In today's lesson, we talked about what it looks like to fail in the world of internet marketing. I talked about how it usually takes 6-9 months before you get enough rankings and consistent traffic to begin making any real money. At the same time, most new online business owners give up within the first 3 months because they feel like they've worked so hard but haven't seen any fruit of their labor.

Little did they know they may have just been a month or two from their “breakthrough” moment! I'm challenging you to make sure you don't fail in your online adventure by giving up before your “breakthrough” moment!

Action Steps

  1. Think about what could possibly make you quit once you've gotten started. What negative feelings and/or thoughts are you susceptible to? What supports and/or resources would be best to help you overcome these potential roadblocks to your success? How can I help you to not fail, but succeed?
  2. Consider the previous questions and share them in the comments section below! I look forward to seeing how I can help you get past your failures and find success online. Also, be sure to participate in the discussion and comment on a few others' responses as well.