Interview With Morgan – A Real Life Swagbucks User

Morgan-OptiminzedIn this interview I will be chatting with Morgan about her experience using Swagbucks. Swagbucks (SB from now on) is an online rewards website that allows you to earn points (Swag Bucks) which can be redeemed for all sorts of gift cards. If you would like a very detailed, in-depth review of all SB has to offer, you can find my review here.

Anyway, Morgan is a personal friend who has used Swagbucks consistently since 2013. She is happily married and has one small child and, hopefully, more on the way! I figured she would be a great person to get some real-life insight in regards to the good, and the bad, of what Swagbucks has to offer. So, let’s get started!

Interview Disclaimer: The following answers are the sole opinions of the interviewee. I do not personally stand behind their claims one way or another. You can judge for yourself whether or not you believe what they’re saying. The only changes I may have made are to any grammar or punctuation errors I may have noticed in editing.

How were you introduced to SwagBucks (SB)?

“My sister introduced me to Swagbucks in 2010 when most Swag Bucks were earned through using their search engine. I was active for a day or so, and then forgot about it until 2013, when I was married with a baby on the way and was interested in finding other ways of generating income.”


What was your first impression of SB?

“Upon restarting Swagbucks in 2013, I was impressed by the wide variety of activities that I could do to earn points. From taking surveys to playing games, or just visiting links, there were a lot of opportunities to see the SB counter click higher and higher on my screen.”


Has SB lived up to your expectations?

“It has. There are periodic changes in the way points are earned, or how many points a particular activity is worth. These can be disappointing, especially when you are accustomed to the old way of doing things. But, for me, the amount of effort that I have to put in has never increased to the point where it detracts from my other duties as a wife and mom, so it is worthwhile.”


What aspects of SB do you regularly use?

“The smartphone and tablet apps are very helpful. I use “SBTV” on my android on a daily basis. By having videos running on there, I can earn 32 points a day. There are other video apps associated with Swagbucks, such as “Sportly TV” or “EntertaiNow”, but these require you to watch even more videos for the same amount of points. I only use those if I am having difficulty meeting my daily goal. The self-titled “Swagbucks” app gives you notifications every time there is a code on the website, Facebook or Instagram. These codes are an easy way to earn points and are generally worth 2 or 4 SB apiece.

On the website itself, I make extensive use of the “Encrave” page. Any “Encrave” that has a picture of a play button with an arrow around it is a page that automatically navigates to different web sites without needing you to click buttons or surf the pages yourself. This is very helpful. I will turn one on, then go back to cooking, cleaning, or playing with my daughter. When it's done, I can just switch to the next one.

“Surveys” are hit and miss. Often times I will take a survey part way through, only to be disqualified, and then only receive 1 point for my efforts. I will generally only do surveys if I'm having difficulty meeting my quota, and then, only during my daughter's naptime since they are kind of time-consuming.

Of course, I have changed my computer's default search engine to Swagbucks. My husband gets a kick out of searching for something and discovering that he's earned me some points in the process.”


How do you earn rewards?

“Through all of the activities listed above, you earn a certain number of points. You can then use these points to enter Sweepstakes, or to get gift cards. To me, Sweepstakes seem like too big of a gamble, so I have never tried this. Every 100 points you make basically equates to $1 in gift cards. You can purchase gift cards in varying increments; $3 (for Amazon), $5, $10, $25 on up. There has been a recent change where most $25 gift cards only cost 2,200 SB, which is a saving of 300 SB, or $3. It makes more sense to wait until you have enough for a $25 gift card than to cash out sooner.”


Has SB made a significant impact on your life?

“Swagbucks has made it easier for us to give gifts to others, to buy needed household organizational tools, and to get fun and educational toys for our daughter. Since I stay at home with only minor amounts of work on the side, money is never tight, but it's budgeted towards more important things, like owning our own house in the future. Swagbucks gives me a little wiggle room to get things that we want but don't absolutely need.”


Do you see yourself continuing to use SB well into the future?

“As long as it is easy for me to do, and does not interfere with the more important things in life.”


How have you used your SB rewards?

“I have used rewards to get Amazon, Walmart, Target, Babies R Us, Visa and PayPal gift cards. During the holidays, most of my earnings go towards gifts. If money is tight, it might go towards groceries for the week. $5 can definitely go a long way, especially if you also are couponing and price matching!”


What sort of people do you think should look into SB?

“Stay at home parents, people who maybe can't work due to a disability, or people who are unemployed/underemployed. Also, students! You don't have to make a certain amount each day— you will get rewarded for whatever work you have time to do. This makes it flexible to fit in with your needs.”


Would you recommend SB to your closest friends and family?

“I would and I have! I love to show people how I use SB, and help them to plan the least intrusive way to use it during their day.”


What is your favorite thing about SB?

“I'm not going to lie— my favorite thing is when I finally get enough points to get the gift card that I've been wanting!”


Is there anything SB is lacking? Where could they improve?

“Some ways of earning Swagbucks, usually through the “Swagbucks” smartphone application, do not credit, or credit incorrectly. I've found that when I provide documentation of points that I should have earned, customer service does a great job of fixing this for me, but it would be nice to not have to go through that step!”


Any other thoughts/ideas you have regarding SB?

“It never hurts to give it a shot. If it works for you, and you do not find it time-consuming, then I hope you'll find it worthwhile!”

I hope you enjoyed this interview! It really provided some great insight into how Swagbucks has been a great resource for Morgan, and could be for you too. If you’d like, you can follow Morgan on her personal blog where she documents the highs and lows of the stay-at-home-mom life: Snugglebot and Mama.

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