KM Mindset Shift Course – Lesson 1 – The Lies and Misconceptions Of Making Money Online


As we get started in this course, there are a couple things I want to dispel; namely, all of the lies and misconceptions out there regarding creating and online business and making money online.

Since you found this lesson, it's obvious you're looking to make money online, but you also realize you might not know exactly how to go about it.

The truth is, if you follow what many people preach in regards to making money online, you're simply setting yourself up for failure. There are a lot of internet marketers out there whose sole purpose is to make money from you, not to help you. They create content that is incredibly enticing and makes amazing claims of instant wealth with little to no work from you.

You see, these people are very smart. They know where our weaknesses are and have no qualms about exploiting them, drawing you in with those claims of instant riches.

They also know that we, for the most part, are pretty lazy beings. So the promise of money with no work seems quite appealing to us.

Learn How To Recognize Online Moneymaking Scams

Unfortunately, these shady Internet marketers have created such a skewed perception of what making money online looks like that most people falsely consider internet marketing in one of two ways:


False Idea 1: It is actually impossible to make money online. Or,

False Idea 2: To make money online you have to put your morals and ethics aside and purely take advantage of people.


Luckily for us, both of these ideas are false. In regards to the first idea, there are many people making money online. Some do it full-time and are making millions, some thousands. Some do it as a hobby and are making smaller amounts, and others are just starting out and getting their first sale. Personally, I am somewhere between the stages of just starting out and making thousands.

To counter the second idea, you do not have to compromise your morals and ethics to make money online. In fact, I personally am completely transparent with everything on my site, I disclose every affiliate link and I only profit from products I would recommend to my closest friends and family. If I wouldn't let them purchase it, I won't affiliate myself with them on my site.


Now that we've cleared that up and we know it is indeed possible to make money online without compromising your morals, we need to look at the misconception we probably have regarding actually making money online.


Misconception: Internet marketing will make you rich.

Truth: This may make you rich, but it also may not. Depending on how much time and effort you put into it, this could become a full-time job for you. Or it could just make you some extra spending money on the side. It hasn't made me rich yet or even allowed me to quit my job, but it has allowed me to relieve the pressure of my student loan and credit card payments, and even make extra payments.


Misconception: You will make money right away.

Truth: You will not make money right away. In fact, it took me seven months before I made my first dollar from my website, now I'm making hundreds a month and hopefully that will be thousands a month soon. The time it takes to start earning revenue varies for everyone. It may only take you a couple months or it may take a year. But, eventually, assuming you LINK educate yourself and are dedicated to your site, you will make money.


Misconception: I need to spend a lot of money to get a nice website/building a website won't cost me anything.

Truth: Building an online business is just like building a brick and mortar business. It requires investments of time, energy, and money. However, the monetary investment with an online business is significantly less than a brick and mortar business, like waaaaay less. Kirby's Marketing cost me about $20-30 to get started and about the same each month since. Compare that with the tens of thousands or more you'd spend on leases, renovation, personnel, stock, and whatever else comes up during the launch of a brick and mortar business and you’ll see just how inexpensive starting an online business is.


Misconception: You need to be a computer expert and know lots of code to be successful in this business.

Truth: I know absolutely no code whatsoever and I've built an increasingly profitable website. In today's day in age, almost anyone can build a beautiful, functioning website with ease. Yes, it may help if you know code (I know there are times when I wish I did) but it is definitely not necessary.


Misconception: Once I get my site built, I can sit back and watch the money roll in.

Truth: While it is true that many aspects of an Internet business can be automated, the idea that you can push play and let it go is completely false. Truthfully, especially in the beginning, you will spend hours and hours learning, writing content, developing your ideas, making mistakes, fixing those mistakes, and who knows what else. Basically, growing your business means putting in the work to make that happen. I currently spend about 30-40 hours a month on my website, and that would be a lot more if I wasn't working a full-time job.


Finally, I want you to think of this whole process as creating an online business that helps people, not just a way to make money. If you come at it with this mindset, you'll be in a much better place a year from now than if you're simply trying to make money.

I know everything probably seems very abstract at this point. Make sure you read the next couple lessons. I will be hooking you up with some awesome resources for you to learn how to make your online business a reality, connect you with amazing support systems, and offer unlimited motivation and encouragement.


Action Steps

Today I want you to consider everything I just talked about, all of the lies and misconceptions out there regarding making money online and discuss them in the comments on this discussion page.

  1. Have you fallen victim to any internet marketing scams in the past?
  2. Are you still struggling to believe any of the truths I have discussed?
  3. After reading this, have you seen your own ideas change regarding what making money online looks like?

Again, I'd love to read your thoughts. Please leave them on the page in the link below so we can all discuss and learn from each other.

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