KM Mindset Shift Course – Lesson 10 – Overcoming Writer’s Block

In today's lesson, we are going to be tackling one of the most pressing problems for internet marketers and online business owners: writers block!

If you haven't yet figured this out, a huge portion of building and online business is writing quality content that is helpful, informative, and gives people the information they are looking for. This means you have to write! If you don't write, your business won't grow, gain momentum, or even get started in the first place.

So…what do you do when you just can't get yourself to write?

Honestly, this was one of my biggest challenges. I've always hated writing papers in high school and college (there's a reason I went into architecture and not classics). Even when I first started my online business I would spend hours researching, looking for products to review, writings to-do lists of what I wanted to write, and a bunch of other non-productive things, but I would never actually sit down and write any new content!

I realized this was a major problem for me so I developed a system to help myself overcome writer's block. Now I can knock out a 4,000-word product review in half the time it would've taken me when I first started. I'm going to share these two steps with you now as well as a couple other ideas that might be helpful for you in overcoming writer's block.


How I Overcame Writer's Block

Develop A Routine

You need to develop a working routine. How do you come up with ideas for content? How do you research it? Do you start with the intro and work your way through it until the end? Or do you write in a different order? Whatever it is, do it the same way every time. It may seem weird, but if you develop a routine, you'll get good at it, you'll work faster, and over time it will help you produce higher quality content in shorter amounts of time!

Standardize Your Content With Templates

Now, I don't mean write standard, boring content. What I do mean is to develop a standard framework for how your content is structured. Perhaps you could call these “templates” or “outlines” for your content. If you write product reviews, you can develop a “product review template”. If you write tutorials, you can develop a “tutorial template”. Once you have a standard template, research, information collection, and ultimately writing will become a lot easier, less overwhelming, and much more efficient.

Here's what my “product review template” looks like from beginning to end: Introduction -> Quick Review -> Pros -> Cons -> Product Overview -> Customer Support -> Tools/Training -> Price -> Final Verdict -> Alternatives.

If you check out any of the product reviews on, you'll see that almost all of them follow this exact same template.

When I put both of these tips together here is how my typical process goes: I first open up my review template and begin research on whatever product it is I'm going to be reviewing. As I research I record all of my data, information, thoughts, and ideas in the corresponding sections of my template. Once I've finished my research I begin turning all of that information into sentences and paragraphs. At that point, I pretty much have my next product review completed!


Additional Tips For Overcoming Writer's Block

Think of Your Children (Or Future Children)

No Seriously, think of your children…if you don't have any or never plan on having any, think of the reason you initially became interested in building an online business. What were your initial motivations for signing up for this course?

For me, it's to provide for my wife and our future family. So I can give my wife her dream wedding ceremony. So we can fly regularly to visit friends and family who live literally on multiple continents.

Outsource Your Content

If all else fails and you simply can't get anything written, you could think about outsourcing it to other people. Basically, this just means you pay other people to write your content for you, then publish it on your website as your own work. I haven't done this personally, but I know people that have and it's something I may be looking into soon. There are a lot of companies/websites out there where you can find people to do this for you!

Action Steps

  1. Outline a specific routine you will follow when writing your content.
  2. Create a standard outline/template for your content. If you're writing product reviews, create a “Basic Product Review Outline”. If you're writing tutorials, create a “Basic Tutorial Template”.
  3. Revisit your goals and aspirations from previous lessons and see if they're still the same, or if they need to be adjusted. If they do, make sure you record it by commenting on your original goals, or writing them down for yourself.

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