In today's lesson we are discussing how to manage your time well, both in being productive and not getting distracted while you are working and in making sure you are actually spending time on the aspects of your business that need it.

There were three steps to being more productive we talked about in detail:

  1. Set specific goals
  2. Time limits and rewards
  3. Track your time

I also laid out some guidelines as to what you should be spending your time doing when you are working. For the first few weeks, as you are getting the hang of everything here is what I suggest:

  • Education/Learning/Training 50%
  • Content 25%
  • Networking 10%
  • Social Media 5%
  • Graphic Design/Appearance 5%
  • Research 5%

After the initial learning curve, your time should be spent more along these lines:

  • Content 70%
  • Education/Learning/Training 5-10%
  • Networking 5-10%
  • Social Media 5-10%
  • Graphic Design/Appearance 5%
  • Research 5%

Once you understand the basics, being successful means content, content, content!

With these main points in mind, today's action steps are as follows:

  1. Share your biggest distractions and some steps you can take to minimize these distractions in the discussion below.
  2. Start setting specific monthly and weekly goals of what you want to accomplish. Make them tangible with specific numbers. Share them in the discussion below (See Lesson 3: Setting Goals For Success)
  3. Sign up for Toggl and start logging your time for everything you do, it's free! After two weeks look at where you spend your time. Does it come close to my suggested focus/ratios?