KM Income And Progress Report – November & December 2015

Hello everyone! I first want to apologize for getting this Bi-Monthly Update out soooooo late. Unfortunately, as you may know, if you've been following me for a while, my mother has been fighting breast cancer for the last 5 years. Well, her battle ended on January Third, so I took a little bit of a break from Kirby's Marketing to mourn her loss and just take care of all of the paperwork and other stuff that needs to happen when someone passes.

If you'd like to know a little about her journey, especially if you know someone going through a similar situation, and would like some motivation and encouragement from an amazing fighter who well outlasted every single prognosis from multiple doctors, you can have a look at her Caring Bridge site here. Also, here is the memorial video/slideshow I put together for her funeral!

Anyways, now let's get to the real reason you're here…my progress from the last two months of 2015. I'll first start with the money stuff, then traffic, social media, YouTube, email marketing, time spent, and end with my goals for the next quarter.

Note & Affiliate Disclaimer: please remember that all of the numbers throughout this report are for the two-month period of November and December 2015. Also, if there are any direct affiliate links in this post they will be followed by an (Aff) to let you know I will make a small profit if you end up purchasing that product by clicking on that link. 

Bi-Monthly Revenue

Expenses = $170.84

My expenses went up a little bit compared to normal because I ended up purchasing two new products, ScreenCast O Matic and Clicky (Aff). They were products I needed and I will be sure to double down and review them after I've had a bit of experience with them. Other than those two purchases, my expenses haven't changed for months.

Wealthy Affiliate Membership: $49.84
AWeber Membership: $38.00
MyThemeShop: $18.00
NameCheap (Aff): $18.00
PPC BingAds: $0.00
PPC AdWords: $0.00
Facebook Ads: $0.00
Purchased ScreenCast O Matic: $15.00
Subscribed to Clicky (Aff): $32.00


Income (New Conversions/Revenue) = 52/$334.06

The income I generated in this period wasn't anything too special. Unfortunately, it seems I've been on a bit of a dry spell lately and sales have really slowed down compared to a few months ago. I need to figure out why this is and how I can rectify it!

That being said, I did manage to get two sales from MyThemeShop, which was really nice! Other than that, my main points of revenue were from the usual sources, Wealthy Affiliate University and Clickbank (more specifically Power of Pinning).

(New Conversions/Conversions Over Time/New Revenue/Revenue Over Time)

Wealthy Affiliate: 15/208/$51.50/$1,074
Jaaxy: 0/12/$0.00/$24.00
MyThemeShop: 2/4/$82.60/$131.60
Elegant Themes (Aff): 0/1/$0.00/$44.50
AWeber: 0/0/$0.00/$0.00
Clickbank: 4/25/$177.22/$1,059.46
Dreamstime (Aff): 16/221/$0.87/$17.26
Fotolia (Aff): 6/87/$0.00/$0.00
Shutterstock (Aff): 0/0/$0.00/$10.00
Paid Viewpoint: 9/519/$9.98/$107.32
Pretty Link Pro: 0/2/$0.00/$40.20
Adsense: $11.89/$97.33

Totals Over Time = $795.89

Taking all of my revenue and expenses into count, Kirby's Marketing has made me a profit of almost $800 since its inception a couple years ago! I finally broke the “profitable” mark earlier this year and haven't looked back!

Expenses: $1,879.00
Revenue: $2,674.89
Total Profit: $795.89

Hourly Rate: $7.38/HR

My hourly rate fell significantly this period because I put in a lot of time, but didn't get as many sales as usual.

Traffic Update

My traffic has been relatively stable for quite a while now…which isn't really a good thing. I want it to be growing!

Visitors: 3,869
Actions: 7,183
Average Actions: 1.87

Social Media Profiles

My social media profiles have continued to grow slowly and organically. I haven't really been putting too much effort into interacting with my followers, or even just posting, so it's no surprise that my social networks aren't growing.

Facebook Page: 58 Likes (+3)
Twitter: 291 Followers (+8)
Google Plus Business Page: 68 Followers (+2)
Pinterest: 130 Followers (+0)

YouTube Channel

One area I started to focus more energy on was YouTube. From now on, I will be recording an accompanying video to all of my product reviews. It's my hope that these videos will add another layer of legitimacy to my reviews by allowing people to see me go through a program or product in front of them as I review it. I'm also going to be working back through my old reviews and recording videos for them where I deem necessary.

New/Total Subscribers: 6/6
New/Total Comments: 1/1
New/Total Videos Posted: 10/10
New/Total Views: 113/113
New/Total Watch Time (Minutes): 286/286
Average View Duration: 2:31


Most Popular Videos

Email Marketing

My email marketing has started to pick up again now that I've finally finished my free email course and fixed my pop-up and subscriber box issues. In fact, I had a problem that I didn't even know about with my pop-up box and my regular on-page registration boxes. It's no wonder I didn't get any subscribers for quite some time. Luckily, the customer service department over at MyThemeShop got me all sorted out. Since I got my pop-up fixed I've been averaging 1-2 sign-ups/day for my Mindset Course.

Primary Email List: 73 Subscribers (+6)
KM Mindset Course: 61 Subscribers (+12)

Time Spent: 45 Hrs 12 Min

I spent just over 45 hours working on all Kirby's Marketing related activities in the last two months of 2015. That's actually pretty good for me…although I'd like that to be much higher!

Socially Viral Theme Review: 9 Hrs 30 Min
KM Bi-Monthly Update September/October: 5 Hrs 43 Min
Face Beast Review: 3 Hrs 53 Min
Miscellaneous: 3 Hrs 47 Min
Troubleshooting: 3 Hrs 10 Min
Organization: 2 Hrs 57 Min
Optimizing Old Posts: 2 Hrs 56 Min
Mindset Course Posts: 2 Hrs 50 Min
Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals: 2 Hrs 31 Min
Email Marketing: 2 Hrs 27 Min
Mindset EBook: 1 Hr 25 Min
Setting Up Disqus Comments: 57 Min
Update About Me Page: 49 Min
WA Community: 47 Min
Social Media: 33 Min
Logo: 28 Min
Answering Email: 16 Min
Respond to Comments: 14 Min

Previous Goals

I met a few of my goals, mostly the ones having to do with content production, which is great. However, my traffic, subscriber, and money related goals didn't fare so well.

  • Post 10 new pages or posts, not including this update YES
  • Write 2 in-depth product reviews (included in 10 above) YES
  • Have over 4,500 unique visitors to my site NO
  • Work for 60+ hours NO
  • Finished first iteration of my free email course YES
  • Over $500 profit NO
  • Send out a blog broadcast once per week NO
  • Create new logo YES
  • Have 125 subscribers to email course NO

Goals for 1st Quarter of 2015

  • Post 12 new pages or posts, not including this update
  • Write 4 in-depth product reviews
  • Have over 7,000 unique visitors to my site
  • Work for 75+ hours
  • Optimize 10+ older product reviews
  • Send out blog broadcast once per week
  • Have 100 subscribers to KM Mindset Shift Course

Future Income Reports and Updates

From now on I will be changing my income report format from bi-monthly to quarterly. These reports typically take quite a long time to put together and at this point I don't feel like I can rationalize the time spent on them when I have so many other projects I could be working on. However, I believe they are valuable both for myself and for my readers, so I will still be continuing them, just a little less frequently!


Until April,

Dustin “Kirby” Garness

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