KM Monthly Report – April 2014 +$0.00 -$88.93

Welcome to my very first Kirby’s Marketing Monthly Report! My main goal here at Kirby’s Marketing is to teach and demonstrate how to create a website and earn money online. So, I figured what better way to demonstrate this than to give a monthly report on MY PROGRESS towards making a full-time income with this website.

Every month I will give you a breakdown of what I have been working on, what changes I have made to my site, and even what mistakes I have made. I will also provide an overview of my main traffic sources, how my social media profiles are doing as well as a breakdown of my income and expenses.


What did I do this month?

So, this month started out with me deciding that I was really going to dive in and get involved with the Wealthy Affiliate community I was a part of. I started following the Affiliate Bootcamp training to the T as well as doing a little bit extra here and there when I had time. I think I averaged about 30 hours a week working on this website.

I have made it through the first two phases. Phase 1 guided me through the process of creating a solid foundation for my website. I learned all about affiliate marketing and began creating my first blog posts, product reviews, and tutorials.

Phase 2 really focused on creating good and engaging blog posts with the intent of getting your readers to engage and respond to what you have written. You know…blog posts that people actually want to read.

In all, this month I have published 14 blog posts and 4 pages. I have created a Facebook business page, Twitter profile, Google Plus page, Pinterest account as well as an email list through aWeber. I will dive into these deeper as I do more work with them in future months.


Am I getting any traffic?

Yes! I am getting some traffic, albeit, but definitely not huge, mind-blowing amounts. I installed Google Analytics on April 9th and since then I have gotten 81 visitors. Here is a breakdown of my traffic statistics:

  • Total Visitors: 81
  • Unique Visitors: 71
  • % New Visitors: 87.65%
  • Pages/Session: 2.38
  • Average Session Duration: 2:20
  • Bounce Rate: 61.73%
Kirbys Marketing Monthly Reports - April 2014 - Google Analytics Traffic

I'm pretty excited I've gotten 9 organic visits!


What about my social media profiles?

Kirbys Marketing Monthly Reports - April 2014 - Twitter StatsAs I mentioned earlier, I have created business specific profiles in the four biggest social media networks. I have been actively posting on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus, but have not been too active on Pinterest. I have also created an email list using AWeber. Here are my numbers:

As you can see Twitter, is the only profile that has any legitimate followers.


Monthly Revenue (-$88.93)

Any business requires an initial investment to get started and an online business is no different. I am considering this first month, and likely the next, to be my initial investments. My overall revenue for this month was a whopping -$88.93. Here is the breakdown:




Income (Conversions/Revenue)


What are my goals for the next month?

This first month has definitely been a “building a strong foundation” month and I’m sure the next month will be as well. I will continue to work diligently to provide quality content and if I’m lucky I might get my first conversion and sale. So here are my primary goals for the next month:

  • Post a new article or page three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
  • Get one sale!
  • Get over 250 visitors to my site
  • Increase my social media following to: 10 Facebook Page likes, 100 Twitter followers, 10 Google Plus followers, 20 Pinterest followers, and 10 email list subscribers.

To see how far I've come, check out each and every one of my Income Reports!

I look forward to updating you on my progress next month! If you have any questions about what I’ve done so far or if you have any suggestions on where I could go next please let me know in the comments below! Until then…HAPPY SPRING!



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