How To Earn A Second Income Online In 3 Steps

In today’s job market there is a good chance you’re not making as much money as you would like, or are qualified to be making! I know this is absolutely true for me! I have a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree, both from a leading university. Now I making $14/hr in a job I am incredibly over qualified for.

Before I got this job, I had been teaching English online to Chinese and Taiwanese people making even less money. It was then that I started looking for ways to supplement my income online. With a lot of research and being super skeptical of anything out there, I finally started my first online business!

Now it is six months later and I have begun to generate my first income from my work! This is exciting news because, if you do this the right way, it may take a while to get started. However, once the ball gets rolling it continues to gain more and more momentum.

Check out my monthly updates to see how I have progressed over the last six months.  

I am at the point where, as long as I continue to dedicate a fair amount of time to my business, I should be able to work for myself in two years max. Honestly, I think that is a conservative estimate and will actually be able to do so sooner.

What are you passionate about?

The greatest thing about working online is you can do, literally, anything you are passionate about. For me, I am passionate about helping others and saving them from scams.

  • What is it that you are passionate about?
  • What is it that would make you wake up excited every morning ready to get to work?

Whatever your answers to these questions are, you can make money from it online. Let me break it down:

  1. Your passion is called your “niche”.
  2. Every niche has an audience.
  3. Every audience is willing to spend money on the same thing you are passionate about!!

Do you see where I’m going here?!? If you are passionate about knitting…you can make money from it. If you are passionate about golf…you can make money from it. Brewing beer…money. Motorcycles…money. Cloth diapers…money. I think you get my point!

Now, the tricky part is, how do you get the money people are spending in your niche into your pockets?

Reminder: This takes time. It will not be instant gratification. If you’re not willing to work on it and dedicate time to it you will fail.

Now…let me show you how I have gotten to this point!

After my research, I realized there are three things that are absolutely essential to generating a second income online:

  1. You need a website
  2. You need traffic
  3. You need continued support

1. You Need A Website

A website is where you are able to connect with your audience (those that are interested in your niche, or passion). It is where you build trust with your visitors and, ultimately, it is the funnel through which you make money.

Maybe you are selling your own products on your website. Maybe you’re doing affiliate marketing. Maybe you’re just making advertising revenue. The possibilities are endless!

Think about it this way: a website is to making money online as a brick and mortar store is to a traditional business owner.

In other words, without a store, a grocer isn’t going to make money from those looking to buy groceries. Similarly, without a website, you’re not going to make money from those looking to spend money online.

Tip: If you’re really good, you can get people to spend money even if that wasn’t their intention when they came across your site!

Building your first website is easier than you think!

In fact, you could have your very first website up and running in a matter of minutes for FREE using SiteRubix. SiteRubix is a service that takes care of all of the complicated behind-the-scenes aspects of creating a WordPress website for you. This way, even if you have no website development skills at all, you can have a professional, functioning website!

With SiteRubix you can have up to 2 free websites. You can get your first one started right now. Just enter your desired domain name into this box:


2. You Need Traffic

Now that you have your shiny new website, you actually need some people to look at it! The great thing is your potential audience is massive! There are over 2 BILLION people using the internet. Even capturing a tiny, tiny, tiny percentage of that is enough to support you financially for the rest of your life.

Unfortunately, getting traffic is also the part of your online business that takes the most time, and the most work.

You can bring in traffic in a variety of ways: Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, social media, organic traffic. My preferred method is actually organic traffic because it is free! Organic traffic is traffic coming from the search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

Writing quality content that is appealing to the search engines is actually a bit of an art form. It is a skill that you must learn, but once you do, you will see dramatic results. Just look at how my organic traffic has increased since I began this website:

How To Earn A Second Income Online In Three Steps - Organic Traffic Over Time

Remember, each and every one of these visitors is a potential customer, who will spend money on or through my website.

Where can you learn how to create this content?

If you have created a website in the previous section through SiteRubix, you have already been granted access to a tremendous resource called Wealthy Affiliate. This is where you will learn EVERYTHING you need to know to create a successful online business and begin earning a second income online.

If you haven’t yet set-up your first free website, but would like to gain access to this training material, you can create an account over at the Wealthy Affiliate Website. Also, you are given access to a vast amount of training completely for free! Definitely enough to keep you busy for months and get your business up and earning some income!

3. You Need Continued Support

Let’s face it, no matter how much you may or may not know about running an online business, you don’t know everything. Also, the realm of online business changes faster than you can imagine.

How To Earn A Second Income Online - Wealthy AffiliateAs a result, if you’re not involved in a community of experts and peers, exchanging knowledge and ideas, you will struggle. No one in this business succeeds on their own, myself included.

If it wasn’t for the community at Wealthy Affiliate, I would be nowhere close to where I am now. In fact, I probably would have given up long ago.

The great thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that there are members of all experience levels: complete newbies, people who have been doing it for a while (such as myself), as well as experts who are making full-time incomes from this business. Even the creators of the community, Kyle and Carson, are active in the discussions!

All of the training within Wealthy Affiliate is regularly updated to make sure it is relevant. There are also new training modules added periodically.

If you have a question or get stuck everyone is willing to help, including myself. In fact, once you register to become a member for free, I will contact you personally to get you oriented and introduce you to the community. If you would like, you can check out my Wealthy Affiliate profile to see what I’m all about.

Why Not Give It A Shot?

If you haven’t noticed yet, every resource I’ve pointed you to is free to get started and can remain free forever. You don’t have to spend a single penny to start your online business on a strong foundation. This will set you up for success…as long as you are willing to work for it!

This means you have nothing to lose at all. Head on over to SiteRubix to setup your first website or just head straight to Wealthy Affiliate and get to know the amazing community.

If you have any questions at all about this process, what it takes to get started, or anything else, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, leave me a comment below. I love to hear from my readers and answer any questions or calm any fears you may have. Also, if you’re interested in keeping up to date with my latest posts, please consider signing up for my weekly blog blast here:


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