Paid Surveys At Home Review – Just Another Paid Survey Site You Should Avoid

Paid Surveys At Home Ratings
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Product Name: Paid Surveys at Home
Overall Rank: 1.8/10
Price: Starts at $68 one-time payment with downsells to $34, $17, & $8.
Owners: Patricia Johnson

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Paid-Surveys-At-Home-Review---Just-Another-Paid-Survey-Site-You-Should-Avoid-FeatureIn this review I will be taking a quick look at Paid Surveys at Home. Honestly, I’m getting sick and tired of reviewing these survey sites that charge you a fee to join. They are all the same thing; they simply charge to be a middleman between you and survey sites that are FREE to sign up for.

Because Paid Surveys at Home is just another version of the previous two survey sites I have reviewed, Click 4 Surveys and, I am not going to go into much detail on this review.

The only thing that you need to know is: Paid Surveys at Home is a complete scam, makes incredibly inaccurate and dishonest statements in its promotional material, and WILL NOT make you any significant money.

If you are interested in taking surveys, I would recommend checking out these two websites. I have used them both in the past and they are both free to use. Remember, you're not going to be making a full-time income from them, but they will generate some income for you over time: 

The Good

Nothing is good about this survey site. The only good thing I came across was that their sales video was only a few minutes long so it wasn't too painful to sit through!


The Bad

Just about everything within Paid Surveys at Home is bad. Even their website is not attractive and seems to have been made about ten years without being updated since.


Product Overview

You will be given a database of possible surveys you may qualify to take from third party survey administrators. According to their promotional material you will also have chances to try out new products and watch movie trailers and other awesome things. The truth is, I have no faith that any of these will actually be available.

Essentially, what you get is a list of surveys you could apply to FOR FREE from the actual survey administrators' websites.


Training and Tools




Next to none.



The initial price offered is $68 but you are immediately offered a coupon code for 50% off which brings the initial price down to $34. If you attempt to exit the sales page without purchasing you will be given another 50% off, bringing it down to $17. I also believe you can get it down to $8 based on their affiliate marketers information, but I wasn’t willing to stick around long enough to get to that point.

Also, for future reference, if a product is willing to continually cut its prices down further and further, that is a tell-tale sign the product is essentially worthless…and probably a scam.

I’m also sure there will be additional upsells within the members area. They probably won’t be for survey related products, but they will be there.


Final Opinion + Better Alternative

No, don’t even consider Paid Surveys at Home. If you do, you will be sorely sorry once you realize you will only be making $10 a month, maybe $20 if you’re lucky.

If you want to make money from home, I’m sorry to say that it will not be as easy as simply filling out surveys. The truth is, anybody who has actually been successful at making money online has spent countless hours learning the process, researching niches and products, writing copy, and producing content. Money doesn’t come easily and neither does success online.

However, if you want to position yourself in the best possible way to actually turn a profit online, then it is critical you surround yourself with the best educational community possible. In my opinion, this is, without a doubt, Wealthy Affiliate University.

I’ll admit, I was a bit put off by the name at first, but I did my research and decided to give it a shot. It is where I have learned everything I know regarding internet marketing and website building. The reason exists is because of Wealthy Affiliate.

If you are seriously trying to figure out a way to make money online, please have a look at my in-depth review of everything Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. If you are interested, give it a shot for free and see what you think!


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