Ranking Miracle 2.0 Review – Not Miraculous, But Not Too Bad

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Product Name: Ranking Miracle 2.0
Overall Rank: 6.2/10
Price: $27 One-Time Fee with Downsell to $17 + Possible Upsells
Owners: Dan Cheong
Website: www.RankingMiracle.com

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Ranking-Miracle-2-Review---Not-Miraculous,-But-Not-Too-Bad-FeatureIn this review I will be taking a look at a product I have recently come across and purchased called Ranking Miracle 2.0. After looking through the content and watching a majority of the videos offered, I feel confident I can provide some good insight into what this product offers and whether or not it is worth the money.

Quick Review

Ranking Miracle 2.0 will give you a good, solid overview of everything you need to know to make a successful SEO (Search Engine Optimization) based website. The owner talks about a lot of the theory and steps you can take but doesn’t actually show you how to do most of them other than the basics of getting your site up and running.

There is no support and some of the training videos are in reference to outdated versions of WordPress, so as more time passes, this product will become less and less useful. However, if you spend the money, I do think you will get your money’s worth as Ranking Miracle 2.0 is fairly cheap and offers a lot of good, solid, well-founded information.


Full Review

Now, if you’re still reading this, this is the point where I go much more in depth! I will first discuss the aspects of Ranking Miracle 2.0 (RM from now on) I like followed by what I dislike. I will then give a detailed look at exactly what you will get when you purchase this product. I will talk about who this product is for, the support you will receive, and how much it will cost you. I’ll finish by offering my final opinion and offering other/better training alternatives! Let’s get this thing rolling!


What I Like

Fairly Honest Sales Pitch

I believe you can learn a lot about a product by its promotional material. Typically, if a product isn’t too good, the promotional material will be all hype and no substance. If it’s a great product, the promo material will be less hype and more about telling you what you will get and how it will help you find success.

I found RM to be right in the middle. The promotional video wasn’t filled with all of the crazy claims about making you millions of dollars and not requiring any work. In fact, it was actually pretty honest about SEO and what it entails and that it is a legitimate way to create online income, but it also requires you to do the work to make it happen. However, it didn’t actually ever tell me exactly what I was going to get upon purchasing the product.


Understands SEO

Remember, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which basically means how to get search engines to find your websites more than your competitors' sites. The creator of RM has a firm grasp of SEO and all it entails, as well as the enormous potential it offers to anyone willing to stick with it.


He knows how to use keywords effectively, build authority, how to best understand the algorithms behind the search engines, as well as many of the most common white hat (good)…and black hat (bad) methods of getting ranked highly.


Encourages High Quality Content

The core of good SEO is providing high-quality, informative content that people actually want to read and answers the questions they are asking when they perform their searches. Impressively, this is the primary method RM teaches to obtaining “Miracle Rankings”!


This, to me, is a great sign. Quality content is the most sustainable and safe way to create an income online but usually takes the most time. This is why most products try to scam you into believing there are quicker and easier alternatives. I’m sorry to say that there isn’t, and the fact that RM knows that is great!


Well Done Videos

The videos you receive are easy to watch and easy to listen to. Most of the videos are presentation style where you are watching some sort of presentation while listening to a narrator. Speaking of the narrator, he speaks quickly, clearly, and smoothly without any awkward pauses or “ums”.

Some of the videos, when he’s actually showing you what to do, are done in the “over-the-shoulder” style. This makes it really easy to follow along and do everything he is doing along with him.


Walks You Through The Basics

The first modules of RM take you through all the steps of getting your website up and running on a solid foundation, starting from the very beginning. He will show you how to find hosting, install and setup WordPress, install a theme, integrate Google Analytics, etc. These are all the basic elements to get your site up and running on the right foot


Refers To Quality Products And Resources

Throughout the training videos, you will be referred to many outside products and services. Almost all of them are high-quality resources that I have used or would be comfortable recommending you to. Also, they are just recommended by a shout-out in the videos, not through affiliate links. This means they’re referring them to be of value to you and not solely to make more money off of you.


Bonus Material: Technical Training & WordPress Basics

Out of all of the bonus material, these are the two sections that I think will be the most useful. The Technical Training videos consist of a lot of really good over-the-shoulder style videos walking you through the more technical aspects of hosting, WordPress, and creating various types of content. The WordPress Basics section is self-explanatory.


Things I Don’t Like

Static Product/Not Updated

Ranking Miracle 2.0 is a static product. By that, I mean it was created at a single point in time and will not be updated to reflect changes that happen after that specific point of time. Therefore, it is useful now, but eventually, as WordPress, Google's algorithms, and other tools are updated over time, it will become obsolete. This means that as time passes, RM will lose its value to you.


No Support/Community

Nowhere within the members’ area is there an opportunity to receive support, comment, and/or ask questions related to the training material. Therefore, if you are confused by something in the videos or need clarification, you’re out of luck.

In my opinion, this is one of the biggest drawbacks about most products like this. In this business it is so important to be able to bounce ideas off of your peers, ask them for help, and just build a network of like-minded online business owners. That’s simply not going to happen with this product.


Poor Resolution On Videos

Here is what a portion of a video looks like when full-screen on my laptop. You can make out the text if you really focus, but it's much more difficult than it should be.


If there is small text on any of the videos, you're probably not going to be able to read it. Everything looks good in smaller windows, but the minute you open up a video full-screen you'll find it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to read what it says.


Doesn’t Actually Show You How To Do Much

Beyond the first couple modules where he is showing you how to get your website set up, the rest of the videos are more like lectures where he is talking to you about things you can do, rather than showing you how to do them.

Even if you understand the theory of everything he is discussing, it’s going to be difficult to implement it because he never actually shows you how to do it.


Gets Into Link Building

Intentional link building can be a very dangerous thing to get into and is commonly referred to as a “Black Hat” technique…that means a “Bad” technique. I know for a fact that link building has been the demise of many “successful” websites in the past.


The primary method to build links he discusses is a sort of link building pyramid, where you essentially create a network of websites that all link to your primary site. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I definitely wouldn’t consider it a sustainable method. If Google figures out people are manipulating their links like this, then it won’t be long until they take that into consideration and any sites using this scheme will pay the price.

In another video he discusses setting up automated link building. In my experience, pretty much anything in the internet marketing world that has the word “automated” in it, probably isn’t a good thing.


Lots Of Talk About Warrior Forum

Warrior Forum is a very common forum used within the internet marketing community. However, a lot of what people talk about and do there is give false reviews of sketchy products so they can make commissions off of people buying their stuff. In my opinion, whenever someone mentions Warrior Forum and gives it too much influence over what they say and do, my scam detection senses are immediately heightened.


Product Overview

So, what do you actually get when you purchase RM? Well, a lot more than I expected! In the members area you will have access to the 5 modules of the primary RM training as well as lots of bonus training videos, some more helpful than others, and more additional tools and graphics, some of which I’m struggling to see their usefulness.


This is what the menu looks like withing the Member's section of Ranking Miracle 2.0.


Ranking Miracle 2.0

RM itself contains 5 training modules. (There’s a discrepancy between the online streaming version and the downloadable videos. Online you only have 5 modules, but the downloadable version has 6 modules. I’m not sure what that’s all about.) The downloadable videos come in a 272MB zip file…so you can imagine how big it is when you unzip it…huge.

Now I’ll look at each module in the online version and give a brief overview of what it covers as well as the titles and length of each video.


Module 1 – Mindset & Quick Setup

6 videos – 38 Minutes 50 Seconds

This module begins by making sure you understand exactly what SEO is, how it works, and how you can use it to build your online business. It then walks you through the initial steps of getting your first website up and running.

  • Why Is It Important To Learn About SEO? (4:35)
  • How Do Search Engines Think, And How Can We Take Advantage? (5:19)
  • Guarantee Your Income BEFORE You Start (5:38)
  • Getting Hosting & Setting Up Your Website (3:32)
  • Themes And Plugins For Your Website (7:46)
  • The Critical Settings For Optimized SEO (12:00)


Module 2 – Content Creation & On Page SEO

5 Videos – 28 Minutes 17 Seconds

In this module you will learn about creating good content, filling out your website, as well as all of the things you should/should not do to ensure your content will actually get ranked.

  • How Often Should You Publish Content (4:24)
  • 4 “Innocent” Things Google Will Flag You For (5:24)
  • 7 Essential Pages To Put On Your Website (8:22)
  • What Goes Into High Quality Content (6:40)
  • What Most People Ignore About Optimizing Your On-Page SEO (3:27)


Module 3 – Expert Status? Do This…

4 Videos – 19 Minutes 33 Seconds

In this module you’ll begin to look at analyzing traffic data as well as creating optimized content and looking to your competition for ways to improve your own SEO.

  • Simple Web Analytics: Which Pages Bring In The Traffic? (5:53)
  • How To Create Rapid, Expert Content (5:24)
  • Why Great Content Is Never “Finished” (4:32)
  • Analyzing The Competition For Links And Opportunities (3:44)


Module 4 – Backlinks Mania

4 Videos – 26 Minutes 54 Seconds

Here you will start to do more of the backlinking type of stuff…the stuff that I’m not too fond of. Anyways…

  • Setup & Backlinking Through Social Media (5:37)
  • Creating External Sites Via Web 2.0 (10:06)
  • Anchor Text Strategy (3:28)
  • Day By Day Backlinking Blueprint (7:43)


Module 5 – Taking Your Business To The Next Level

5 Videos – 20 Minutes 23 Seconds

Now that you’ve gotten your business up and running and hopefully getting ranked, this module is focused on getting things to run more smoothly and without your constant attention.

  • How SEO Creates Great Sales Funnels (3:00)
  • Create A Squeeze Page Based Off Popular Content (4:58)
  • Automation And Outsourcing Tools For SEO: Which Ones Work? (3:47)
  • Looking To Hire An SEO Consultant? Smart Questions To Ask (5:34)
  • Final Thoughts (3:04)



There is nothing here. I'm guessing this is probably for a future upsell. But, right now it's nothing except an error page.


Bonus Training

There are quite a few bonus training modules as well. I won’t go into as much detail here, but I’ll just give a quick rundown of all of the modules and how many videos are in each. You should be able to gather pretty easily which each module is about by its title.

  • Affiliate Basics – 7 Videos
  • Easy Outsourcing – 1 Video
  • Info Product Creation – 16 Videos
  • Local Marketing – 16 Videos
  • Private Label Rights Profits – 14 Videos
  • Profit From Services – 17 Videos
  • Technical Training – 17 Videos
  • The Ultimate Sales Funnel – 17 Videos
  • WordPress Basics – 11 Videos
  • YouTube Basics – 1 Video


Tools & Graphics

Like I mentioned earlier, I’m not exactly sure how useful most of these tools and graphics will be for most people. A lot of it is just a ton of image and .pdf files to download related to very specific niches such as “growing tomatoes” or “losing weight”. I guess some of the squeeze page files might be useful if you can figure out how to manipulate them to suite your needs.

Each one of these is a .zip file you can download filled with all kinds of files related to the title of the package.

  • Bad Ass Headlines V1
  • Bad Ass Headlines V2
  • Bad Ass Headlines V3
  • Banner Ninja
  • Juicy SWO Graphics
  • Squeeze Page Madness
  • Headers Explosion
  • Ultimate Minisite Package
  • Sales Graphics Rush


Who Is Ranking Miracle 2.0 For?

I believe that RM would be good for new internet marketers looking to get started online. However, I think there is also some good information for more advanced internet marketers as well. There are definitely a couple things I have learned from watching the videos in preparation for this review.

That being said, I think you would have to have a basic understanding of websites to get the most out of this product. He does a lot of theoretical talk, so if you’re unable to translate that into your actual content and website, then you’re going to do a lot of listening, but not much doing.



None whatsoever.



This initial price of RM is a one-time fee of $27. However, if you close out of the sales page, or attempt to go to another website, you should be prompted to stay on the site with a $10 discount. This means you can purchase RM for just $17.

For the amount of training you receive in the members’ area, this price really isn’t too bad of a deal.


Final Opinion + Better Alternatives

So, all in all, I do not have any problems recommending Ranking Miracle 2.0 to my readers. I think it provides decent information for anyone looking to get started online. It will definitely help you set the right expectations as to what it will take to find success, however I also believe it is lacking in many aspects, most noticeably in the areas of support, community, and relevance as time goes on.

The price is great. It won’t cost you a fortune and I think when you consider the bonus material you get more than your money’s worth.

That being said, I do think there are better places to learn how to build your own successful business online. Places where you are part of a super supportive community. Places that offer continually updated training and super responsive support. And places that show you exactly how to do every aspect of building your business. Namely, a place called Wealthy Affiliate University.

I have been a Premium Member at Wealthy Affiliate for quite some time now. It is actually where I learned everything about building a successful online business from scratch. It takes time and dedication to do and Wealthy Affiliate taught me that. With the support of my Wealthy Affiliate mentors and community, I was able to push through the tough beginning months to a point where I have created a profitable website that is continuing to grow! Just check out my income reports and see for yourself!

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