Here we are at the discussion page for Lesson 2 of the Mindset Course! We are going to discuss the lies and misconceptions regarding the field of internet marketing.

In the email, we discussed the following two false ideas regarding internet marketing as a whole:

False Idea One: It is actually impossible to make money online.

False Idea Two: To make money online you have to put your morals and ethics aside and purely take advantage of people.

Once we knew making money online could be a legit business, we also addressed these common misconceptions about making money online:

  • Internet marketing will make you rich
  • You will make money right away
  • You need to spend a lot of money to get a nice website/building a website won't cost me anything
  • You need to be a computer expert and know lots of code to be successful in this business
  • Once you get your site built, you can sit back and watch the money roll in.
  • As we discussed, all five of these statements are complete misconceptions regarding building online businesses.

Now, here are the three questions I would like you to answer and discuss in the comments below:

  1. Have you fallen victim to any internet marketing scams in the past?
  2. Are you struggling to believe any of the truths I mentioned in the email?
  3. How have you seen your own ideas and perception of change in regard to starting your online business and making money online?