In this lesson, we discussed how some of our biggest failures and/or moments of weakness have the potential to turn into some of our biggest successes!

In my case, I talked about how I met my wife in a position of brokenness and how I started my own successful online business during a period of unemployment, despite an advanced degree.

Looking at these two cases, there are three principles I applied to help turn these bad situations into the successes they were, are, and will continue to be.

Those three principles are: Training, Planning, and Time.

Training: You must be trained and educated in whatever the field is you are trying to be successful in.

Planning: I proper plan in integral for keeping you on track and building your confidence.

Time: Everything takes time to come to fruition. If you expect your online business to be successful right away, you won't find success. The reality is it takes many months!


Action Steps

Today's action steps are as follows. Please write your answers in the comments section below so everyone can learn from your experiences.

  1. Think of a time you've been successful at something. Why were you successful? Did it have to do with any of the three principles I mentioned: training, a plan, and time? Explain to everyone how you were able to create this success.
  2. How can you apply these three principles to make your dream of making money online from your own online business a reality?

Again, please record your answers and join the conversation below.