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Product Name: MyThemeShop
Overall Rank: 8.4/10
Price: $0-$149/year
Owners: MyThemeShop

MyThemeShop-Review-FeatureMyThemeShop is a theme provider that specializes in creating responsive and easy to manage WordPress themes. MyThemeShop currently has 78 themes available with more each month. Of these 70+ themes, 14 are free to use and the remaining are premium, either in the form of a one-time fee or a recurring membership fee.

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MyThemeShop offers themes specialized for bloggers & writers, magazines & news, and eCommerce, business & shops. Each and every theme is fully responsive and mobile-ready, optimized by professional bloggers, hand-crafted from design to code, and easy to set up with single click installation.

I will begin by giving an overview of the four types of themes they offer. Then I will go into detail about what I like about MyThemeShop themes, what I dislike, who these themes are for, the support offered, and finish up with the pricing options.


Overview Of Themes

As mentioned previously MyThemeShop currently offers over 70 themes with 14 of those being free. All of the themes are categorized into four broad categories: “Blog”, “Magazine”, “eCommerce”, and “Business”. Here is a further explanation of these categories as well as two of the most popular themes from each (click on images for further details).

Blog” Themes

These themes are primarily intended for bloggers and writers who want to create the typical “blog” style of website. The focus is directed to the actual blog posts themselves and the chronological order in which they are published.


MyThemeShop Review - Yosemite


Socially Viral

MyThemeShop Review - SociallyViral


Magazine” Themes

This category of themes draws its inspiration more from news and magazine sites than the typical blog. There is a large focus on presenting a significant amount of information along with images in a relatively small space while still maintaining a nice aesthetic.







eCommerce” Themes

ECommerce themes are specifically designed for the functionality of an online store while maintaining the typical blog aspects of a website. These themes are able to be seamlessly integrated with the the most common and widely-used eCommerce plugins available.







Business” Themes

The business themes offered by MyThemeShop are specifically designed to be used by businesses of all sizes. They are designed to offer a very customization website optimized to highlight important information and media regarding your business.



MyThemeShop Review Architect





What I Like


Every single MyThemeShop theme is fully responsive and optimized for all mobile screen sizes. This is a huge relief as a surprisingly large number of popular themes still aren't mobile optimized. There is nothing you need to do, just simply install your theme, and it is mobile ready.

Customer Support

The amount of customer support and their responsiveness has been quite impressive. There have been multiple occasions where I've needed to ask a question or get help from the MyThemeShop staff. Each time I had a professional and courteous response within an hour. Needless to say, I was thoroughly surprised the first time this happened, but now it has simply become commonplace.

There is also an extensive community forum available for MyThemeShop users as well. As time goes on, I am finding that this forum is become more and more useful as the discussions and topics are continuing to grow.

Built In Optimization

All of the themes share very powerful core components. Each theme is optimized for speed, Search Engine Optimization, responsiveness, and social media integration. In addition, each theme is constructed from HTML5/CSS3 code, so you know it is stable and fully compatible with WordPress


The amount of customization available with each theme is rather astounding. Literally every aspect can be customized in a variety of ways: size, color, effect, transparency, location, etc. In addition, to make your life easier, there is a wide array of short-codes pre-programmed into the theme that will make your life a lot easier! You are also able to fully customize your theme dashboard within your WordPress admin dashboard. 


MyThemeShop has a few super useful plugins that they have been releasing to add even more functionality to your websites. I am actually utilizing the WP Review Pro plugin on this very post, up at the top, and every product review I write. The other plugins they offer are: WP Subscribe Pro, WP Mega Menu, and WP Review.

Regular Updates

Whenever there is a WordPress update, you can count on their being an update coming soon after from your MyThemeShop theme. They are always on top of making sure everything is up to date and fully compatible with the latest versions of WordPress and other plugins. To me, this shows me that they are very active in ensuring their customers have the best products available.

New Theme Each Month

In case you're bored with your current theme, MyThemeShop releases a new theme each month. It seems like each theme is better than the last, so much so that I'm seriously contemplating changing the theme of this website for a newer one!

Glimpse Into The Options Panel

In an effort to give you the most accurate description of what you get with each theme, I am going to give a rundown the options panel. Obviously I haven't used every theme they offer, but the following is a general idea of what you get. Of course, certain themes might have more or less options, but this should give you a good idea. Click on the underlined links in each section to see a full screenshot of each panel.

General Settings: The general settings tab allows you to upload your website’s logo and favicon. It also allows you to integrate your personal Twitter and FeedBurner URL as well as other options such as Prefetching.

StylingHere in the styling options you are allowed to create an infinite amount of color schemes by choosing primary and secondary colors to use throughout the site. You can also select for various homepage and post layouts.

Single PostsWithin the single post options you are able to personalize all aspects of your posts including: breadcrumbs, post meta information, author comments and highlighting, tag links, and a customized author box.

Social Media IntegrationWithin the social media integration options you can choose where and when to post sharing buttons from Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, and Pinterest.

Ad ManagementPlacing ads throughout your website is a breeze with the ad management options. You are able to insert advertisement code that will show up either below the header , below the post title, or below post content. Additionally you can limit the ads to showing up only after a certain number of days.

TypographyBeautiful text is critical to creating an attractive and easy to read website. MyThemeShop themes give you access to 17 standard fonts as well as the entire collection of 600+ Google fonts within their typography options.

Import/Export: Saving, backing up, and uploading all of the content on your site is made simple in the import/export options panel.

Header: The heading tab allows you to customize all aspects of the header, including the header logo, search forms, and floating navigation menus.

Translation: If your website will be read in multiple languages, all of the themes are multilanguage ready and optimized for easy translation.

Sidebars: There is an unlimited number of custom sidebars allowed for every type of post and page you could imagine: homepage, single post, single page, archives, 404 error pages, etc.


What I Don't Like

The biggest issue is these themes are not meant to be used by web-designers looking to create a completely 100% unique website design. You are able to implement CSS customization, but you are still ultimately constrained to the framework within which the theme was constructed. However, unless you are an advanced web designer this will not be a problem for you.

Another minor fallback regarding MyThemeShop’s themes is that all of their themes have a similar look and feel about them. None of them are super different from any of the others but this is to be expected when they all share a similar foundational framework.


Who Are MyThemeShop Themes For?

MyThemeShop themes are designed for a wide array of users, from the budding blogger to the skilled web developer. As long as you are not trying to create an extremely complicated and customized website you should be happy with all of the customization and features MyThemeShop has to offer.



Helpful Links - MyThemeShop offers a "Knowledge Base", forum, video tutorials, and customization services to it's customers.The support available to MyThemeShop users is adequate and varies depending on the level of money you spend. Users of the free themes are given access to the Knowledge Base, video tutorials, as well as the extensive FAQ section of the site.

If you are a paying customer you will have additional access to a large and robust forum, customization services, as well as personal support from MyThemeShop staff. As I mentioned above, I can personally attest to the responsiveness, friendliness, and helpfulness of the staff through my own email interactions with them. 



MyThemeShop has a relatively simple, tier-based pricing scheme. Of course, you are able to utilize some of their themes and services for free. If you want access to a paid theme you can either purchase a single theme for $45, or you can purchase a regular membership for a one time fee of $87 plus a recurring charge of $15 per month. If you are developing multiple websites, the Developer package is probably what you want to go for at a $127 initial fee with a $15 recurring monthly charge. 

I will let this chart explain the differences:


These prices may seem to be a lot, but when you consider the quality of the themes, along with the constant updating and behind the scenes work going on by the MyThemeShop staff, I think it is an extremely good value!

Also, if you use my custom coupon code “KirbysMarketing25” you will receive 25% off your purchase!


Final Verdict

MyThemeShop offers highly functional, customizable, and visually pleasing themes. The themes can be used for a variety of purposes as they have a lot of functionality embedded in their DNA.

If you are looking for a collection of solid and well-supported themes to choose from then I would highly recommend checking out what MyThemeShop has to offer!

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Have you had any experience using MyThemeShop themes? Are there any really awesome aspects I have forgotten to mention? Have you had any negative experiences with them? Please drop me comment in the comments section below.

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