KM Mindset Shift Course – Lesson 6 – 3 Principles To Create Your Own Success

In this lesson, we are going to turn the last session on its head and instead of talking about failure, we'll be figuring out how to make yourself successful as you begin your first online business. In fact, we already started to do this in the last lesson by turning our failures into opportunities for success!In my experience, often our biggest successes begin taking shape in our most weak and vulnerable moments. Those moments when we feel like we're losing hope and about to give up. Wouldn't you agree?

In my experience, often our biggest successes begin taking shape in our most weak and vulnerable moments. Those moments when we feel like we're losing hope and about to give up. Wouldn't you agree?

I've also come to realize success doesn't just happen willie-nillie. Very rarely do you find someone who has achieved success simply because of luck…if that's truly the case, is it even “success”? Or simply luck?

To the contrary, success occurs because of hard work consisting of proper training, putting in the time and energy, and developing and following a plan.

Now, before we get too deep into those three aspects of creating your own success, I would like to relate everything I've mentioned so far using a couple examples from my own life. Remember how some of our biggest successes come from our moments of weakness and failure? Here are two of mine:

  1. Meeting my wife. I met my wife after a miserable breakup that caused me to head on a downward spiral. Seriously, I was such a broken man when my wife and I's paths first crossed in South Africa, but thank God they did! That time of pure brokenness has turned into my biggest, proudest success yet: when I got to kiss my bride on our wedding day!!! …cheesy I know…but it's the truth!
  2. Discovering WA and starting my own online business. I came across Wealthy Affiliate University shortly after graduating with my Master's Degree from a top-tier university but was unable to find a job for three months. During that three months of unemployment, where I felt like my studies were worthless and getting me nowhere, is when I started learning about making my own income online by my own writing and experiences! Even now, being extremely underemployed, my business is getting ever closer to being able to fully provide for myself and my family, meaning soon I won't have to work for anyone but myself!

Now I would like to take a closer look at both of these events and figure out how I was able to turn those moments of weakness and failure into successes. Then we'll work on applying those principles to your situation, whatever that may be, so you can create your own successes as well!

The truth is, even though my examples seem like nice twists of fate with a hint of luck thrown in, there was actually a lot of work being done on my part to make them turn out the way they did. In each example, there were three elements taking place behind the scenes that allowed me to create happy endings to these periods of my life: training, time, and a plan.

Let's look more specifically at how these three principles applied in each case.

Meeting My Wife

Training: When I met my wife I was a broken man, in no way, shape, or form, in a place to carry on a healthy relationship. Because of this, I knew when I returned to the United States I needed to mature as a man and in my faith. To do this, I surrounded myself with other mature men who mentored me and helped me grow into the mature man I needed to be to take our relationship to the next level.

Plan: The moment I left South Africa after meeting her the first time, I told myself that in two years I would be marrying her. In order for this to happen, I knew I needed to set a plan. Firstly, I needed to grow up and become the man I needed to be (see ‘training' above). Secondly, I needed to go back to convince her friends and family to let me marry her. I planned on returning the next summer for three months, which I did. There were also too many more plans to mention here, but long story short, I married her one year and eleven months from when I made my initial plan of marrying her in two years!

Time: Even though I loved her, I knew it would take time for myself to mature, our relationship to grow, and our plan to unfold. I knew it wouldn't happen right away, even though some days I wished it would've. Things like this take time to develop.

Building My Online Business

Training: Getting to where I am now in my online business adventure took a ton of training, most of which came from the resources at Wealthy Affiliate University. I've learned how to build a website, create valuable content, research niches and keywords, the best SEO strategies, and everything else I've needed to know. Without this proper training, my site probably wouldn't even exist and you definitely wouldn't have come across it!

Plan: I knew building an online business wouldn't happen overnight. Because of this, I knew it would take many months before I started seeing any results (see Lesson 4 – The Time It Takes). Following the advice I learned from WA, I created a plan in which I would publish regularly, post on social media, and complete other tasks leading me to the results I was working towards.

Time: It took three months before I started getting any sort of legitimate traffic to Kirby's and seven months before I made my first dollar. It seemed like forever, but all of the advice I was seeing from those who have found success already was telling me to keep pushing forward, stick to your plan, keep producing valuable content, and with time, you will find success. (Again, see Lesson 4 – The Time It Takes)

Action Steps

Today's action steps are as follows. Please write your answers in the comments section on this page so everyone can learn from your experiences.

  • Think of a time you've been successful at something. Why were you successful? Did it have to do with any of the three principles I mentioned: training, a plan, and time? Explain how you were able to create this success.
  • How can you apply these three principles to make your dream of making money online from your own online business a reality?

Again, please record your answers and join the conversation here: Lesson's Discussion.

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