ML Web Design Review – Can A Web Design Training Program For Only $89 Be Legit?

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Product Name: ML Web Design Training
Overall Rank: 6.5/10
Price: $89 + Cost of Adobe Software ($49.99/month)
Owners: Michael Locke

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In today’s day in age, whether you are a working individual, small business or well established corporation, having a website is a fundamental component of success.

The good news for aspiring web-designers is that most people do not know how to make a basic WordPress website. This means that the potential market for web-designers is HUGE and people are willing to pay a lot of money for their services.

Now you just need to find the proper training to allow you to provide a good product to all of your future clients. There are a lot of “training” programs out there but unfortunately many of them offer poor quality products and/or are scams. Michael Locke’s ML Web Design Training is NOT a scam.


Is Michael Locke Qualified To Train Me?

ML Web Design Review - Michael Locke PortraitYes, he is more than qualified to teach and has a very impressive resume and portfolio. Mr. Locke is a website specialist with more than fifteen years of experiences.

His skills include front end web development in XHTML/CSS, UI/UX design, brand development, internet, social media, and internet marketing, photography, SEO, and print design. His web design resume includes websites such as:,,,, &

So, now that we know Mr. Locke is legit let’s take a closer look into his actual web design training program.


What Are The Benefits Of This Program?

Perhaps the best thing about website is that the program’s creator Michael Locke is as industry expert and has produced many high quality websites. Because of this we can trust that he actually knows what he is talking about.

On top of his expertise he is also very well-spoken and has a nice and friendly demeanor. He is able to break down difficult concepts and explain them simply. Both of these characteristics make his videos very informative and easy to watch and learn from.

In this video example from Michael Locke's YouTube Channel he teaches his viewers how to create vector art illustrations in Adobe Fireworks. 

The training program that he offers provides in-depth videos starting from the very basics of from-scratch web-design all the way to HTML/CSS coding. There is a total of over 15 hours of videos as well as weekly updates.

Mr. Locke also offers a 14 day 100% Moneyback Guarantee with no questions asked. Assuming this guarantee will be honored it allows you to hypothetically try the product for free.


What Are The Drawbacks Of This Program?

The fact that you must have Adobe Fireworks or Adobe Photoshop is a HUGE problem for many people as they are very expensive programs to buy. In fact, Adobe Fireworks is available by subscription only…so you have to pay for it monthly.

You could possible use GIMP but this would get somewhat confusing as things would look differently on your screen compared to what you would be seeing in the tutorials.

Additionally, the course may be too advanced for absolute beginners or those who are not very adept to technological learning. If this describes you there are better options available for free.

If you already have a basic understanding of how to use Adobe products the entire first phase of this training program will not likely teach you anything new.

The “Exclusive Weekly Videos” are not really that special as they are videos that are simply uploaded to Mr. Locke’s YouTube channel. Therefore, your bonus is free product available elsewhere and really adds no additional monetary value to the cost of the program.

Finally, the reality is that this course is for those who want to create websites from scratch. If you are not willing to invest that much time or money into learning this you could simply purchase a quality WordPress theme. This would allow you to have a visually attractive and easily customizable website without needing to learn the ins and outs of HTML/CSS coding.


What Do I Get When When I Buy ML Web Design Training?

When you purchase ML Web Design Training you are given access to a series of 45 training videos with a total of over 15 hours of training material. These videos are divided into three phases with the ultimate goal being to teach you how to create a beautiful and user-friendly website.

By the end of the training your website will have a background and header, billboard, a features page, a specs page, photo gallery page, brochure download page, “Get a Quote” page, and a homepage with three boxes of content.


Who Is This Training Program For?

Mr. Locke’s training program is primarily designed for the individual who is looking to take advantage of the growing web-design market. It’s for people who are willing to spend a lot of time watching videos and learning the specifics of Adobe Fireworks and HTML/CSS coding in order to further their career in graphic design and web design.

This program is for the type of person who wants to go above and beyond what is easily achievable using typical Free or Premium WordPress themes. As a result, they must also be technologically adept and able to learn new computer skills relatively easily.


Who Is This Training Program Not For?

ML Web Design Training is definitely not for those people who are looking for a quick and easy website. If that is what you are looking for there are better and cheaper ways of doing so. Nor is it for those who are not so adept at learning new technology and struggle with learning new technological skills.


What Will I Be Taught Specifically With This Program?

As mentioned before ML Web Design Training is divided into three phases plus with some additional bonus material


Phase 1: Adobe Fireworks Training

Phase 1 consists of 17 videos for a total of 2 hours and 20 minutes of teaching material. It involved a complete walk-through of the basic Adobe Firework skills. Some of the key aspects Mr. Locke focuses on are vector objects and using the pen tool.

Adobe Fireworks Overview Walk-Through
How To Create a Vector Mask
How To Create Gradients on Shapes & Text
How To Export and Slice Images (JPG, GIF and PNG’s)
How To Work with the Color Picker
How To Create Icons
How To Work with Vector Objects
How To Create and Image Map
How To Import an Image
How To Crop Images
How To Work with Pages & Layers
How To Align Objects
How To Create and Use Symbols
How To Create Animated GIFs
How To Create a Static Prototype
How To Create a Prototype PDF
How To Work with the Text Feature


Phase 2: How To Design A Website

The 5 hours and 40 minutes of this phase is divided up between 17 training videos. The videos in this phase allow you to watch over Mr. Locke’s shoulder as he walks you through the basic steps of designing a website from scratch.

There is a large focus on using Adobe Fireworks to create actual visual and user interface designs. He spends a lot of time demonstrating wireframing, prototyping, and question and researching techniques. This phase is divided up into 6 steps.

Step 1: The Kick-Off Meeting
Step 2: Research
Step 3: Organize & Gather Content
Step 4: Wireframe the Home Page
Step 4: Wireframe the Features & Specs Page
Step 4: Wireframe the Photo Gallery Page
Step 4: Wireframe the Brochure Download Page (Web Form)
Step 4: Wireframe the “Get a Quote” Page (Web Form)
Step 4: Prototype Wireframe
Step 5: Design the Home Page Background & Header
Step 5: Design the Home Page Billboard
Step 5: Design the Home Page Content (3 Boxes)
Step 5: Design the Features & Specs Page
Step 5: Design the Photo Gallery Page
Step 5: Design the Brochure Download Page (Web Form)
Step 5: Design the “Get a Quote” Page (Web Form)
Step 6: Create an Interactive Prototype of Final Design


Phase 3: How To Design A Website

The 11 videos of of Phase 3 run for a total of 7 hours and 15 minutes making it the longest of the three phases. In this phase Mr. Locke with teach you how to code and entire website.

He really digs into HTML/CSS coding. He looks at how to export images from Adobe Fireworks and position with CSS, how to align elements of pages with CSS, and how to create working webforms.

Coding the Background & Header (Setup Your HTML & CSS File)
Coding the Home Page Billboard Section
Coding the Home Page Content Section (3 Boxes)
Coding the Features & Specs Page (Part 1)
Coding the Features & Specs Page (Part 2)
Coding the Photo Gallery Page
Coding the Brochure Download Page
Coding the “Get a Quote” Page
Web Form – How to Clear Text Field when Clicked
Web Form – Making your Web Form Function Using 3rd Party Provider
Test, Monitor, & QA


Bonus Material: Access To Exclusive Weekly Videos

These exclusive bonus materials are not all that exclusive as they are all available for free on Michael Locke's YouTube channel. However, the videos are very good and informative and include a wide variety of topics include Adobe Fireworks tutorials, WordPress customization, graphic design instruction, among other things.

ML Web Design Review - Exclusive Bonus Training Videos

Here are the latest “Exclusive” bonus content that is available from Michael Locke.


What Happens If I Need Help?

The support offered to the users of this program is minimal at best. On his sales page Mr. Locke says he will be quick to respond to any emails he receives with questions regarding purchasing the program; however, that is the only place any type of support is mentioned anywhere.

This leads me to believe that once you purchase the program you are going to be on your own to work your way through it. If you have any questions you will need to search for the answers elsewhere. Most of the “support” offered comes from the actual training videos themselves.


How Much Does This Program Cost?

The straight up cost of ML Web Design Training is a one time payment of $89. Upon paying this you are given lifelong access to all three phases of training videos. For the amount of quality information you receive this is a fairly good price.

However, the problem comes in when you consider that the training assumes you have access to Adobe Fireworks or Adobe Photoshop. Unfortunately, if you do not already have these program it will cost you a pretty penny.

Adobe Fireworks is available by subscribing to the Adobe Creative Cloud which will set you back a minimum of $49.99/month or $599.88 for a one year subscription. When you figure in these costs the price isn't so attractive anymore.


Would You Recommend I Invest In This Product?

My recommendation varies based on your specific situation. The program offers a lot of very good information that would be useful for many people who are looking to learn the basics of web design.

If you are not too technologically adept or are looking to design simpler websites than I would recommend other resources such as Wealthy Affiliate or Siterubix Website Builder.

On the other hand, if you are really looking to learn the ins and outs of website coding and design AND you are willing to pay for the Adobe software or you already have it then I would highly recommend this product. It would be a great investment and has the potential to pay huge dividends once you are able to design custom website for your clients!

If you have any experience with this product or have any question for me please drop a comment below! Also, please sign up for my weekly newsletter if you want to stay up to date with my latest posts here:


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