KM Mindset Shift Course – Lesson 3 – Finding Your Online Support System

In this lesson, we are going to be chatting about support systems. In the last lesson (Lesson 2 – Setting Goals For Success), I talked about how setting good goals was a huge part of what I have achieved so far, but in reality, none of that would’ve happened without an amazing support system.

For me personally, my support system has been absolutely critical to helping me reach my goals. I’ve always had an amazingly supportive family, parents that pushed me to be my best, and some pretty great friends as well. Now that I’m all grown up I also have an amazing wife who supports me in everything I do.

Just like in my personal life, my online support system has been a huge part of the success I have had so far with my online business. I’m no millionaire yet, but I’ve built a successful blog that is generating more and more income every month.

Do you have an online support system?

Now I need to ask you a question…Where is your support system when it comes to building your online business? Truth be told, I can almost guarantee most of your friends and family will not really support your online venture right away. In fact, there’s a good chance they’ll think you’re crazy and will tell you to stop what you’re doing. Remember the misconceptions we talked about a couple lessons ago?

For me, there have been two communities/support systems that have really pushed me to keep moving forward with my online business, given me the training I need to improve my website, helped me when I’ve gotten stuck, and provided me with a limitless amount of inspiration!

Let me introduce you to them.


Wealthy Affiliate University

Ok, so before we go any further, I will admit that when I first came across Wealthy Affiliate University I was super skeptical. The name just turned me off for some reason, but after doing some more research (I’ve yet to fall for any scams, so you know I did my research) I determined it was completely legitimate and could potentially be just what I was looking for. That was two years ago and I haven’t looked back.

Wealthy Affiliate University (WA as we call it for short) is probably the best resource/community/support system available for budding internet entrepreneurs. There are extensive training courses teaching the absolute basics of internet marketing all the way to advanced online marketing techniques. Even those of us who know absolutely nothing about the internet will have a website up and running in a day.

On top of the training, there is an extremely active community of members who are always supportive, encouraging, and able to help you when you’re stuck…which I have been more than I care to admit.

The best part about WA, and what pushed me to actually get involved and try it out, is that they allow you to get started completely free without even asking for any credit card information. In fact, you can remain a free member for as long as you want. Granted, you won’t have access to everything, but even the free membership is enough to get your first online business up and running.

Personally, I have been a paying member of WA for almost two years now and I’ve more than made up for the costs from the revenue I’ve made from my website and online business.

Sign up for your free WA starter account by clicking on this link:


Smart Passive Income Blog / Pat Flynn

The Smart Passive Income Blog (SPI) is a community I ran across about a year ago. It isn’t so great for training new beginners on the details and techniques for building their first online business, but it is incredibly inspiring. The blog’s creator, Pat Flynn, is incredibly transparent and honest about everything he does. In fact, it was the SPI blog that inspired me to write my income reports (I think mine are better because I started them before I was even making any money, not after I had tens of thousands coming in a month).

Because SPI tends to be a little more advanced and more about ideas than the nitty gritty details like WA, it won’t be as helpful when you’re first starting.

Pat Flynn also has a really insightful and inspiring podcast where he interviews all sorts of successful online business owners. In addition, there is a very active SPI Facebook group where you can network with other online business owners.

Check out the Smart Passive Income Blog by clicking on this link:


Action Steps

The action steps in this lesson aren’t going to involve so much thinking and writing, but rather some clicking and doing!

  1. Become a free member at Wealthy Affiliate by clicking here
  2. Get involved in the WA community by writing a quick profile description so people can get to know you a bit and uploading a profile picture (can be of anything, doesn’t even have to be of yourself). I’ll send you instructions on doing this within the WA site after you create your account.
  3. Visit and have a look around by clicking here
  4. Join the SPI Facebook group here
  5. Subscribe to the SPI Podcast here

That’s it for today’s lesson! I can’t emphasize enough how much being involved in these two communities has helped me get to where I am today. The reality is I can set as many goals as I want, but if I don’t have the training and support to help me reach them, I won’t, regardless of how hard I try.

I look forward to seeing you around the WA community soon!

Until the next lesson,

Dustin “Kirby” Garness

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