Online Success Plan AKA Mo’s Success Plan Review – Both Not Worth Your Time!

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Product Name: Online Success Plan AKA Mo's Success Plan
Overall Rank: 1.9/10
Price: $97, $77
Owners: Jordan Daniels

User Rating 2.14 (7 votes)
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In this review I will be looking at Online Success Plan..or wait…maybe it’s Mo’s Success Plan. We’re already off to a bad start here.

Researching this product further I realized that these are actually the exact same thing!

They are just simply branded and packaged differently. In fact, even if you’re looking at the web page selling Online Success Plan, you will notice that the URL is actually “”.


Already things aren't exactly adding up…

This misrepresentation by itself is enough to set my alarm bells off, but I decided to delve in a little deeper. Here is what I discovered:


The Good

To be honest, there wasn’t exactly a lot of good aspects of Jordan Daniels’ program. I guess if I’m forced to choose it’s that, in principle, the theory behind Online Success Plan (Mo’s Success Plan) is legitimate. That is, they say they will give you a website that “provides information online that makes people happy, which leads to money dumps into your PayPal account”.

That sounds great, but, he’s missing quite a few steps in-between providing good content and money in your pockets. In fact, the process to get to the point of making money is actually going to take you some time, months in most cases, and a lot of dedication.

Anything that is promising easy, instant money is 99.9% of the time a scam, or at the very least, selling you a product that has a VERY small chance of actually making money online.

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The Bad

Now I want to point out just a few of the red flags I noticed about this product. The thing is, if you know how to recognize a scam, you will be immediately suspicious of this product.


Who Is Jordan Daniels?

The creator of this product is a “Guru” named Jordan Daniels. In the promo video he claims to be some sort of internet marketing revolutionary who is making a million dollars every six weeks.


Who are you Mr. Daniels?!? And what is this “Secret System'?!?

If he was truly this popular, you’d think there would be a lot of information out there. When you Google “Jordan Daniels” you get results for a college basketball player, a female bodybuilder, and many other Jordan Daniels, none of which are the self-made internet millionaire Jordan Daniels.


Vague Product Descriptions

Throughout all of the promotional materials, not once do they tell/show you what the actual product is you will be buying. There are loose references to some sort of “millionaire websites” that provide “information online that makes people happy”.

What kind of websites are these? Where are they hosted? What sort of information will they be displaying? How do these websites make you money? These are all unanswered questions…

In my mind, I would never buy anything without actually knowing what you are getting for your money. Would you buy a car after only reading a classified ad describing it as “a vehicle that starts”?!? NO, that would be completely ridiculous….so why would you do it with anything else?!?


Requires Phone Number

Call me paranoid, but I give my phone number out to as few people as possible. I definitely don’t want to be giving it out to some random, super sketchy product. They claim that this is for a personal 1-on-1 coaching session, but I’m not willing to risk that!



Media Endorsements

The first video you see when you come to their website is a compilation of various news stories about individuals who have been successful working from home. They are super general and by no mean are talking specifically about this product.


Just because a story is about “Work At Home Opportunities” doesn't mean their endorsing your product…

Also, the entire page is plastered with national news outlets’ logos. Just putting a logo on your website doesn’t actually mean that you have been mentioned on them. I could put a logo on this website if I wanted, but I would be sure to link you to the stories, something that Jordan Daniels does not do.


There's no way all of these stations have endorsed your product Mr. Daniels!


Scarcity Tactics

You are told that there are only 50 spots available to access this amazing product. The thing is, I was researching this product a month ago and it told me the same thing. If it’s really as good as it claims to be, you’d think those 50 spots would’ve filled up by now…


Also, because Mr. Daniels is portraying himself to be some sort of Robin Hood type character, he is only allowing those of us poor individuals who make less than 200k/year have access to his product….ok?


Am I regular enough for you?


Rags-To-Riches Story

If you actually believe the promotional videos, Mr. Daniels has an incredible story. He started off with nothing, barely able to survive until he came up with this magical formula. This formula was a revolutionary formula that made him and his friends millionaires overnight. Now he wants to share this formula with you.

Don’t be fooled. This is just another tactic used to get you emotionally invested in the product. He’s sucking you in psychologically so that you think he’s doing you a service by providing you with this life changing opportunity.


False Promises

Mr. Daniels guarantees that you will make a minimum of $500 if you purchase Online Success Plan (Mo’s Success Plan). This is an awfully bold claim for someone to make!


It turns out this isn't entirely true. This $500 comes in the form of a check he will send you if you decide you want a refund within the first 30 days. This sounds great, but these “money back guarantees” are typically much more difficult to cash in on than they claim. Most of these have so much red tape and conditions that it’s almost impossible to take full advantage of them.


Promises You A Car

During the first promo video, Mr. Daniels says you will be given a car after you reach a certain income level. While this may be true, I’m sure that level is nearly impossible to reach.

What this really is, is another marketing tactic. It’s basically the same is hanging a carrot from a stick in front of a donkey. The donkey sees the carrot in front of it, just beyond its reach so he will never be able to actually eat it. In this case, the car is the carrot and you are the donkey!



It always kills me when I am hit with downsells. First of all, a merchant should always know what their product is worth and they should be confident enough in their product that people would be willing to pay that price. As soon as I start seeing downsells it shows me the product probably really isn’t as valuable as they make it seem.


Also, if Online Success Plan (Mo’s Success Plan) is so good, limited (only 50 spots), and in such high demand why do you need to decrease the price for me to buy it?


Product Overview

To be completely honest with you, I can’t tell you exactly what you get when you purchase this product. I’m not willing to spend my money on something I can tell is completely worthless from the very beginning.

From what the promo video says, you will be given access to some pre-built websites that will make you millions without you having to do much of anything. (Impossible!)


Who Is It For?




The initial proposed prices is free with a “maintenance donation” of $97. This is just a fancy way of making $97 hurt a little less when it leaves your pocket.


If you attempt to close the webpage, you will be prompted to stay. If you elect to do so, you will be given a $20 coupon bringing the price down to a one time fee of $77, far more than this product is worth in my opinion.


Final Opinion And A Better Alternative

My final opinion is you should avoid Online Success Plan or Mo’s Success Plan at all costs. I really don’t think there is anything this product offers that will actually help you to earn any significant money online.

If you are truly interested in starting your own online business, there are much better resources for you to choose from. You must also know that it won’t happen overnight and won’t be easy. Nobody makes money without doing any work, so why would making money online be any different?

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