KM Monthly Report – July 2014 +$0.00 -$78.98

This has been my first full month in Cape Town, South Africa. It feels like home and life has been going well. My primary job of teaching English online hasn’t happened due to unstable internet, but, on the bright side, I have had a lot of time to work on this website and produce a lot of content. I have also begun to venture into creating YouTube videos

I also made a point to have some well-respected and successful members of the WA Community (Kyle, Nathaniell, & Eddy) review my site and give me some feedback on what I have done so far, where I could go in the future, and suggestions on how to improve my existing content.

Having this feedback was super encouraging as all three reviewers said I was well ahead of where most people are when they are four months in. They were all impressed with the look and layout of my website as well as the quality of my content.

According to each of them, it is only a matter of time until I begin to see an upswing in my organic traffic. In fact, once I show you my traffic for July you will see that this upswing has begun!

So far, I still haven’t had any official sales or any products, however, I have gotten a few referrals to trial programs from organic traffic. These are the first ones like this since my last referrals were from PPC advertising.


What did I do this month?

Content Creation

This month was my best month yet for content creation. I wrote a total of 17 new blog posts, re-wrote my “About Me” page, and updated and fine-tuned some previously written posts.

Because I had just finished building an E-Commerce website for a client, I decided to create a series of posts/tutorials around the idea of showing people how to get their own E-Store up and running. This actually led to a big series of “getting started” posts that can apply to anyone building a website. Here is the whole series:


Not really relevant…just wanted to show you where I spent my Saturday. It's at Camp's Bay, Cape Town, South Africa. The mountain is called Lion's Head.

I was also encourage to start writing some more product reviews as a way to drive more organic traffic to my website. This has actually been a successful tactic and has driven quite a lot of traffic, relatively speaking, to my website. Even though most of the reviews are of products you should beware of, I am able to then drive visitors to good quality products that I would actually recommend.

On top of these two groups, I also wrote a couple additional posts and tutorials:


YouTube Videos

I have begun venturing into the world of video marketing/YouTube. I will be honest with you and say that the videos I have made so far do not have the highest production value; however, despite that they still have driven a couple visitors to my website. I plan on creating a video for each of my “tutorials” that can visually walk people through the steps that I outline in my posts.

If you would like to see my videos, please head on over to my YouTube Channel.


KM-Monthly-Report-July-2014-Wealthy-AffiliateWealthy Affiliate Training

If you’re not aware, I am a member of the website called Wealthy Affiliate University and have been going through the Affiliate Bootcamp training there. It is through this training that I have built this website and, surprisingly, I am not even through it all yet. This month I have finished up Course 5 – Knowing Your Audience & Catapulting Your Referrals.

I am excited to move on to course 6 but also a bit nervous because it is focused on PPC and that requires spending money. I guess I just have to have faith in the process!


Traffic Updates

This has, by far, been my best month for traffic yet. I have had over 400 visitors to my website with over 35% of them coming from referrals and organic traffic. I also had my largest ever number of visitors coming from my social media networks!

I also had improvements in most other metrics as well, including: pages/session, Avg. Session Duration, and Bounce Rate. Here is the breakdown with increases (more desired number) or decrease (less desired number) in parenthesis compared to last month’s numbers.

Total Visitors: 437 (+272)
Unique Visitors: 339 (+195)
% New Visitors: 73.46% (-10.18%)
Pages/Session: 3.21 (+0.87)
Average Session Duration: 4:12 (+1:20)
Bounce Rate: 35.93% (-21.65%)


Traffic Sources

This month I did not pay for any traffic whatsoever, so everything came either from fellow Wealthy Affiliate members or other, natural type of traffic. As I said, my organic traffic is on a major upswing compared to any previous months and my referral traffic, which is coming from commenting on other blog posts, is also higher than ever.

There is one spike in my traffic from early July and this is because I asked my Wealthy Affiliate community to have a look at my new About Me page and give me any suggestions on any improvements I could make.

Direct: 269 (+169)
Referral: 80 (+46)
Organic: 73 (+46)
Social: 15 (+11)

KM-Monthly-Update---July-2014-Traffic-DetailsHere is a look at my organic traffic graph. It is common to have a somewhat exponential upswing in traffic over the beginning stages of a content oriented website and I think that growth is beginning to show. The snowball has begun rolling, now, as long as I continue to produce regular content it should get larger and larger.



Social Media Profiles

Facebook Page: 15 likes (+8)
Twitter: 138 followers (+8)
Google Plus Business Page: 23 followers (+14) & 2,889 (+1987) views
Pinterest: 50 followers (+31)
Email List: 7 subscribers (+1)


My Pinterest profile is gaining some good traction!

I started making a more conscious effort on posting regularly as well as interacting more with followers on my social media profiles. I think it has helped as I have gotten a few more followers on all of my profiles.

I would like to get more email list subscribers but I don’t know how to go about that. If anybody has any suggestions, please let me know!


Monthly Revenue

Expenses = -$78.98

Wealthy Affiliate Membership: $47
AWeber Membership: $19
MyThemeShop Subscription: $9
NameCheap (Hosting): $3.98

Income (Conversions/Revenue) = $0.00

Wealthy Affiliate: 2/$0
Jaaxy: 2/$0
MyThemeShop: 0/$0
Elegant Themes: 0/$0
AWeber: 0/$0
ClickBank: 0/$0

Totals Over Time = -$324.87

Expenses: $325.87
Income: $1.00
Total Profit: -$324.87


Last Month’s Goals

July was a pretty good month in terms of reaching my goals as I successfully met 6 of my goals. There were 4 that I was unable to meet, but I am confident I will meet them in August!

  • Post a total of 12 new posts YES
  • Get three sales NO
  • Get over 750 visitors to my site NO
  • Get over 75 organic visitors to my site YES (73 is close enough for me to count it as a moral victory)
  • Reduce the bounce rate for organic visitors to 70.00% down from 74.07% YES (Got it down to 28.77% !!)

Social media profile goals:


My Goals For August 2014

I am confident that my organic traffic will continue to increase, so I am going to go out on a limb and set of fairly high goals for traffic this month. I am also going to work on increasing my social media presence as well as posting regularly and consistently!

Also, because the next course in the Bootcamp focuses on PPC, I am going to create some goals for that. Although, I don’t have any idea the kind of metrics I should expect, I will create some goals as a starting point.


This is me being too tall for the door at Castle of Good Hope in Cape Town, South Africa!

Here are my goals for August 2014 in writing:

  • Post a total of 16 new posts/pages
  • Get ten sales of any sort
  • Have a net profit for the month
  • Get over 750 non-paid, visitors to my site
  • Get over 300 organic visitors to my site (included in total above)
  • Get over 300 paid visitors to my site (not included in total above)
  • Complete Affiliate Bootcamp Course 6 at Wealthy Affiliate

Social media profile goals:

I plan on making some great progress this month and, assuming I meet my goal of 10 sales, I plan on this being the first profitable month with this website! I hope you are making good progress in your online ventures! If not, check out Wealthy Affiliate University and see if you might be interested in starting your own website as well!

To see how far I've come, check out all of my Income Reports!

If you have any advice for me going forwards, or any questions about what I have done so far, please leave me a comment below and I’ll get back to you ASAP! Also, help me meet my email subscriber goal and sign up for my email list here:


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