Hosting Your Website With Wealthy Affiliate In 5 Simple Steps

In this tutorial I am going to show you just how easy it is to host a website with Wealthy Affiliate.

Surprisingly, Wealthy Affiliate provides excellent hosting services that rival any other more popular hosting providers. I would actually recommend using their hosting capabilities over other services because they have streamlined the process. Because of this you need very little to no technical expertise to use their services.

Let’s get started…this is actually super easy!


How To Host Your Website With Wealthy Affiliate

Step 1: Sign In To/Register with Wealthy Affiliate. In order to host a domain that you own on Wealthy Affiliate servers, you must log into your Premium Membership account. Unfortunately, if you have the free account you are only able to host SiteRubix websites and not domain names you own.

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If you don’t yet have a Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership I would highly recommend looking into it. You can read more about Wealthy Affiliate and all they have to offer in my in-depth review.


Step 2: Go to Websites & Hosting panel. On the left hand side you will see the primary navigation menu within Wealthy Affiliate. Simply click on the tab that says (A) “Websites & Hosting”



Step 3: Click on domains tab. Now that we are at the Websites & Hosting panel we must click on the blue (B) “Create A New Website” button to continue.



Step 4: Enter website’s domain name & verify DNS settings. This is the point that may get a little bit technical and tricky…but don’t worry! We got this! First of all, enter your website’s domain name in the (C) box next to the blue “Create Domain” button.


At this point you will probably see this box appear:


If you already have purchased your domain name, which I’m sure you have, you must set up your DNS settings with the company you bought the domain name from. Here are tutorials on how to do this with the three main domain name services:

Remember, as you go through these tutorials that the primary and secondary DNS server addresses you will be using are:

  • Primary Nameserver:
  • Secondary Nameserver:

If you have not yet purchased your domain name, you must first do so. I would recommend doing it through as they are my preferred/go-to choice.

Once you have successfully set your DNS settings to point them to the WA servers it’s time to enter your domain name in again at Wealthy Affiliate (as above). This time that red box should not appear and you can click on the blue (D) “Create Domain” to finalize your hosting with Wealthy Affiliate.



Step 5: Verify that your site was added. After a minute, while Wealthy Affiliate does all of the technical, behind the scenes work, your domain name should appear in the list of “My Domains” near the bottom of the page. From here you can go to your website’s Domain Access, Webmail, & Control Panel functions.


Hosting Completed!

That’s it. Now your website should be successfully hosted on Wealthy Affiliate servers. There is a lot of work to do still in terms of actually building your website…but we have just laid the foundation!

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