In this lesson, we talked about setting yourself up for success by creating challenging yet achievable goals.

With that in mind, I would like you to write down five goals for your online business in the comments below, four short-term (within the next couple months) and one long-term (more than two months into the future).

In addition, please comment on some of the goals posted by others as well. Let's get a good conversation going!

P.S. As in the email, here are some example goals you could use as inspiration for your own goals:

Goal 1: Tomorrow (short term)
Ex. create an account at Wealthy Affiliate and start their affiliate training course.
Ex. go back and complete the action steps from the first two lessons. Lesson 1 lesson 2

Goal 2: In One Week (short term)
Ex: get my first website up and running
Ex: publish one new blog post/product review

Goal 3: In One Month (short term)
Ex: publish 5 new blog posts/product reviews
Ex: create a Facebook business page for my new online business

Goal 4: In Two Months (short term)
Ex: have a total of 15 blog posts/product reviews
Ex: purchase and install a premium theme on my website

Goal 5: In six months (long term)
Ex: have made 5 sales total
Ex: be making $100/month
Ex: publish a total of 50 blog posts/product reviews