KM Mindset Shift Course – Lesson 7 – How To Set Realistic Expectations For Your Online Business

We're well on our way to completely shifting our mindset when it comes to internet marketing and building your own online business! We have learned about creating a viable vision for your business, setting realistic goals, building a solid support system, what failure looks like, and how to set yourself up for success.

I want to talk about expectations, more specifically, how to set realistic expectations for your online business. I know it seems rather late in the course to be talking about expectations, but we've made good progress and we finally have a solid understanding of what it takes to be successful in this business. With this understanding, we can better set our expectations of what we want to get out of all this.

Expectations vs Goals

You may be thinking: how are expectations any different from goals? I haven't checked the dictionary, but here's how I define them in my own little world of Kirby's Marketing:

Goals: are set objectives you move toward and work to achieve
Expectations: are the outcome of accomplishing your goals

In other words, your expectations are the standard for which you will determine if you have succeeded or failed once you reach your goals. If you've completed all your goals but haven't achieved what you expected, you will feel as if you have failed. If you complete all your goals and have achieved or exceeded your expectation of where you would be upon completing those goals, then you will feel as if you have succeeded.

Perfection Is An Impossible Standard

We also need to keep in mind that, as easy as it is to do, we can't expect complete perfection. Very rarely is anything completely perfect; whether it's from our employees, our marriages, our friends, or even ourselves and our online businesses. If we can't expect perfection in any other area of our lives, why do we hold our online businesses to a standard of perfection? Perfection will never be achieved; therefore, if perfection is our expectation, we will never meet our expectation and, ultimately, will feel as if we have failed.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying to be happy with normal, standard, or ordinary. By all means, strive to be as good as possible in everything you do, including your online business, but just don't hold yourself to such a harmfully unrealistic standard as perfection.

With all of this, I have to ask:

What are your expectations?

As you're busy getting into internet marketing and building your own online business, what are you expecting the outcomes to be? Are you expecting a fantasy life where you are a multi-millionaire making thousands of dollars a day? Are you expecting to be able to quit your job tomorrow? Are you expecting to be driving your very own Ferrari to your next class reunion?

Or are your expectations more simple and realistic? Are you expecting to be financially stable? Are you expecting to be able to quit your job one day in the future, maybe in a year or two? Are you expecting to not constantly be worrying about paying your next round of bills?

Where do you stand? Are you expecting a dream lifestyle to come of this…or a more stable financial future?

If you're having trouble placing your expectations, I'd like to ask you to examine what is shaping your expectations? Are your expectations being shaped by the sales videos you keep coming across from some product owner telling you how great his product is and how it will make you as rich and successful as he is while he roars away from his beautiful mansion in his 2016 Lamborghini?

Or are they being shaped by honest people with regular stories who are working hard to build their own online business from the bottom up in a solid and sustainable manner without compromising their own morals and/or taking advantage of others?

Hint: The latter is what I profess throughout Kirby's Marketing and what is taught in all of the resources I've recommended; namely, Wealthy Affiliate University.

Finally, as you continue to develop your expectations, remember they should be reflective of your vision and goals you've come up with in previous lessons. If you don't do this and set up unrealistic expectations, all you're doing is setting yourself up for failure. Why would you want to do that?!?

Action Steps

Today I'd like you to consider the following questions and record your answers on this lesson's discussion page.

  1. What are your expectations when it comes to your online business? Write them down
  2. Have an honest look at them and ask yourself if they are realistic. Do they line up with your goals and vision you came up with in earlier lessons? Are your expectations setting you up for success or failure?
  3. After you've had an honest look at your expectations, please post them on this discussion page for feedback and comments
  4. Read and comment on two others' expectations

You can complete your action steps and join the discussion here.

That's all folks…until the next lesson that is!


Dustin “Kirby” Garness

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