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Product Name: Perpetual Cash Machine
Overall Rank: 5.4/10
Price: $17 One-Time Fee + Possible Upsells
Owners: Jonathan Teng

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Perpetual-Cash-Machine-Review---Good-Information-But-Poorly-Packaged-FeatureIn this review I am going to be taking an in-depth look at a relatively new product called “Perpetual Cash Machine”. This product was created by Jonathan Teng and claims to allow you to “Copy & Paste [an] amazingly simple formula which made me $11,944.93 in just 8 days”.

On the surface, Perpetual Cash Machine (referred to as PCM from now on) showed many of the typical signs of a poor quality product that was trying to profit off of you, rather than help you make money for yourself.

However, after taking the risk and spending the $17 to purchase the product, I was pleased to find out there is actually some really good information to learn from…just not at all what the promotional material promises you.

Note: Because PCM does provide valuable information, I am actively promoting it with affiliate links throughout this review. If you purchase this product I will get a commission. I only do this for products I am comfortable referring my readers to.


Quick Review

Overall, I think PCM has the potential to teach you a lot about certain aspects of internet marketing, but it definitely will not allow you to make amazingly huge sums of money in a matter of days.

On the contrary, the videos you are given will show you how to create a fairly complex paid membership website that may or may not make you money. In fact, it takes 121 videos, each 5-10 minutes long, to teach you everything it takes to do this and drive a good amount of traffic to your site.

PCM will teach you quite a lot about building an online business, but they are not at all what the promotional material claims. The training is fast-paced, complex, and at times, confusing videos that will take many days, if not weeks to get through.


In-Depth Review

Now I will take an extremely in-depth look at exactly what Perpetual Cash Machine is. I will begin by discussing what I liked and disliked about PCM. Then I will take a look at exactly what you will receive upon buying the program and, finally, I will discuss the who should buy this product, the support you will receive, pricing, give you my final recommendation as well as some alternative training programs.

As I go through this section and the next, I will be discussing what I liked and disliked about both the promotional material and the actual product. In my mind, how a product is promoted can tell us a lot about the mentality of the creators and what their true intentions are. In the case of PCM, you will see that the promotional material and the actual product don’t really line up at all.


What I Like – Promotional Material

Understands The Opportunity That Exists Online.

Mr. Teng seems to have a good understanding of the massive opportunity that exists in the world of online marketing. He talks about the billions of dollars spent online each year and the fact that building your own website continues to get easier and easier. He also discusses the relative ease in which you can do basic market research to determine profitable niches as well as huge traffic sources available to all.


Honest About The Challenges Of Getting Started Online

He is open and upfront about the prevalence of scammy/worthless material out there promising you success, but, in reality, are just trying to get their hands in your pockets without providing anything in return. The ironic thing is a good portion of PCM’s sales page comes off this way as well, which is rather unfortunate because I think PCM has lots to offer.


Good Math

Rather than just saying he is making money from his website, he provides a mathematical example of how he is doing so and how you could do the same. I really appreciate this because it shows he understands the basic concepts of creating a profitable business using Facebook Advertising and Google Adwords.


What I Like – Actual Product


The videos you receive are clear, easy to understand, and well organized. They are a combination of PowerPoint style lists and bullet points as well as screen capture video, all narrated by a voice that I am assuming in Mr. Teng’s.


Here is a screenshot from one of Mr. Teng's training videos. In it he is walking you through setting up a WordPress plugin called S2.


This “over-the-shoulder” style of video make it relatively easy to follow along with what he is showing you because you can see exactly what he is doing.

In-Depth Training

I really appreciate the detail the videos get into, particularly with traffic generation and the use of social media to draw visitors to your site. There is a training video for, literally, every type of traffic generation, social media and non-social media, you could imagine.

Sound Training & Instruction

As far as I can tell from the videos I have watched (there are far too many to watch them all), it seems like Mr. Teng has a solid foundation and understanding of what it takes to be successful online. This knowledge definitely comes across in his training videos. He is very confident in the information he is giving you.


What I Don’t Like – Promotional Material

Scammy/Dishonest Language

Unfortunately, PCM’s promotional pages are filled with all sorts of scammy material and unsubstantiated claims. They claim easy money that doesn’t take any work, huge profits in a matter of days, and a system where you can simply “copy & paste” success.


This is a screenshot straight from the top of Perpetual Cash Machine's sales page. You can see why I had a negative first impression of this product.


In addition, the fact that there are over 120 training videos, each around 10 minutes long, tells you that this is not some super simple concept that can be accomplished in days.

Selling A Lifestyle Not A Product

Not once in any of the promotional material are you ever told specifically what you will be getting if you actually spend the money to buy this product. Instead, Mr. Teng is selling you on a lifestyle. He tries to get you to buy into a dream lifestyle that he claims his product will provide, rather than trusting the product to speak for itself.


This is the point in the sales pitch where he tries to sell a lifestyle. In my opinion, you can't promise a lifestyle. That is just setting people up for failure and disappointment.


In fact, there is even an entire section of the sales page titled: “It’s About Lifestyle”. In it, he promises you a life without debts, with no job and no commitments. A life where you can sleep in every day, travel the world, buy as many houses as you want, and donate money to every cause that has ever been in your heart. Sorry to break it to you, but this is not likely to happen for a very long time!

“Secret” Techniques

On multiple occasions, Mr. Teng claims he has secret information and techniques that no-one else has except for himself and anyone who buys the secrets from him. This is simply not true, in fact, I don’t believe there are really any “secrets” about how the internet works and how to run a successful online business anymore.

Pretty much everything, other than Google’s algorithms, is public and can be researched and utilized. The only question is whether or not you want to dedicate the time and energy to figure it all out yourself, or pay someone to teach it to you.

Online Business Isn’t As Simple As He Claims

In theory, the approach Mr. Teng has taken to create an online business is relatively straightforward and simple, but when you look closer, it isn’t simple at all. In fact, it is quite complicated, confusing, and expensive. Here is the process he describes in his example and the steps he took, each step followed by all of the icky hard work he forgets to mention:

Step 1: Registered a new product on Clickbank. There are entire courses whose sole purpose are to train you on how to successfully create a product to promote on Clickbank.

Step 2: Created an invitation page for affiliate marketers to promote this product. Creating an invitation page requires you to know how to purchase a domain name, secure hosting, and use WordPress or some other content management system.

Step 3: Placed an ad on Facebook to promote the offer. Placing ads on Facebook is a relatively straightforward task. However, doing it correctly, without throwing your money away, is another story.

Step 4: Sent an email promotion to his subscribers list. Building an email list takes many months, even years, to accomplish…assuming you know how to do it correctly.

Step 5: Created Pay Per Click advertising through Google’s Adwords advertising platform. Creating a PPC campaign can be extremely costly and a complete waste of time and money unless you know exactly what you are doing. You must know the rate at which your content is converting and the value of each click coming to and from your website.

Step 6: Allowed other affiliate marketers to sell his products for him. To have affiliate marketers sell your product for you, you must create a wide array of sales tools and affiliate resources for them to utilize. There are resources to teach you how to do this, but it is definitely not something you can do in a matter of hours.


What I Don’t Like – Actual Product


Immediately upon purchasing the product you are hit with an upsell, before you can even access the material. The product they are trying to get you to buy is some sort of VIP coaching team that requires another fee and a possible monthly subscription.


Another upsell comes when you get to the content of the product. There are three steps for you to take. The first is an upsell to get you to buy further training, the second is downloading the training material you actually purchased, and the third is going to PCM’s affiliate page.

I hate it when a product uses itself as a way to get it’s buyers to purchase more products. Do you know why they do this? To get more money from you, either by you purchasing more of their personal products, or by getting an affiliate commission by referring you to different products.

Massive File Sizes

The training material you receive comes in the form of 5 giant .zip folders that you must download. Between the five of them the total file size was about 1.5 Gigabytes. Unzipped that works out to be just under 2 Gigabytes.


It seems that it would be much more effective to simply host the videos on the PCM website instead of forcing us to download huge files. Not to mention, if you aren’t too good with computers you may have difficulty actually downloading and unzipping the files.

Complicated Concepts With Many Assumptions

Even though the videos are fairly easy to follow and understand, the material he is covering definitely isn’t absolute beginner material like the promotional material claims. In fact, if you are truly a beginner, I’m afraid you will be lost from the beginning. Mr. Teng moves quickly and assumes you understand the basics.

Fast Moving Content

Mr. Teng speaks quickly throughout all of his videos. He explains concepts and steps rapidly and moves on to the next point as soon as possible. If you are confused or need to think about something he has said, you will be doing a lot of stopping, rewinding, and repeating.

Poor User Interface And Content Delivery

As I briefly mentioned before, all you get is a bunch of files to download to your computer. While this works, it isn’t the most user friendly way to teach something. I would prefer a much more user friendly delivery system, for example, a membership website where you can both download and/or stream the videos, has them organized in a more user-friendly way, and has some sort of support/community. Speaking of community and support…

Community And Support Is Non-Existent

If I am purchasing a product, I would like to know I can have any questions I may have answered. I also would like to know that there are others who are venturing through the training alongside me. Neither of these exist within PCM. There is an option for support, but it takes you to some 3rd party support system which, in my mind, is a cop-out.

Very Complicated And Time Intensive

Contrary to all of the promotional material, the concepts and steps Mr. Teng teaches are quite complicated and time intensive. They are definitely not “copy & paste” like he claims. In order to follow the training you will have to do a lot of research, writing, registering for 3rd party products and subscriptions, and even some technical things.

What he is teaching is also not a “set it and leave it” sort of thing either. In fact, he suggests you write 10-15 new pieces of content a month as well as unique “premium” content as well.

Refers You To Many 3rd Party Products

On the sales page it is made to seem that PCM will be providing you with a one-stop-shop to a successful website. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. In reality, you will be required to create accounts/subscribe with multiple 3rd party products including: email marketing services, JVZoo Affiliate Platform, S2 Membership Platform, OSTicket, among others. Some of these are free to use, but others require a one time purchase or a paid subscription.


Product Overview

Here I will be taking an in-depth look at each of the 5 training modules provided. This will be a lengthy description, so if you’re not interested, simply skip to the next session.

Module 1: The PCM System

This module consists of 20 videos walking you through the 8 step process of setting up your paid membership website and integrating all of the necessary platforms and components together allowing it to run smoothly. This also involves choosing your niche, buying a domain name, purchasing hosting, integrating payment processing, setting up an autoresponder, writing content, obtaining traffic, etc.

Here are the videos included:

  • Step 1: Selecting Your Niche And Membership
  • Step 2: Sourcing Your Basic Monthly Content
  • Step 3: Your Platform-WordPress (2 videos)
  • Step 4: Your Payment Processor JVZoo
  • Step 5: Your Autoresponder
  • Step 6: Your Sales Page (2 videos)
  • Step 7: Your Traffic Sources
  • Step 8: Your Setup Process (9 videos)
  • Step 9: Your Maintenance Process
  • Step 10: When The Membership Ends
Module 2: Traffic Tactics V1

This is the first of three modules dedicated to teaching you the various methods of drawing traffic to your website. Between the three, besides knocking on doors and passing out fliers, they literally cover just about every possible way to generate traffic.

This module contains 17 videos regarding:

  • Forums
  • Blogs
  • News Directories
  • Blog Comments
  • Press Releases
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Google Plus
  • Yahoo Answers
  • Keyword Research
  • Hubpages
  • Daily Deals
  • Tumblr
  • Reddit
  • Delicious
Module 3: Traffic Tactics V2

This module picks up where the last left off and contains 18 videos discussing the following topics:

  • Stumbled Upon
  • Blogger
  • Guest Posting
  • Udemy
  • Warrior Forum (3 videos)
  • Viral EBooks
  • Viral Applications
  • Mail Newsletter
  • Google Alerts
  • Building Relationships (4 videos)
Module 4: Traffic Tactics V3

Module 4 is the final traffic generation module and builds off of the previous two modules. It contains a total of 16 videos on the following topics:

  • Building Relationships (4 videos)
  • Video Marketing (3 videos)
  • Paid Advertising (3 videos)
  • Approaching Bloggers
  • Advanced Sharing Groups
  • Publishing Books To Kindle
  • Start A Blog Talk Radio Show
  • Publish Your Blog To Kindle
Module 5: Social Media Marketing

This final module is solely focused on social media marketing. It contains 50 videos with multiple videos on each of the major social media platforms.

  • Social Media Overview
  • Facebook (14 videos)
  • Twitter (15 videos)
  • Google Plus (10 videos)
  • LinkedIn (5 videos)
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Vine
  • Pinterest
  • Using A Blog As Social Media Hub
  • Empire Avenue


Who Is Paid Cash Machine For?

Contrary to what Mr. Feng claims, I do not think this product is for absolute beginners. If this is you, I’m afraid you will be overwhelmed and confused right from the start. In reality, this product is for those who have a basic understanding of the internet and internet marketing and are searching for an in-depth look at setting up a paid membership site and diversifying their traffic sources.



The support system within PCM is lacking, to say the least. You are prompted to sign up for some sort of third party support system once you purchase the product. In my opinion, this is more of a way to make you feel like you have support, rather than actually providing you with quality support.

Additionally, when you click in the “Need Support? Click Here!” button in the PCM members’ area, it actually takes you back to the PCM sales page…a lot of help that will be!



The price of PCM is a one-time fee of $17, plus all of the additional products and services you will need to purchase to complete the training, plus any upsells and additional offers you decided to purchase.


Of course, Mr. Teng does the whole “my product is worth hundreds of dollars, but I'm giving you a super special deal” type of thing.


Im my experience, I'll conservatively guesstimate it will cost you upwards of $50 of one-time fees plus at least a monthly subscription fee of $20 for all of the other services you will need to be a part of.


My Final Opinion

In conclusion, I think there is definitely a lot of valuable information that can be learned from what Perpetual Cash Machine has to offer. This product is packaged so poorly that what you actually get is not at all what you were sold.

It would be like me buying a simple 20 piece puzzle for my make-believe child only to discover that each piece is actually made up of 10 smaller pieces and you need to buy three other sets of puzzles to complete the initial 20 piece puzzle. In the end, you will have a beautifully complete puzzle, but the process was much more complex, confusing, and expensive than the initial box claimed.

If you want to buy this product, you will have purchased a plethora of quality, informative training videos. However, I do believe there are much better alternatives available.


Alternative Training Resources

If you are dead set on creating Clickbank products and utilizing their affiliate network and resources, like you would with PCM, then I would highly recommend checking out a product called Clickbank University. This is an online classroom, created by Clickbank itself, training you on product creation and promotion.

On the other-hand, if you are interested in creating a more well-rounded, stable, realistic, and sustainable online business, then I would highly recommend checking out a resource called Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is actually where I learned everything I know about building a website, creating and online business, and actually making sustainable income online.

The great thing about Wealthy Affiliate is it is very down-to-earth, has a huge supportive and active community of like-minded internet marketers, is completely transparent and honest, provides training on literally every aspect of internet marketing, and is free to begin and can remain free for as long as you like. If you’re interested, go check out my in-depth review of exactly what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer by clicking here.


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