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Product Name: Paid Social Media Jobs
Overall Rank: 5.2/10
Price: $47 One-Time Fee
Owners: Unknown

User Rating 2.5 (2 votes)
Comments Rating 0 (0 reviews) a social media presence in today’s world is almost a prerequisite for success for any company. If a business doesn’t have a Facebook page or a Twitter profile they are going to have a difficult time reaching out to their increasingly tech dependent customers.

However, many companies, big and small, do not actually have the know-how or manpower to create and manage their own social media presence. These companies know they need to have somebody do this for them, but are unwilling to hire someone full-time.

This is where comes in. (PSMJ from now on) is essentially a service that connects the aforementioned companies with individuals like you and I who are willing to create and manage their social media presences. PSMJ is essentially a jobs board that users pay a once-off fee to gain access to.


What Does Do Right?

  • The core of what PSMJ does, connect people with social media opportunities, is super effective and works well. The jobs board is consistently updated with the latest offers and positions available and is relatively easy to use and navigate. If you have the qualifications and experience, you should have no problem finding some adequately paying social media jobs.
  • PSMJ does offer a limited amount of training content and videos for its members. The videos are well put together and easy to follow. However, the videos might not actually be that useful to you if you are a beginner (see next section).
  • Finally, PSMJ provides a legitimate service. So many “services” like this don’t really do what they say they will. PSMJ, however, does exactly what it says it will; nothing more, nothing less. The ease with which you can make the kind of money their promotional material claims as quickly as it claims is another story (see next section).


What Does Do Wrong?

  • The biggest bone I have to pick with PSMJ is it is much more difficult to be successful with their service than all of the “hype” their promotional material makes it seem. Their primary sales page is a story about a woman who had little to no previous social media experience, but decided to quit her job to work full-time from jobs she receives from PSMJ. I’m pretty sure that, if this is actually a true story, it is a very rare case indeed.
  • This brings me to my next problem. Contrary to their promotional material, PSMJ is not going to work very well for beginners. The training they offer does not actually teach you social marketing skills as much as it does to pitch yourself for potential job offers. If you don’t have the basic skills, how are you supposed to ever be considered for a job? If you are truly a beginner, and want to succeed with PSMJ you will need to train yourself elsewhere because you won’t get it from PSMJ.
  • Even if you are able to adequately manage social media, many of the job descriptions request you have some sort of higher education in social media management, public relations, or marketing. If you don’t have these qualifications, you are simply out of luck.
  • The final problem I have with PSMJ has to do with your competition. Because PSMJ jobs are open to anyone in the entire world, you will be in competition from equally competent individuals from 3rd world countries who will happily complete the requested tasks for much less money than you would be happy with. If you live in a Western country, it may be difficult to find any jobs that are worth your while.


What Does Your Membership Give You?

Upon payment of your one-time membership fee, you will be given access to two elements within PSMJ: the jobs board and training modules.

Jobs Board

The jobs board is essentially a service similar to If you are not familiar with, PSMJ basically has a webpage that shows two things: job openings from all of the companies looking for workers, and proposals from individuals looking for work.

The job openings give a very specific explanation of exactly what will be expected of you, should they choose you to manage their social media. This ranges from creating social media accounts on various social media platforms, posting content, responding to customers, etc. The description also gives a complete breakdown of what your compensation will be: paid hourly, paid by the job, etc.

You are also able to make yourself available on the jobs board. You can say what types of jobs you are willing to do and how much you are expecting to be paid. For example, you could say you will create a Facebook business page and post once a day for $20/hr. Then, if any potential employers are looking for someone to do what you have offered you may be in luck!


To be honest, the training (if you can call it that) is extremely lacking. There are some training modules available to help you get started with creating basic social media profiles; however, nothing that will prepare you to actually do many of the jobs requested on the jobs board. Most of what the training offers is how you can better sell yourself to potential employers. If you don’t already know what you are doing, you will not learn it adequately from the training PSMJ offers.

See my number one recommendation for social media training.


Who Is For?

Simply put, PSMJ is for those individuals who already have a solid foundation (preferably some relevant, formal education) in social media marketing. They must also have a lot of experience in order to qualify for many of the jobs.

Because of this, PSMJ is NOT for those who are beginner social media marketers and do not have any expertise or experience with social media marketing. If this is you, and you join PSMJ, you will be stuck with the most menial, lowest paying jobs available. (Nobody wants that).


Will Your Questions Be Answered??

No! The support offered by PSMJ is basically nonexistent. The support page is not updated frequently and only contains responses to the most basic questions; most of which are questions that only prospective members might have. Once you have paid and are a member you are basically on your own.


How Much Does Cost?

Surprisingly, PSMJ is relatively affordable and there aren’t any unexpected upsells. You pay a one-time payment of $47 and you are given lifetime access to the jobs board. They also claim to offer a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee in case you are unhappy with their product (which is never a sure thing anymore). This seems relatively reasonable to me.

PSMJ says that the one-time fee is to support their small staff, website maintenance, and continued pursuit of and relationships with employers.


What’s My Final Recommendation recommendation regarding is split. If you have a strong social media background then I would say give it a shot and see what happens. With the minimal, one-time membership fee you aren’t really going to be set back too much. The product is legitimate and, who knows, maybe you’ll find a fun, well-paying job!

See also: How To Determine If An Online Offer Is Legit

On the other hand, if you do not have much experience in the world of social media, I would recommend staying away from PSMJ. You will be sorely disappointed when you have paid the subscription fee and can’t actually get any good jobs from their jobs board. Instead, I would recommend looking at other options and resources that can offer better, more relevant training (See below).


What Are Your Other Options?

If you feel you do not have a good enough understanding of all the aspects of social media, but would like to learn how to manage social media, as well as many other aspects of online marketing, I would highly recommend checking out Wealthy Affiliate University.

While social media marketing is a small portion of all the training offered there, it is significantly more in-depth and relevant than the training you will receive from PSMJ.


Have you used before? Do you have any questions or comments regarding their product or services? If so, please leave me a comment below to help your fellow readers out! Also, to keep in touch with my latest product reviews, tutorials, and other relevant Internet Marketing material, please subscribe to my weekly newsletter here:


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