How To Install WooCommerce On Your WordPress Website Or Blog

In this tutorial I will show you just how easy it is to install WooCommerce on your WordPress website or blog.

WooCommerce by WooThemes is one of the best and most popular eCommerce plugins for WordPress. The greatest thing about it is that the basic version is free to use and is more than adequate for most eCommerce websites. Only if you have very specific eCommerce requirements will you possibly need to pay for a plugin or extension customized to your needs.

Let’s get started! This is super easy…believe me.


How To Install WooCommerce On Your WordPress Website Or Blog

Step 1: Log into WordPress. Simply log into your WordPress Administration Dashboard.


Step 2: Go to Plugins. On the left hand menu hover your mouse over (A) “Plugins” and then click (B) “Add New”.



Step 3: Search for the WooCommerce plugin.Type “WooCommerce” in the (C) search box and click (D) “Search Plugins”.



Step 4: Install WooCommerce. The first plugin in the search results should be (E) “WooCommerce – excelling eCommerce”. Underneath the plugin name you will see two options: (F) “Details” and (G) “Install Now”. If you would like to learn more about WooCommerce you can click on “Details”, if not, click “Install Now”.



Step 5: Confirm installation. A (H) dialogue box will pop up asking you if you are sure you want to install this plugin. Click (J) “OK”.



Step 6: Activate Plugin. Congratulation! You have successfully installed the WooCommerce plugin. Now, your second to last step in the installation process is to activate it by clicking on (K) “Activate Plugin”.



Step 7: Install WooCommerce Pages. Now that WooCommerce has been installed there are two ways to proceed. One way is to create all of the eCommerce pages yourself, or you can have WooCommerce do it automatically. I would highly suggest the latter option. To do this, simply click on the purple (L) “Install WooCommerce Pages” button near the top of your screen.



Step 8: Familiarize yourself with WooCommerce. Now that you have installed WooCommerce on your website it is time to familiarize yourself with the plugin. You should have been taken to a “Welcome” page. I would highly suggest reading through this material so you know all of the things WooCommerce is capable of. Additionally, there should be (M) two new tabs added to your left hand menu “WooCommerce” and “Products”. These are where you will manage the WooCommerce plugin from now on.



Your Website Is Now eCommerce Ready!

You now have a fully functional eCommerce plugin on your website. That means you can start listing products and making some money! This sure is exciting!

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