How To Determine If An Online Offer Is Legit – 4 Simple Tests

Let’s imagine a scenario. You have just come home from a long, draining day at work and are fed up with your hum drum job. You know you have heard of people becoming rich online and begin to wonder if you could do something similar.

You decide to sit on on your home computer (you wouldn’t dare searching for these things on your work computer) and begin searching Google for terms like “How to make money online” or “Work from home jobs” or “How to build a website?” or “How to quit my job and work from home?” or maybe even “How to become a trillionaire overnight”. (We all wish right!)

You may have thought that when you began searching Google you would have come across many good, quality, legitimate resources that offered a solution to your current predicament. However, you quickly realize this is not the case…this is definitely not the case.

If you search for any of the previously mentioned terms you are going to be inundated with more scams and money making schemes than you could even think about or begin to consider in a day.

There are programs that promise you insane amounts of money in just a week. There are offers of people making the money for you while you just sit at home and do nothing (why would anyone in their right mind do that for you in the first place?).

If you’re like me, you have probably even come across some videos of “super successful internet marketers” covering their kitchen tables with $100 bills and promising you the same. All you need to do is send them $1,500 (where do you think he got all of those $100 bills from) and put some stamps on a few postcards.

You’re probably asking yourself if things like these are even possible. If they are, why isn’t everyone doing them? Well…it’s because these programs and offers are all scams in one way or another. It is often easy to recognize scams, but in some cases, they are cleverly marketed by online con-artists and seem fairly legit.

This is where you need to consult my previous post discussing five questions you can ask yourself to determine if something is a scam. Now that you know how to properly recognize a scam I want to take the other approach.

You want to find a good, quality, and honest program to help you find your niche in the online world and eventually turn a profit right? So what are some ways to determine if an offer is a legitimate offer or just a cleverly disguised way to get your money for nothing in return?


A Legitimate Opportunity Will Not Promise You Instant Money

A good quality program will not promise you instant results or money. In fact, they should probably do the exact opposite. There are so many programs out there that promise a staggering amount of money within days or weeks.

I have even seen a late night infomercial promising hundreds of dollars of Clickbank sales within hours of paying a huge membership fee to their amazing money-making program. One, I’m watching TV…I’m not even on my computer.

Two, I decided to check out their website and some reviews about the product being advertised. Needless to say, the reviews were outstandingly negative. There were countless stories of individuals who fell for the trap and ended up spending thousands of dollars on all of the upsells and conferences in return for minimal amounts of return. This is all despite their hard work and dedication to the program.

Too many people have been straight up robbed by programs that offer quick riches with little work.

In reality, a legitimate training program should tell you that it will take weeks, months, and maybe even years before you are making a significant amount of money online. They will tell you that the only real way to make a sustainable living online is to spend many, many hours a week working and producing content.

I personally spend 20-30 hours a week working on my website and producing content. That’s basically a full-time job. There is no instant gratification whatsoever about the way I got started. In fact, the training program I was a part of made sure this was understood before I even got started. This brings us to the second aspect of a legitimate opportunity.


A Legitimate Opportunity Will Not Say It Will Be Easy

Why are all of these crazy profitable sales pitches so appealing to us? What makes it so hard to take our eyes away? It’s because they all promise it to be as easy as watching tv, surfing the web, or sending a few postcards. Remember, making money is not easy!

If a program is legitimate, it should definitely not promise any sort of easiness. In fact, it will likely be up front with the potential difficulties and downfalls of what it will be like as you begin to pursue your online career.

You may spend years trying to troubleshoot a tiny problem only to frustratingly switch off your computer out of sheer frustration, lying awake in bed thinking about the problem, only to find out the next day it was as easy as a simple box you forgot to check.


A Legitimate Opportunity Will Not Make You Pay Before Your Try

One of the tell-tale signs of a scam is the fact that they force you to pay a fee, sometimes an outrageously large fee, before actually laying eyes on or trying what you are buying. Think about it this way. Would you buy a car without first test driving it? Would you buy a house without first doing a walk-through and making sure it passes inspections? Would you send your kid to a far off university without first visiting the campus? NO, you wouldn’t. So why would you do the same for anything online.

Even a money back guarantee is a sign of a questionable product. There are two reasons for this.They may be offering this as false security. You think you will be able to get your money back if you’re not happy. However, in reality they have placed insane stipulations on the guarantee and have made it basically impossible to actually get your money back.

The second reason may be that the product actually isn’t any good or doesn’t live up to their sales pitch. Maybe it’s not a scam, but the sellers know that if you were to have a free you would not buy their product because it isn’t worth what they are asking for it.

A legitimate product should have enough confidence in the merits and quality of what it has to offer that it’s producers are confident in its ability to convince you to purchase it once you have tried it out. They are not worried about losing money because they know they have a product worth buying and therefore they are willing to give you that test run.


A Legitimate Opportunity Offers Outstanding Customer Support

So many products out there have a beautiful, appealing sales page that makes them look awesome and filled with excellent content and a smiling support team. However, once you actually pay the money all of those promises seem to disappear as if they never existed in the first place…because they didn’t. It was just a simple sales pitch.

A product you want to buy and invest in is a product that will give you the support you need anytime you need it. It will have a quality team whose sole purpose is to ensure the experience of their customers. This means they have a 24/7 chat line, or responsive owners, or customer service specialists or whatever it takes to keep their customer, you, happy.


Does a product like this exist?

So now you’re probably saying that this sounds good and all but are there really such products out there? Are there products that can train me to make a sustainable online income that aren’t actually just trying to rip me off? Are there resources available that actually have my best interests at heart?

Well, lucky for us there are…if only a few. The best way to find out what they are is to simply do your research. A legitimate program will have a lot of information available for you to see and try out. They will be an open book of sorts.

You can also check out my reviews of my “Top Recommended” products. I am always looking for good quality programs and offers to share with all of my readers!

Do know of any qualities that a legitimate online training program will have? Have you had any experience with scams or illegitimate opportunities? On the other hand, what are some of the best products you have come across online? If you can answer an of these questions please drop me a comment below!


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