How I Use Clickbank Differently

I want to start with this thought/question: how often have you seen an advertisement promoting product by comparing it to a similar, but inferior product? Personally, I immediately think of the onslaught of Google vs Apple ads on my TV lately.

I’m sure there’s an industry specific term for this form of advertising, but I’m not a marketer by trade so I’m not up to date on the vocabulary.


One Good And One Bad: Which Would You Choose?

If you put one high-quality product in front of a potential buyer, the product may look decent, but there are no points of comparison. They have no way of knowing where that particular product lands on the quality scale compared to similar products.

For all they know, it might not actually be high quality, but because it’s by itself, it is impossible for them to know for sure. In this situation, it is really hard to convince a customer to purchase a product.

Think about it another way, if you’re about to go car shopping, you likely have a pretty good understanding of where the car you’re thinking about lands on the scale of quality vehicles. A Ford Focus isn’t nearly as good as a BMW, but it’s definitely better than a Ford Tempo.

Now, if you live in a bubble and know absolutely nothing about cars and the first car you ever drove was a Ford Focus, that car is going to seem amazing! This is because you have no point of reference.

When it comes to the “Make money online” and “internet marketing” niches, newcomers are in a similar situation as the car buyer living in a bubble. In other words, they have no points of reference as to what is good and what is bad.

This is where I use Clickbank to my advantage. I do this because, I realized that…


Most Clickbank Products Are Worthless!

That’s right, I said it. Most of the products on Clickbank are downright worthless, and in many cases, pure scams looking to straight up rip the money out of your pockets. They promise to change your life, but you’ll quickly learn the falsities of their incredulous statements.

Don’t get me wrong, I know there are some good, high-quality products here and there, but they are few and far between.

Based on the comparison model of selling products I discussed earlier, it makes it really easy for me to show just how great the products I am actually promoting are. All I have to do is put them next to most of the products found on Clickbank and the work is done for me!


Clickbank Products To Promote Non-Clickbank Products

I recognize the irony, but I spend time scrounging through Clickbank looking for the perfect products to help me promote better products and resources that aren’t affiliated with Clickbank.

I do this because, although I have complete confidence in the resources I am promoting, it may be hard for my readers who have no experience in the industry to realize just how great these products actually are. They don’t know what to look for and, in many cases, end up falling for all of the catchy language and promises that come with poor products that don’t deliver.

I talk about these poor products, explain why they are poor and why my readers should avoid them at all costs. Now that they have this reference point to start from, they will actually be able to understand just how great the products I am promoting are.


Thousands Of Unique Ways To Promote Good Products

Essentially, Clickbank offers me thousands of tools to promote a few high-quality products. As there are always new products available on Clickbank, it gives me a never ending supply of promotional material!

What do I do when I am stuck and can’t think of any new ways to promote my recommended products? I simply go to Clickbank and find the next product I can hold up and point out how sucky it is, and how great my recommendations are.


Time For A Real Life Example

I want to close out this post by showing you just how effective this technique is at driving traffic to my recommended products. I will be looking at my #1 recommended product, Wealthy Affiliate University.

Typically what I do is write an honest, medium length, usually unfavorable review of a random Clickbank product. At the end of my review, I insert a comparison table comparing said product to Wealthy Affiliate University. Here is an example of a table from one of my more popular product reviews:

You can see this table makes it blatantly obvious how great Wealthy Affiliate is compared to the other product. If you were to see this, how could you not click over to see exactly what Wealthy Affiliate was? Look at how many people have done exactly that: How-I-Use-Clickbank-Differently-Comparison-Stats

Clickbank Is The Start Of My Sales Funnels

At this point, I have four recommended products that I promote on this website. In most cases, any Clickbank product I review serves as the beginning of the sales funnel that points my readers directly to the reviews of my four recommended products. This seems to be quite an effective way to driving traffic to my “money pages”, which is exactly what we want right?!?


How Will You Leverage Clickbank For Your Advantage?

Now that you understand how I leverage Clickbank products, how will you do so for your own purposes? I would challenge you to, if you’re not already, think about the benefits of using the comparison method to promote your products. This can be applied to literally any niche and doesn’t even have to involve Clickbank. I was just using Clickbank to frame this post. If you have a good product to promote, put it next to a bad product of the same genre, and let your better product sell itself to your readers!

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