Megan’s 90 Day Income Challenge Review – Is This A Challenge To Fail?

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Product Name: Megan's 90 Day Income Challenge
Overall Rank: 1.9/10
Price: $9.95 + Upsells
Owners: Megan Fitzpatrick

User Rating 1 (1 vote)
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Megans-90-Day-Income-Challenge---FeatureIn this review I will be taking a look at a product called Megan’s 90 Day Income Challenge. This product was brought to my attention via an email sent to me from an online money making “guru”.

I joined this list to ensure I am alerted to all of the new “money making” products so I can review them and let you know if they’re any good. Let’s just say that, since joining this list, I have yet to come across a single product that is worth my time. Megan’s 90 Day Income Challenge (I will refer to at “The Challenge” from now on) is no different.

I don’t even want to spend a lot of time on this review. The promotional material is so shoddy that it’s not worth my time. I will, however, explain to you why I am able to say, with 100% confidence, this is a product you should definitely steer clear from.

Fake Images

There are a few images on The Challenge’s website showing people holding up checks showing you how much they have earned as well as an image of Megan Fitzpatrick herself. Using an amazing product called Tineye, I am able to reverse search all of these images to see their original source/s. Let’s start with Megan’s portrait first:


Using Tineye, I discovered that this is actually an image available for purchase from If you don’t believe me, see for yourself here.

Now let’s look at the three images of people holding checks.


Image 1 “Hillary”: The first image is an image that is used all over the internet for similarly sketchy products. See here.

Image 2 “Sharon”: This image is actually from a website called and is of two women displaying a check in 2006 they received from the Illinois State Library. See here.

Image 3 “James”: This image didn’t turn up any results on Tineye, however, based on the results from every other image on The Challenge’s website, I think we can safely say the man is not holding up a check he earned from Megan’s challenge.

Never Actually Tells You About Product

It really is amazing how I can watch 10-15 minutes of video trying to convince me to buy a product and not have a single idea what the product actually is by the end. This is definitely the case with The Challenge.

The narrator spends 95% of the time telling you stories about her struggles, giving examples of others’ struggles, talking about how this challenge will change your life, making you feel guilty for not buying it, etc. etc. etc.

The other 5% of the time she is actually telling you a little bit about the product, but even that is very vague. She mentions how you will be using a website called Online Marketing System. She never tells you what they will do for you or how you will be using their resources.

“Fully Automated System”

Another HUGE RED FLAG is how the product is described as, and I quote, a “fully automated system”.

Let me set one thing straight: YOU CAN’T MAKE AUTOMATIC MONEY! If this were truly possible everybody would be doing it and we’d all be rich. The truth is if you want to make money online you will have to work for it! It will take time, effort, and patience as you build your online business.

If you expect to click one button and start making money, you are in for a sore surprise!

“Free” Product That Costs Money?

Throughout the first ⅔ of the sales videos, we are constantly reminded that we will be given this product for free. Here are some exact quotes from the videos:

“…gives us the plan for free”
“…not going to ask you for a single dime”
“…without risking any money at all…not one cent”

Then, suddenly, we have to pay $9.95 for shipping and handling for some informational packet to be sent to us. Now, I’m not going to pay this money to find out, but I would be willing to bet this packet will come with a lot more “opportunities” for you to buy more products that are essential to changing your life! (note sarcasm)

False BBB Claims

There are quite a few more false statements throughout the video, but one major falsity I want to point out is how the narrator makes claims that the website she is referring us to, Online Business Systems, has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).


This screenshot is straight from one of The Challenge's promotional videos!

However, when you actually look at the BBB ratings, you will see there have been over 206 complaints lodged against it. They range from sales, billing, collection, delivery, and warranty issues with the most common being problems with products/services. To top it all off, BBB informs us that Online Business Systems is currently being investigated by multiple government agencies!


That’s Enough!

I could continue to pick apart Megan’s 90 Day Income Challenge, but I think I have enough damning evidence here to convince you to stay away from this product.

In essence, this product is simply referring you to another product so the creators of The Challenge can pick up an affiliate commission for convincing you to buy someone else's product.

If you are not yet convinced that this product is as I say, please read my post about How To Recognize An Online Money Making Scam. Here I will tell you exactly what to look for so you can determine for yourself how you feel about Megan’s Challenge.

Better Alternatives

Here at Kirby’s Marketing it is my mission to, not only prevent you from falling for scams, but also point you towards good, high-quality products that may actually be helpful to you. There are a few products that I regularly recommend. You can view them here.

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Wealthy Affiliate is actually where I learned everything I know about website building, internet marketing, social networking, and much more. It is also where I learned how to make this very income-generating website. Yes, this website is making me money, and you can follow my progress here.

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