Getting Started Online Doesn’t Have To Be Scary!

If you have come across this page on my website I’m sure you have been thinking about starting an online presence; whether a personal blog, eCommerce store, or one of the bazillion other things it could be.

There are, literally, thousands of ways to get started online. However, as you know, it is extremely hard to figure out exactly how to get started and, even more so, who you can trust! From experience, it can be quite terrifying!

Unfortunately, with so many scams all over the internet, it is really difficult, and even scary, to get started online the right way. It doesn't have to be! If you know where to look and who to trust there are many legitimate ways to get started!

What Is Going Through Your Head Right Now?

You are also probably very overwhelmed at all of the “opportunities” that seem to be out there. They promise you the best training and instant income (if that’s what you’re looking for). Can these really be for real?

With every new product you come across you are constantly wondering if the product is a legitimate program or if it is just another scam trying to take advantage of your naivety when it comes to anything internet and technology related.

Truthfully, you’re probably reading this post with a strong sense of skepticism. That is completely alright with me because I was at the same point a few months ago!


Don’t worry! You are not alone!

You, me, and everyone else who has started/is thinking about starting online begins with a HUGE amount of skepticism. It seems that all we ever hear about is the bad things that happen to people when they start trying to work online; especially, if they are trying to earn an income online, so it's only natural to be skeptical.

What we don’t hear, however, are the REAL success stories. Not the success stories that claim so-and-so made $1,469 in their first week online…but the success stories that took months and even years to build. Those are the REAL success stories. The success stories that you want to emulate.


I’m Not There Yet!

Getting Started Online Doesn't Have To Be Scary - KM Monthly ReportsOne of the goals of my website is to be completely open and honest with you about everything I do. Because of this, it is my duty to tell you that after three months of working diligently on my website I have made only $1! Not only that, but I am spending about $80 a month on expenses related to my website and educating myself through Wealthy Affiliate.

If you want to know more about my exact expenses and the financial costs of what I have done so far you can check out my full series of KM Monthly Reports.


Why Am I Telling You This If I Am Failing?

That is a good question…but I disagree with the premise. I am not failing. I believe I am far from failing. In fact, I believe I have been very successful and will continue in my success until my monthly reports are reporting monthly incomes of the aforementioned $1,469!

You see, I am confident that I am going about this whole process the correct way, the way that you need to go about it as well if you want to become successful.


I Am Close

That’s right, at this point I feel like I am very close to becoming one of those success stories! How can I say this if I have only lost money? Well, if you look again at my monthly reports you will see that, although the money hasn’t been coming, my traffic has been steadily increasing. At my current rate, this month’s traffic will be double what it was last month!

If you’re new to this world, you may not yet understand, but traffic is the key to success. Everything online is really just a numbers game: the more traffic you have the more income you will get. However, it takes a long time and lots of training, hard work, and struggle to generate good quality traffic. It doesn’t take days or weeks, but rather months and years.

I have been working diligently for three months now on my website. I have been doing it the right way. I haven’t been falling into any “get right quick” schemes. I haven’t succombed to any “get instant traffic to your website” scams. I have been doing what it takes to be successful in any business, brick-and-mortar or online: hard work, financial investment, and patience.


You Can Do It Too!

When I started this website, I literally knew nothing about building a website. If you would like to know my full story you can check out my about me page. However, I did know that, in order for me to be successful, I needed to research and find a resource that can teach me how to be successful.

Getting Started Online Doesn't Have To Be Scary - Wealthy AffiliateI managed to do this and you can do the same. There are many ways to go about it, but there are a few that I would recommend. I learned most everything I know now from an amazing resource called Wealthy Affiliate. I know the name sounds super sketchy, but it really is a great resource for anyone looking to start building an online presence of any sort.

To learn more about Wealthy Affiliate, I have an entire post that takes a very in-depth look into all that it offers: Wealthy Affiliate Review – Why It’s My #1 Recommendation.

Whether you decide to join Wealthy Affiliate or not, it doesn’t really matter. As long as you have the drive to work hard and stick it out, to not fall for all of the scams out there, to not give up on your dream, then you will be successful…just like me!


Where Will You Be A Year From Now?

I can’t wait to look back on this post in 6 months, or a year, and see how far I have come. It will be amazing to see just how much progress I have made in such a relatively short period of time. From knowing literally nothing to generating a full-time income.

My question to you is: Are you willing to join me in a year? Are you willing to look back with me and be amazed at how far we have come? I hope your answer is yes!

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