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Product Name: Mobile Money Machines 2
Overall Rank: 1.8/10
Price: $49 + $1,600+/Year Additional Costs
Owners: Frank Lucas

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Mobile-Money-Machines-2-Review---Your-TOP-SECRET-Way-To-Lose-MoneyIn this review I will be taking a look at a product that came to my attention via email, Mobile Money Machines 2 by Frank Lucas. The email claimed that this was a “$1,407/day” software that was available for free! This is where the lies and deception begins.

Disclaimer: I have an email account set up entirely for email lists such as this one, which I joined while I was writing my Paid Surveys at Home Review, which, by the way, is a complete scam as well. This just tells you the credibility of the products promoted on this list.

I’ll tell you now, this isn’t a good product. If you are seriously considering buying this product, continue reading. By the end of the review, I hope you are convinced that you should avoid Mobile Money Machines 2 at all costs.


The Good

There are not many good aspects of this program. However, since I have to choose, some of the third party products that Frank Lucas refers you to, such as AWeber, are completely legit programs that I use regularly.


The Bad AKA The Lies

Lie #1 – Mobile Money Machines 2 Is Free. Even within the sales video Frank Lucas lies to you. He claims multiple times that he is giving you Mobile Money Machine 2 completely for free. Then towards the end he mentions that it’s free, but you must pay him $49 to cover the fees for the server he had to buy to host the software you will be using.

Also, as you progress through the training, you will find that Mr. Lucas requires that you use multiple 3rd party products for securing your domain name, purchasing hosting, buying developer licenses, among others, all of which will cost you over $1,600/year (see below).

Lie #2 – You Don’t Need Hosting. Once you purchase the product you will be instructed on how to purchase your own hosting, which is what the $49 server fee was supposed to be for. The whole claim that you must pay for the server is a complete lie.

Lie #3 – This Software Is Top Secret. Frank Lucas claims that he has a one of a kind, “top secret” software developed by his “Russian design team”. Oh my, oh my, how naïve does he think we are? This top secret software is literally a website that offers you six training modules…most of which just refer you to third party training videos. This may be the biggest lie he makes.

Lie #4 – This Software Cost $16,000 To Develop. This lie is quite perplexing, honestly. Most of the time a complex piece of software will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop, if not more. A mere $16,000 to create a top secret software, as he claims, is REALLY cheap. The funny thing is that I don’t think he even spent $5,000 creating this product. That’s just how bad and poorly executed it really is.

Lie #5 – No Need For Traditional Internet Marketing Techniques. Mr. Lucas claims that if you utilize his secret program, you won’t need to do any PPC advertising, email marketing, web design, etc. The funny thing is that one of the sections of the training is teaching you how to use email marketing and another is focused on PPC advertising…both of which cost you money (see below)…so much for non-traditional methods.

Lie #6 – You Will Earn Money On Autopilot. This is simply the farthest things from the truth. Throughout the training, Mr. Lucas shows you how to sign up for all of these 3rd party services/tools that you can use to make money online. However, once you sign up for them you actually have to use them! None of them just magically work for you. You will have to write ads, write content, update your content, send out emails, etc. Nothing he “teaches” you happens on autopilot.

Lie #7 – Mobile Money Machines 2 Will Make You Millions. No, just simply no. There is no way in hell that you will make millions from this program. If anything you will probably lose money from purchasing this program and all of the additional services you will need to buy, especially since nothing in this program will actually show you how to use them correctly.

Lie #8…well, I’m tired of this (that’s actually not a lie). I could go on quite a bit longer discussing all of the half-truths and misrepresentations given in the sales video…but I think you get the point.


Product Overview

If you actually buy the product, will have access to a six step training course. I will give a brief description of what each step is supposed to teach you, as well as what you will have to pay for to complete that section.

Step 1 – Set Up Your Mobile Money Machine

You will be taught how to register a domain name (and host it…kind of), download your own personal “Money Machine”, and create and promote your mobile money app through a company called conduit.

How much this step will cost you?
Domain name:  $10.00/year
Hosting: $3.00/month which is $36/year
Conduit App: $33.00/month which is $396/year

Running Total: $442.00/year


Step 2 – Profit Stack #1 – Email

In this section, Frank Lucas “teaches” you how to do email marketing. By this I mean that he refers you to AWeber (through his own affiliate link). Then has you watch a few of AWeber’s own tutorials to show you how to set up your account.

He doesn’t even show you HOW to do email marketing, just simply how to create your account. A lot of good this is really going to do you.

How much will this step cost you?
AWeber: $19/month which is $228/year.

Running Total: $670/year

FYI: AWeber is a super legitimate email marketing platform that I personally use and would highly recommend.


Step 3 – Mobile Money Ignition

All that Mr. Lucas shows you in this section is how to connect Facebook with your website. Literally, that’s it. Fortunately, this won’t cost you anything, but, again, he doesn’t show you how to use this feature. This, essentially, makes it useless to you!

How much will this step cost you?
Nothing, except your pride!

Running Total: $670/year


Step 4 – Next Gen Squeeze Pages

All that you will “learn” in this step is how to use a generic squeeze page template. That’s literally it. The Mobile Money Machines 2 team literally just gives you access to a squeeze page template. They don’t even train you on how to write good content that can convert your potential visitors. I guess the good this is you don’t have to buy it…

How much will this step cost you?
Nothing, except lots of frustration!

Running Total: $670/year


Step 5 – Profit Stack #2 – Auto Cash Funnels

In this step you will learn how to create some follow up email messages using AWeber. The thing is, that they don’t actually tell you what kind of material you should be putting in the emails to convert your subscribers. Again, AWeber is a completely legit program, but if you don’t know what kind of content to write, it is basically useless to you.

You will also be referred to a text messaging program that allows you to send mass text messages to your phone lists. The thing is, this will likely cost you $49/month minimum and they don’t actually show you how to use this tool effectively!

How much will this step cost you?
Texting subscription: $49+/month which is $588+/year

Running Total: $1,258+/year


Step 6 – Turning On The Cash

This step might as well be called “Turning Off The Cash” because he’s just showing you another way to spend money, on Pay Per Click ads, without actually showing you how to use them. If you don’t know how to do PPC advertising correctly, you are guaranteed to fail and you will lose money. Also, not to mention, this is another cost that you will have to foot!

How much will this step cost you?
Google AdMob: $30+/month which is $360/year

Running Total: $1,618+/year





My Final Point

I don’t think I even need to continue with the rest of this review. I usually go more in-depth into the training provided, the customer support, the price, as well as any other relevant information. But, it’s just not worth my time to give this product any more of my time.

To conclude my point, just look at the complaints that have been filed with the Better Business Bereau (BBB) against Mobile Money Machines 2, none of which have been addressed by Frank Lucas or his staff:



Please, Please, Please Let Me Save You Time And Money

While Mobile Money Machines 2 is a horrid product, there are good resources out there for anyone looking to get started making money online. I will point you to two places: 1) my Resources Page where I summarize all of my recommended resources, and 2) my personal Wealthy Affiliate University review.

Wealthy Affiliate is an excellent community of people who are all working on creating a sustainable online income. The thing that differentiates Wealthy Affiliate from products like Mobile Money Machines 2 is that Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t promise anything.

What it does is provide you with the resources and training needed to succeed, but it’s up to you to implement what you learn and dedicate the time and energy into making it work for you. Just see for yourself how it compares to Mobile Money Machines 2:

Wealthy Affiliate is where I have learned literally everything I know about internet marketing, email marketing, website building, etc. ….basically everything you need to be successful online, if you’re willing to work for it!

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