Social Viral v2.0 WordPress Theme Review – Your Best Shot At Going Viral


Social-Viral-v2-WordPress-Theme-Review-Your-Best-Shot-At-Going-Viral-Feature-ImageSocially Viral v2 is MyThemeShop's latest theme designed to help your amazing content go viral! It is actually an update of their already amazing Socially Viral theme, so I can only imagine how awesome this one will be! I've recently installed this theme on a new website to test it out and give you a full report before you purchase it for yourself (aff)!

If you're new here I need you to know I write super in-depth product reviews. I like to give my readers the maximum amount of quality information regarding the products they are interested in so they can make well-informed decisions. But, if you don't want to read too much, I always start with a short review which starts just after this disclaimer:


Disclaimer: I write reviews on products of various quality; however, according to the Core Principles of Kirby's Marketing I only affiliate myself with the products I would recommend to my closest family and friends. Socially Viral v2.0 is a product I would recommend to my own people, which means if you click on one of my links and end up purchasing the theme from MyThemeShop I will make a commission! In order to comply with federal disclosure requirements, each and every affiliate link in this review will be followed by “(aff)”!

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Short Review

Socially Viral V2.0 by MyThemeShop (aff) is a top-of-the-line premium WordPress theme skillfully designed to encourage the maximum amount of social/viral traffic possible for your content. It has a plethora of features that will make your life super simple on the back-end of things while at the same time giving you an aesthetically beautiful website. It is well coded, loads very quickly, and is filled with subtle effects that put it over the edge. If you're producing content that you want to be shared easily on social media with the potential of going viral, then you should give this theme some serious consideration!

Socially Viral V2.0 Ratings
  • 8/10
    Price - 8/10
  • 10/10
    Speed - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Support - 10/10
  • 9/10
    Aesthetics - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Customization - 9/10
  • 9/10
    SEO - 9/10
  • 10/10
    Social Media Integration - 10/10


Theme Name: Socially Viral V2.0
Overall Rank: 9.3/10
Price: $69
Developers: MyThemeShop
Website: (aff)

User Rating 5 (2 votes)
Comments Rating 5 (1 review)

Long Review

If you've made it through the short review and you're not yet convinced of what Socially Viral V2.0 can offer you, keep reading. Now is the time where we get into all of the details! I will cover all of the features of this premium theme, the benefits of purchasing a theme through MyThemeShop, additional plugin options, customer service, pricing, and my final thoughts. Once I've gotten through all of that, I'll give you an in-depth walk-through of all of the behind the scenes options and settings that come with this theme (that can get kind of boring so I save it for the end).


Socially Viral Features

There are a ton of features that come with the Socially Viral V2.0 (in order to save some keystrokes I'll mostly be referring to this theme as “SV2” from now on). I'll go into each with enough detail for you to be able to understand the full impact each will have and the abilities and control they will give you.


Optimized For Social Shares


As you might imagine, a theme called Socially Viral is built entirely around the idea of getting your content shared socially. This means every aspect from social media integration, how the content is displayed, where the social icons are, etc. has been carefully designed to give you the best chance possible of getting your content shared on social media and, ultimately, going viral!


Social Media Icons + Floating IconsSocial-Viral-v2-WordPress-Theme-Review-Your-Best-Shot-At-Going-Viral-Social-Share-Optimized

MyThemeShop uses their sleekest and trendiest social media icons to draw in your readers' clicks and shares. These icons are well designed and optimally placed so they aren't too annoying and distracting, but at the same time are quickly and easily located. You also have the ability to create social media icons that follow the reader as they scroll down your content.


Show Trending Post

The “show trending post” feature is awesome because it automatically displays your most popular content in the most prominent areas of your homepage. This means as a post begins to go viral SV2 will detect that and place that post where everyone will see it, which only exacerbates that posts viralness! Ideally, this feature will create “snowball effect” which is the true power of viral content.

Full Social Integration

SV2 is fully integrated with all of the major social media networks. No matter which platform you utilize to get your content viral it will work with this theme. The social networks you are able to completely integrate with SV2 are Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, and email.


Adsense Optimized

Not only is SV2 focused on getting viral traffic to your site, it also makes monetizing that traffic incredibly easy with its Adsense optimization. You can easily place ads in your header, below the post title, or below the post content simply by copying and pasting your Adsense code into the designated boxes in the theme settings. Because SV2 automatically places your ads in optimal locations, you can look forward to seeing really great CPCs and RPMs.


Comes with 4 Different Loading Effects

Social-Viral-v2-WordPress-Theme-Review-Your-Best-Shot-At-Going-Viral-Loading-EffectsThe four different loading effects that come with SV2 are just a glimpse into the minor, subtle details of this theme that really put the final touches on its beautiful aesthetic.

Subscription Box

What better way is there to ensure long-term repeat visitors and long-term ad revenue than to collect your visitors' email address?!? With the Subscription Box feature, this is a breeze. It can be placed at the end of your posts, the beginning, or anywhere else you'd like and will subtly nudge your readers to subscribe to your mailing list.



Social-Viral-v2-WordPress-Theme-Review-Your-Best-Shot-At-Going-Viral-ResponsiveIn today's day in age, a responsive theme is a definite must and SV2 definitely delivers. If you're using this theme you can rest assured that it will be looking great on every type of device.


Fast Loading

The structure of this theme and the coding behind it allows it to load very quickly on nearly any connection speed. This is really important for social traffic nowadays. If people are clicking to your site from Facebook or another social network, even the slightest delay in loading time can turn them off from your site and encourage them to click away or press the back button. SV2's quick loading time also gives it an edge when it comes to Search Engine Optimization and your page rankings.

Light & Easy

Going off of the previous sections, SV2's lightweight design not only comes into play during the theme's performance, but also means it is extremely easy to use and configure from the backend. This makes it a great theme if you're not too well versed in HTCL or CSS…which makes it a great one for me!


AJAX Loading

The ability to load by AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is just one more thing that will improve your site's speed, enhance your user experience, and improve your search engine rankings. Simply said, AJAX means only the necessary parts of a web page will be loaded according to what the user needs to see at any given moment instead of downloading the entire page all at once.


Lazy Loading Images

In addition to AJAX loading, SV2 also employs a technique called Lazy Loading Images to improve your loading times even more. Basically, this feature will load your biggest images last to allow for a majority of your content to be displayed right away instead of trying to load the big image first and nothing else.

Featured Post


The Featured Post function is a really nice way to draw your readers to a specific post. It allows you to have that post predominantly featured on the homepage in a way that will get it noticed by all of your visitors.


Schema Integrated

Schema integration allows all of your content to be displayed in a more prominent way in the Google search results. For example, if your content is integrated with Scheme it will be able to be displayed in Google Voice answers, Google Maps, and Google Now which are all great ways of generating even more traffic!



Many of the features I've already mentioned all come into play by making SV2 an overall great theme for Search Engine Optimization. It's fast, lightweight, integrates well with all of the Google features, etc. Assuming you know how to write good content that Google wants to display to its users, you shouldn't have a problem getting your content ranked quickly in the search engines.

Mega Menu Dropdown


Mega Menu Dropdown (aff) is a MyThemeShop premium plug-in that comes included with SV2. What's amazing bout Mega Menu Dropdown is how it radically transforms your website's navigation experience for all of your users. Instead of simply getting drop-down bulleted lists of your menu content they will be getting visually appealing images, videos, and other dynamic content that works to engage your visitors all within your menu system.


Video Post Support

You're probably already aware that video content is the most viral content out there. Therefore, MyThemeShop has made sure to create a post type specifically designed around displaying your videos in a manner that is conducive to them being watched fully and socially shared.


Back To Top

You know how annoying it is when you read a long post to the bottom and want to get back to the top of the page, but you have to scroll all the way back up? Well, SV2 has solved this problem by integrating a “Back To Top” function on all of your posts. All you'll have to do is click on the little button that appears as you scroll down and it will instantly take you back up to the top. This is a really nice feature if you're planning on writing a lot of long-form content.

Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling is just one more element that proves SV2 has been designed to be the best it can be. Parallax scrolling makes your content look more dynamic and interesting by scrolling through a picture as you scroll down the page. In other words, as you continue to move down the post, more of the picture is revealed within its frame. It's a really nice and subtle effect that can put your content over the top.


Options Panel

The options panel in the backend of SV2 is both extensive and powerful, but also simple and easy to understand and use at the same time. I won't go into much detail here regarding the options panel because I'll be going into much more detail in the “Behind the Scenes” portion near the end of this review.


Translation Ready and RTL Support

If you plan on your content going viral, I can bet it won't be viewed by people who only speak English. In fact, viral content has the ability to spread all over the world and be seen by speakers of hundreds of languages. This is why SV2 is fully translation ready so as to not create any barriers to your content being viewed all over the world, even if the local language read right to left!


SV2 comes equipped with a plethora of shortcodes that can make your content writing, formatting, and editing experience a lot easier and faster. The shortcodes will help you place buttons, videos, alerts, Google Maps, Toggl, tabs, dividers, columns, etc. easily into your content.


Google Fonts And Advanced Typography Options

Socially Viral V2.0 is fully integrated with the entire collection of Google fonts. This basically gives you hundreds and hundreds of fonts to choose from for every aspect of your website that allows text! On top of this, you have additional advanced typography options included. You can create a completely unique font style unlike any other website!


Unlimited Colors

Not only can you choose from hundreds of Google fonts, but you also have unlimited color selections for basically every part of your website. That means you can create a completely unique appearance to your site.

Font Awesome

Icons are all the rage these days and the Font Awesome feature gives you the ability to place amazing icons anywhere on your website where you can include text.


Unlimited Background Options

You are able to completely customize the backgrounds of your website with ease. You can choose from their included patterns/styles with unlimited color options or you can easily upload your own patterns, textures, or images.


Built-in Ratings


If you are writing reviews or want to somehow include a rating system with your content, you're in luck because they are built into the SV2 content system. Not only are you able to rate products or content, but your viewers can as well, creating a dynamic environment where your viewers can have an aspect of control in the reviewing/rating process on your website.

Widget Ready

If you're anything like me and love widgets, it's a struggle to limit the number of widgets I'm implementing at any given time, especially when the theme I'm using makes it so easy. SV2 is no different and has fully integrated the use of widgets. They are super easy to install and edit on the backend and integrate seamlessly on the front-end.


Unlimited Sidebars

If you like to go sidebar crazy you're in luck! In fact, you can create as many sidebars as you'd like with SV2. If you want to create a unique sidebar for every piece of content you have, go for it!


Import/Export Settings

Importing and exporting content, images, special code, backup files, etc. is really easy with SV2. In fact, there's an entire tab in the options panel dedicated to performing these functions.

One-Click Updates

For me, updating my themes and plugins is always one of the most stressful and nerve-wracking aspects of maintaining my website. First of all, I don't like downloading and uploading files, wondering if it's going to work or crash my website and cause me to lose everything, etc. With SV2 updating has been streamlined to only require one click through their updating platform on the backend of the theme.


Two Homepage Layouts


Socially Viral V2.0 comes with two different homepage layouts. One consists entirely of posts arranges in three columns (on a computer screen) and no sidebars while the other consists of posts being displayed in two columns and includes a sidebar on one side.


Drag & Drop Single Post Elements

Because editing a post with code is becoming antiquated (I mean seriously, who even does that anymore?!?), there are many drag-and-drop elements included when creating posts. This makes it very easy to create dynamic content that is more engaging to your readers.

Show Header Ad

If you're thinking about monetizing your website with advertising revenue (which is a great idea for socially focused sites) this feature will be incredibly important for you. It allows you to place an advertisement in the header of your website.


WooCommerce Support

Selling products on your SV2 website is made easy with its complete and seamless support for WooCommerce, one of the leading eCommerce platforms available.


Retina Ready Icons

Nowadays screens are all becoming HD which means the image quality that has worked in the past simply doesn't cut it anymore. For this reason, SV2 has retina ready icons to ensure that all of the icons you use appear crisp and clear no matter the screen they are being viewed from.

Options To Create Child Theme

If SV2 isn't doing all you think it can, you are fully able to create a child theme from the theme files and create and customize it to your liking.




The Breadcrumbs feature is great if you have a complicated navigation system and post structure and want to help your readers navigate everything without getting lost. Essentially, breadcrumbs leave a navigation trail to make it easy for users to see their route through your site.




The Authorbox feature will allow you to recognize all of the authors producing content for you in a simple manner that flows well with everything else going on. This is especially handy if you are going to be having a lot of guest posts or a large number of people consistently authoring content for you.

Benefits Of Choosing MyThemeShop

As you may, or may not, have figured out, Socially Viral V2.0 is a theme created by MyThemeShop. MyThemeShop is a company that has been around for a couple years now and has experienced amazing growth due to their high-quality themes and plugins, pricing options, and customer support services.

If you'd like to know more about MyThemeShop, you can read my full review of their business here.

I've been using MyThemeShop themes on all of my websites since I first built my online business and haven't had any major problems or issues with them (at least nothing that wasn't resolved quickly by contacting their customer service).


Additional Plugin Options

A great aspect of MyThemeShop is all of the free and premium plugins they offer. In many cases, some of these come included with specific themes, but they can all be purchased and installed on any theme, whether it's a MyThemeShop theme or not. Some of the most popular plugins are WP Subscribe Pro (aff), WP Review (aff), and WP Mega Menu (aff) among many others.

Since all of these plugins are created by MyThemeShop, you can be sure they will work seamlessly with any of their themes, Socially Viral V2.0 included.


Customer Service

As I mentioned a bit ago, I've never had a major problem with MyThemeShop in my two years of using their products. However, I have had some minor issues that could've become major issues had it not been for the excellent customer service provided by the MyThemeShop team.

If you purchase Socially Viral V2.0 you will have access to their support team and will be able to have limited access to the MyThemeShop support forum. The forum is constantly being moderated by official MyThemeShop representatives who are answering questions and troubleshooting with customers to figure out what is wrong and how to fix the problems they are having.


There are a few pricing options available to you if you are interested in purchasing Socially Viral V2.0.

First, if you just want to purchase the theme as a once off deal, it will cost you a one-time fee of $69 (they usually have cheaper prices throughout the year so be sure to check their website to verify the price).


Secondly, you have the option of purchasing a MyThemeShop Membership which will give you access to many more features. If you're just purchasing this single theme it will cost you $69/year. This will give you access to the MyThemeShop theme files, priority bug fixing, 24/7 priority support, secured and optimized code, lifetime usage, copyright removal, one click updates, narrated video tutorials, and detailed documentation.

If you want access to all of MyThemeShop themes the base price will be $199/year and includes everything mentioned above plus access to all of their premium themes.

For $349/year you will get access to everything above plus all of their premium plugins, access to PSD files, as well as support for clients and projects.

Final Suggestion

In conclusion, Socially Viral V2.0 is a very solid theme that will serve you well, especially if you're trying to create amazing content that will go viral. Now, I can't promise it will go viral, but I can say that using this theme will give you the best possible chance of becoming the next viral sensation.

It's a great theme by a great company who I would have no problem recommending to my closest family and friends and, therefore, have no qualms about recommending it highly to you!

Behind The Scenes

Now that we've covered all of the important aspects of what Socially Viral V2.0 will give you and how it is a great theme, it's time to get into the nitty-gritty behind-the-scenes details you'll be getting once you purchase this theme.

A great majority of this section will simply be walking through the Theme Options menus on the backend of your website in the WP Dashboard. This is where you customize just about every aspect of your theme. So, let's get started.


General Settings


Logo Image: This image will be displayed as your website's logo on the upper left corner of every page of your site.

Favicon: The favicon is a 32 x 32-pixel image that is typically displayed on the tabs on your internet browser to allow users to easily visually locate your page among all of their open tabs.

Touch Icon: This 152 x 152-pixel icon is specifically used for touchscreens on devices using iOS 2.0+ and Android 2.1+.

Metro Icon: This 144 x 144-pixel icon is specifically used for computers using Internet Explorer 10 which requires a Metro tile icon.

Twitter Username: Sync your website with your personal or company Twitter account.

FeedBurner URL: Sync your website with your personal or company FeedBurner.


Header Code: If there is anything you want to be placed before the closing </head> tag you can enter it here. This box is nice because it eliminates the need for you to be messing around in the code files of your site and the risk of messing something up. All you need to do is enter it in this box and SV2 will take care of all that behind the scenes coding stuff. Some of the things you might consider placing in this box are Google Webmaster Tools verification code, Big Webmaster Center code, BuySellAds Script, Alexa verification, among many others.

Footer Code: If there is anything you want to be placed in the footer tag you can enter it here. Some of the codes you might want to place here could be Google Analytics, Clicky, STATCOUNTER, Woopra, Histats, etc.

Pagination Type: Here you can choose how you would like your posts to be paginated on the homepage. You can choose from four options: Defaul (Next/Previous), Numbered (1 2 3 4 …), AJAX (Load More Button), AJAX (Auto Infinite Scroll).

AJAX Quick Search: Turning this option on will allow search results to instantly show below the search bar as the user is typing their search.

Responsiveness: Here you can choose whether or not you want your site to be responsive, aka mold itself to fit on any screen size.


Prefetching: Here you can choose whether or not you'd like to turn prefetching on. Doing so will pages and posts will load faster as long as your reader is using a modern browser.

Lazy Load: Turning this option on will not load images outside of the user's viewport until they scroll to them.

Right to Left Language Support: If you expect to have readers who speak a language that reads right-to-left, then you may want to turn this option on to improve their user experiences.

No. of Products: If you are selling items on your website and displaying them on the homepage you can choose how many you would like to be displayed on the homepage at any given time.

Styling Options


Color Scheme 1 & 2: These color options are where you set the overall color schemes for your website. You can choose your colors one of three ways: choosing the preset colors, using the sliders to create your own colors, or entering in the exact hex code of the color you'd like.

Layout Style: Here you are choosing the default sidebar position for your site. This is just as an overall setting and the sidebar position on individual posts can be customized within that specific post's settings.


Site Background: Here we have five different options for customizing your site's background. The first option you have to is to select a single color for the background.


Secondly, you can create a background from one of the pre-installed patterns.


Thirdly, you can upload a custom image to use as a background. You are also given the ability to repeat the image in a variety of ways (no repeat, repeat all, repeat horizontally, repeat vertically), choose whether you want the image to be fixed or to scroll (default, fixed, scroll), where you'd like it to be positioned (left top, left center, left bottom, center top, center center, center bottom, right top, right center, right bottom), and how large you want it to be (cover, contain).


Fourthly, you can choose to have your background be a gradient. Here you are able to choose the two colors you want to create the gradient from and whether you'd like it to be a horizontal or vertical gradient.


Fifthly, you can choose whether or not you'd like your background to have the parallax effect or not.

Custom CSS: If you'd like to customize your theme even further than the options already available to you all you need to do is enter your custom CSS code in this box and it will be taken care of. There's no need to delve into the theme's CSS code to make changes, just enter it here.

Lightbox: Choose if you'd like to use Lightbox, a stylized pop-up that allows your visitors to view larger versions of images without leaving their current page.



Show Logo: Decide whether or not you want the logo to be displayed in the header.

Header Search Form: Choose whether or not you want to enable a search bar in the header.

Floating Navigation Menu: Choose whether or not you want to enable a floating navigation menu. This means your navigation menu will always be at the top of the screen, even as a user scrolls down the post or page.

Show Navigation Menu: Choose whether or not you want the primary navigational menu to be visible in the header.

Show Header Social Icons: Choose whether or not you want your social media icons to be visible in the header.

Header Social Icons: If you would like to display social icons in the header you can easily sync your icons with your social media accounts. You can even customize the title, icon, URL, and background color of each icon individually.



Footer Widgets: Choose whether or not you'd like to use widgets in your footer.

Footer Widget Columns: If you choose “On” to the above option you can choose between 3 or 4 widget areas in the footer.

Show Footer Navigation: Choose whether or not you want to display a navigation menu in the footer.

Copyrights Text: Place any sort of copyright text you'd like to display in your footer.



Home Layout Style: Choose between the two home layout style options available with Socially Viral V2.0.

Homepage Slider: Choose whether or not you'd like to utilize the homepage slider feature.

Slider Categories: If you choose “On” for the “Homepage Slider” this is where you choose which post categories you'd like to have displayed in the slider. The latest articles from these categories will be displayed.

Number of Posts: If you choose “On” for the “Homepage Slider” this is where you choose the number of posts to be featured in the slider at any one time.


Custom Slider: If you choose “On” for the “Homepage Slider” this is where you can create your own custom sliders. You are able to customize the title of the slider, choose an icon, upload an image, include a text description, and specify a URL you want the slider to direct readers to.

Featured Categories: Choose which categories you'd like to be featured on the homepage.

HomePage Post Meta Info: Decide how you want your contents meta info to be displayed on the homepage. You can choose to enable or disable the content's date, categories, author name, and comment count.

Single Posts


Single Post Layout: Here is where you can customize the look of single posts by deciding whether you want to enable or disable the following options: Post Content, Related Posts (either by tags or categories, and number of related posts to show), Author Box, Tags.

Post Meta Info: Choose whether or not you want to display each post's Meta info.

Meta Info to Show: If you choose “On” in the above option you can select exactly what kind of meta info you want to display: author name, date, categories, comment count.


Breadcrumbs: Choose whether or not you want to enable breadcrumbs.

Highlight Author Comment: Choose whether or not you'd like to highlight author comments in the comments section underneath your content.

Date in Comments: Choose whether or not you'd like to display the date of each comment in the comments section.

Social Buttons


Social Sharing Buttons Position: Choose the position of the social buttons on your site. You can choose if you'd like them to be shown above the content, below the content, both above and below the content, or if you'd like them to float along as the user scrolls through your content.

Social Sharing Buttons on Pages: Decide if you want users to be able to share pages as well as posts.

Social Media Buttons: Organize how you want social media buttons to be displayed by choosing whether or not each button should be enabled or disabled and the order they should appear in.

Ad Management


Header Ad: Enter the code for the ad you'd like to display just after the header menu. This ad should be 728 x 90-pixels in size to fit well.

Below Post Title: Enter the code for the ad you'd like to show below the post title.

Show After X Days: Enter the number of days after which you've published a new post you would like your ad below the post title to be displayed.

Below Post Content: Enter the code for the ad you'd like to show below the post content.

Show After X Days: Enter the number of days after which you've published a new post you would like your ad below the post content to be displayed.




Custom Sidebars: Here is where you can add custom sidebars.

Rest of Panel: I'm not going to type all of these out individually, but for the rest of this tab you are choosing the custom sidebar you'd like to be the default for each of the following types of content: Homepage, Single Post, Single Page, Archive, Category Archive, Tag Archive, Author Archive, Search, 404 Error, and Shop Pages.





Navigation: Most of your navigation menus will be set in the Menus Section of your WP Dashboard. However, in this panel of the options menu, you can customize the navigation menus (both primary and mobile) to be displayed on the following types of content: Homepage, Single Post, Single Page, Archive, Category Archive, Tag Archive, Date Archive, Author Archive, Search, 404 Error, and Shop Pages.



Theme Typography: Here you can add a new collection of typography or reset all of the collections.

Create Collection: Here you can create a custom font collection by choosing the font you'd like to use, its variants, size, and color. You can also customize CSS Selectors, Additional CSS, as well as select a Fallback option.

Character Sets: Choose the character sets you would like to include from the following options: Latin, Latin Extended, Cyrillic, Cyrillic Extended, Greek, Greek Extended, Vietnamese, Khmer, and Devanagari.

Import Options


Preset Options: Choose which preset option you'd like to import.

Import Options: Import code

Export Options: Show export code.

Child Theme: Enter the name of the child theme and click “Create Child Theme” to create a child theme.


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