When I first got started in Internet Marketing and website design it seemed like all I found were success stories. Not once did I find a report of someone actually losing money from their hard work. This didn't match up with my experience as I had only been losing money in the beginning months and was yet to see any profit.

I got to thinking that there can only be two possible explanations for this phenomenon:

  1. Everybody is successful at Internet Marketing and is making money; OR
  2. People who are successful are not providing reports until they have begun generating income.

Since most people fail at internet marketing, explanation 1 is clearly not the reason for this phenomenon. That means it must be explanation 2.

This makes sense…who wants to read about you losing money?!? It makes more sense to only show potential customers/subscribers that you've only had success and simply “forget” to mention the months of hard work and losing money in the beginning.

I want to do this differently. I am going to document my ENTIRE PROCESS, from the beginning months of hard work and no financial return, to now, when I am actually making money!

I want to be completely transparent with the entire process. This includes the steps I am taking to improve my site, traffic reports, social media following, time investment, as well as full disclosure of all expenses paid and revenue brought in!

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