How To Get #1 Rankings On Google Without Doing Any Keyword Research

Hello! I believe there is a common misconception out there in the internet marketing world. It goes something like this:

“In order to achieve high rankings in search engine result pages (SERPs), I must do extensive keyword research and target super specific keywords. If I don’t do this, I will never get high rankings in Google or other search engines.”

I am here to tell you that this is a HUGE MISCONCEPTION. I am also here to tell you and show you that you can achieve high rankings without doing one iota of keyword research.


Hours Spent Researching Keywords: 0

That’s right! I have been running for over 9 months. I have thousands of visitors a month with almost exponential growth. I have many posts ranking on the first page of Google with 900s of different keywords. I also even have a few posts ranking in the number 1 position under 29 different keywords!


Here you can see the keywords this website is ranking under with the most impressions over the last 30 days. Especially look at the second keyword “click4surveys review”. This keyword is in the number one spot and gets 35% of all people searching for it to click through to my website!

With so much emphasis on keyword research and finding the perfect keywords to target, how can this be possible? Most internet marketers stress the importance of keyword research because it is how they write their articles. Don’t get me wrong, I think keyword research has its place, but it is not an absolute necessity like most claim.


Natural Content Captures More Keywords

What most internet marketers won’t tell you is content written naturally will have all the keywords you need to draw targeted traffic to your page. This natural content will capture more keywords than you could ever have imagined and researched yourself.

When search engines are looking at your website they are scanning your content for phrases relevant to searches, but, they aren’t necessarily looking at the keywords you are intending them to see. They are looking at any and all keywords that occur naturally in your writing.


Here you can see a portion of the keywords that are ranking in the #1 position. Some of them don't get a lot of traffic, but when they do their click-through rates (CTR) are amazing! This shows you the power of getting your keywords into the #1 positions!

Even in a short article such as this, I could be targeting a specific keyword that I researched, such as “Writing Good Content Without Keywords” or “Is Keyword Research Necessary”. However, those are two specific keywords. When Google indexes this post, it will do so under hundreds, and maybe even thousands of different keyword combinations.

I’d say that there is a pretty high likelihood that those two keywords will be amongst the thousands they index this post under. Not to mention all of the keywords that I never thought of.


Natural Content Is Better Content

Since I have had an understanding of keywords, I have always looked to determine the keywords targeted by the content I am reading on others’ sites. There is nothing more awkward than a strange keyword phrase squished clumsily into a sentence where it doesn’t belong.

Challenge: Visit a few websites and see if you can figure out what keywords they are targeting.

It is really difficult to target specific keywords, especially long keywords, and incorporate them into your content without it sounding strange. Don’t get me wrong, it definitely is possible to do this, but in my opinion, it is a waste of valuable time.


Here you can see my top performing keywords on the Bing and Yahoo search networks. Unfortunately, these search engines don't get nearly as much traffic as Google, but it's still enough to bring a substantial amount of visitors to your website.

Remember, your goal is to get your readers to enjoy reading your content. If they have to stumble through wordy and unnaturally phrased sentences they are not going to have a good time…even if your message is super relevant!


Natural Content Gets Better Keywords…Naturally

As much keyword research as you do, you will never be able to so say for sure what people are going to type into Google or other search engines. Yes, you can get good ideas from the various keyword research tools out there, but their results are limited to what you can think of to research. Everything you cannot think of will be missing from your research results.

When you focus an entire post on only the keyword that you thought to research, you are leaving all of the other keywords that didn’t cross your mind behind. Think of all those potential clicks your are forfeiting for focusing on just a few keywords.

Because you are focusing on only a few keywords, you will write with only those in mind. Yes, you probably will rank with those, but because you’re only focused on them, you will only rank in those and not many others.

When your mind is free of keyword contamination, you will write in a way that attracts ALL RELEVANT KEYWORDS, not just the ones you thought to research. Your post will be indexed under every possible relevant keyword and every keyword variation, far more than if you focused on only a few core keywords.


Keyword Research Is Useful, But Not Necessary

With all of this, there are excellent ways to utilize the best keyword research tools out there; however, they are definitely not necessary to achieve high SEO rankings within Google and other search engines.

There are some cases and situations, such as Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, where researching high-quality keywords is an absolute necessity, but simple content writing for SEO purposes is not one of them.


Learn For Yourself

In case you’re wondering how I learned what I know about keywords and internet marketing, I want to tell you I definitely didn’t learn it on my own. I actually joined a great online community by the name of Wealthy Affiliate University that taught me everything I know, even how to use, or not use, keywords effectively. If this is something you think you would be interested in as well, please check out my in-depth review of what they have to offer you!

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