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Product Name: Info Cash 2
Overall Rank: 7/10
Price: $47 or $197 one time fee
Owners: Chris Carpenter

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Info-Cash-2-By-Chris-Carpenter-Review---Actually-Not-Too-Bad---FeatureIn this review I will be taking a look at Chris Carpenter’s Info Cash 2. Mr. Carpenter is one of the more well known internet “gurus” out there and because of this, I was slightly surprised that Info Cash 2 actually has some good information and value when it comes to PPC advertising with BingAds.

In short, Info Cash 2 trains you on how to take advantage of BingAds and Facebook's new Graph Search feature that partners with Bing search engine. This is actually a good place to enter into the PPC market as it hasn’t yet gained as much popularity as Google Adwords, but still has about a third of all search traffic.

Let's get started!


The Good

Real Strategy To Make Money

PPC is a legitimate way to make money online. The strategy discussed in Info Cash 2 will only work with Bing and Facebook, and not Google. This is because Google blocks direct linking with affiliate links. So far, Bing and Facebook have not yet banned it. We will see how long this lasts though.

It is possible to create very successful ad campaigns, even with Bing, and there are many internet marketers who make significant money from it. I’m not so sure it’s as easy as Mr. Carpenter makes it seem in his sales video…but it definitely is possible.

Also, using Facebook fan pages is a commonly overlooked format for affiliate marketing. For some reason it seems difficult for people to understand that Facebook users are looking for products as well.

Solid Internet Marketing Principles

By this I mean the way Mr. Carpenter describes the process, connecting a buyer with a seller, is the quintessential idea of all internet marketing. A lot of poor/scam products don’t operate on this basis, but instead try to convince you to buy something you don’t need.

In the case of Info Cash, it is teaching you a technique to connect buyers with products they are actually looking for. This, in my mind, is a much more solid way to go about making money online. It also won’t force you to suppress your conscience…which is always a good thing!

High Quality Training Videos

For me, learning something new is much easier when I’m watching a video than when I’m reading tutorials. All of the training within Info Cash 2 is done through high-quality, easy to follow, over-the-shoulder videos recorded by Mr. Carpenter himself. This makes learning the material faster and easier.

Reasonable Price

The price of $47 for the basic training (see a more thorough description of pricing below) is more than reasonable for the amount and quality of training you are receiving. You will find many products that are more expensive, but offer much less value. Info Cash 2 is well valued and you will probably be happy with what you get.

Utilizes BingAds instead of Google

Yes, I know that direct linking affiliate links isn’t even possible through Google Adwords, but it is nice to see someone encouraging the use of BingAds for once. It seems like we only focus on the two-thirds of internet search traffic coming through Google and forget about the one-third coming through Bing and Yahoo.

One-third of the billions of people using the internet is still about a billion people or more…aka A LOT of people and potential affiliate sales!

Also, because BingAds is the forgotten step-child to Google Adwords, the prices per click is usually significantly cheaper using BingAds.

Info-Cash-2-By-Chris-Carpenter-Review-Actually-Not-Too-Bad-Chris-Carpenter-SkyFairly Honest Sales Pitch

Although the sales video starts of strangely, with Mr. Carpenter talking to you from his motorized parachute airplane thing, it is actually very open about what you will get when you buy the product. In fact, he even tells you what 7 steps you will be following (for the first phase of training only):

  1. Choose a niche
  2. Setup your platform (Facebook Fanpage, BingAds)
  3. Choose affiliate offers to promote
  4. Do basic keyword research
  5. Start sending visitors to your affiliate links via Facebook fanpage and BingAds
  6. Check your stats daily
  7. Scale up profitable campaigns and delete others.

Like I said, this strategy is a very solid, and effective strategy that is taught by the best Internet Marketing training resources available.


The Bad

Much More Expensive Than Initial Investment

While the training starts at $47, actually following along with the training will cost you much more than that, depending on your budget. Remember, it’s PAY Per Click advertising you are learning so you will be spending your hard-earned money.

This brings me to my next point…

PPC Can Be Dangerous

If you are inexperienced and don’t know exactly what you are doing, venturing into PPC can be very risky. It is really easy to burn through a lot of money on poorly constructed campaigns. Because of this, it is important that you have a really good understanding of all of the aspects of PPC before you start, unless you have money to burn.

PPC Is More Complicated Than Suggested

Running a successful PPC campaign is actually a fairly difficult undertaking. It’s not something that can usually be done in 30 minutes, unless you’ve had a lot of experience. That means, for a beginner to be successful, it will take a lot of trial and error. When you’re dealing with PPC any error you make is going to cost you REAL money!

Not Sure Of Results

Yes, using PPC within BingAds and Facebook is an effective way of generating income; however, I’m not entirely sold on the idea that it can be your sole source of income. Only the very best Internet Marketers are able to create PPC campaigns with ridiculously huge profits. If you are a beginner, I don’t think you will see these types of lucrative results.

Info-Cash-2-By-Chris-Carpenter-Review---Actually-Not-Too-Bad-Chris-CarpenterSales Pitch Is Arrogant

While the sales pitch is honest about the product, Mr. Carpenter spends way to much time time talking about how he has personally changed Internet Marketing and how great he is at doing everything online.

He spends a good portion discussing the success of his previous EBook called Google Cash.

It was kind of weird when he segued into video testimonials because they were talking about how great Google Cash was and didn't say a word about Info Cash.

BingAd Accounts Banned

For some reason, if you search forums regarding Info Cash 2, you will notice a common thread developing: people following the system are having their BingAds accounts banned. I’m not entirely sure why this is the case, however, it probably has something to do with beginners who don’t know that they are attempting to do things that are banned in Bing’s Terms of Service. This is definitely something to be aware of.

Some Dubious Sales Techniques

As usual, with most Clickbank products, Chris Carpenter’s sales video uses some of the common dubious sales techniques to rush you into buying his product ASAP. You will be told you only have very limited time to purchase at the current “reduced price” or else the price will double, or maybe even triple.

Being that the product is more than a few months old and the video hasn't changed, they are never going to increase the price. It’s just a way to pressure you.


Product Overview

What you get is divided into four different categories based on the package you purchase. If you purchase the basic package you will receive the Info Cash Training Modules and the Private Community Discussion Area.

The training modules are divided into three phases. The first is discussing the 7 steps previously mentioned regarding direct linking your affiliate links using PPC. The second phase begins to look at building your own WordPress blog and starting an email list. In phase three you will learn how to create and promote your own products. Each training phase has corresponding videos, ebooks, mindmaps, and flowcharts.

The private community discussion area is where you can go for help and support regarding any questions you may have as you are going through the training.

If you decide to purchase the more advanced package you will be given access to the Facebook Fanpage Builder application and access to continued “Elite Training”.

The Fanpage Builder is actually a cool little application that allows you to automate your fan page posting process and could potentially save you a lot of time. The Elite Training comes in the form of webinars that are posted regularly with the intention to “position your online business for the long-term”.


Who Should Buy Info Cash 2?

Obviously, if you are looking into PPC as a potential income generator then I would recommend giving Info Cash 2 a chance. I won’t promise you results, but I do think you could learn something from it.

If you are a complete newbie, or looking for a more sustainable, long-term, stable way of making money online, then I would probably not recommend this product. (See alternative recommendation below)


What If You Need Help?

There is an adequate amount of support within Info Cash 2. I'm not too confident that the immediate support for Mr. Carpenter himself is real and/or how long he will be responsive in the long term.

You are also able to search for help in the community discussion area.


How Much Does It Cost?

Like I said, I think the basic Info Cash 2 package is reasonably priced at a one-time payment of $47. This includes the core training modules and the community discussion area.

The elite package will cost you a $197 one-time payment and gives you access to the Fanpage builder and continual training. I’m not so sure this is quite worth the 4x higher price than the basic package…but at least it has some legitimately valuable information.



Final Opinion

Info Cash 2 by Chris Carpenter is actually a decently solid product that I would suggest purchasing, only if you know what you are expecting and are willing and able to make the initial advertising investments not included in the product price.

On the other hand, if you are a newbie and/or don’t have any extra money to spend, there are much better ways to go about making money online.


Better Alternative

Honestly, Info Cash 2 is a decent product; however, it is only covering one single aspect of Internet Marketing. If you really want to be successful you need to cast your net over a much larger area.

You will need to build your own website, create your own content, SEO optimize your content, do keyword research, and much more. All of this will take time and effort to implement; however, once you have gotten started it will be much more sustainable…and profitable…than doing solely direct linking PPC.

The best place to learn all of this is over at Wealthy Affiliate University. In fact, this is where I learned everything I know. It’s where I learned to make this very website  in a manner that will create long-term wealth for me. But you must understand, this doesn’t have instant returns like PPC and can actually take many months and even years.

If you want to follow my progress please check out my monthly reports.

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Finally, if you have questions or comments regarding Info Cash 2, Wealthy Affiliate University, or how I got started online, please leave me a comment below! Also, if you’re interested, please sign up for my weekly newsletter here:


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