In today's lesson, we talking about overcoming the dreaded writer's block! It's a plague for most online business owners and bloggers and, if not overcome, can mean the death of your business!

Some of the steps I shared to overcome your own writer's block are:

  • Develop a routine
  • Standardize your content with templates
  • Think of your children
  • Outsource your content

Action Steps

  1. Outline a specific routine you will follow when writing your content.
  2. Create a standard outline/template for your content. If you're writing product reviews, create a “Basic Product Review Outline”. If you're writing tutorials, create a “Basic Tutorial Template”.
  3. Revisit your goals and aspirations from previous lessons and see if they're still the same, or if they need to be adjusted. If they do, make sure you record it by commenting on your original goals, or writing them down for yourself.