In today's lesson, we talked about setting expectations that set you up for success instead of failure.

We often fail to realize that the success of our goals is based on our expectations for what accomplishing our goals will achieve. If our expectations are unachievable then, even if we meet all of our goals, we will still feel as if we have failed.

If you've built your expectations around the crazy sales videos you see people using to promote their products, then you're probably setting yourself up for failure. No, you're not going to be driving luxury cars and flying private planes around the small island you just purchased in the Bahamas like many “gurus” would like you to think.

With this in mind, along with all we discussed in the lesson, I'd like you to complete the following action steps regarding your expectations for your online business.

Action Steps

Consider privately then record your answers in the comment section.

  • What are your expectations when it comes to your online business? Write them down
  • Have an honest look at them and ask yourself if they are realistic. Do they line up with your goals and vision you came up with in earlier lessons? Goals/Vision Are your expectations setting you up for success or failure?
  • After you've had an honest look at your expectations, please post them on this discussion page for feedback and comments
  • Read and comment on two others' expectations