. My #1 recommended training program is Wealthy Affiliate University. It's actually where I learned everything I know about affiliate marketing, internet marketing, building a website, etc. I would highly recommend checking it out if you are serious about building a legitimate income online.


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