Super Fast Affiliate Sites Review – A Unique But Loosely Explained Strategy

In this review, I will be taking a look at a new product recently launched by Dave Mac named Super Fast Affiliate Sites (Aff). It was launched in January 2016 and gives a rough overview of his method for creating multiple small affiliate sites that each earn a bit of money, nothing major, but when added up can generate a substantial amount of revenue.

I've recently purchased this product to check it out and give you my full, open, and honest review so you can decide for yourself if it will be worth your money.


Here's the confirmation email I received upon purchasing this product. Just want you to be sure I've actually read this ebook!

Affiliate Disclaimer: You will find a few links to Super Fast Affiliate Sites throughout this review. According to my Core Principles and in order to comply with FTC Compliance Standards, if the link is an affiliate link, meaning I’ll make a commission if you purchase the product, it will be followed by “(Aff)”. Don’t worry, I’m not taking advantage of you. I only affiliate myself and earn money from products I would recommend to my closest friends and family. In fact, most websites online are making money from you, they just aren’t disclosing it to you!


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Product Name: Super Fast Affiliate Sites
Overall Rank: 6.5/10
Price: $27 with possible downsell to $17
Owners: Dave Mac
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Super Fast Affiliate Sites is a 31-page ebook written by Dave Mac, who is an affiliate marketer who uses a different strategy than most super-affiliates. Instead of making a ton of money from a single site, he builds a bunch of sites with each making a little bit. This ebook summarizes his strategy, however, it is fairly short and lacks specifics.

Nothing he says is dishonest, wrong, or immoral and the strategies he discusses will likely lead to some income generations. However, it's lacking a lot of details, and if you are easily confused with domain purchasing, WordPress, content creation, pretty much any and every aspect of creating a website, you're not going to be able to take action from this product alone.

If you'd like a strategy, then Super Fast Affiliate Sites (Aff) is for you. However, if you'd like step-by-step instructions, tutorials, and/or in-depth training when it comes to building affiliate sites, you'll want to look elsewhere.


In-Depth Review

Now it's time to really dive into this ebook! I'll discuss what I like about this product, what I don't like, an overview of what exactly you will get when you purchase it, who should consider buying it, their customer support, it's price, my final opinion, and other/better alternatives.


What I Like


If you know me and have read my reviews before, you know I absolutely hate when people make exaggerated claims about their products. However, this is not the case with Super Fast Affiliate Sites. David actually says in the introduction of the ebook these exact words: “Before we go any further, however, I should point out that I am not a millionaire, and this system is not going to take you on a journey towards untold riches. What it will do, is show you how I earn a reasonable monthly income through affiliate marketing that is extremely easy to set up and get going with very little outlay.”

That right there is a great start and a good sign. He also mentions later in the book another nice tidbit of honesty and says you will create some sites, probably a majority of them, that will earn you next to nothing and that it's really just a numbers game and you need to keep creating sites until you find the ones that become profitable.


This is an example of one of the diagrams from the ebook.

Throughout the ebook, Dave uses simple diagrams to help explain his concepts more clearly. This is a nice touch that makes his writing easier to follow and understand and also breaks up the text nicely.

Doesn't Rely Solely On Google

Dave explains how, because of his strategies, what he is teaching will be more effective with all of the search engines other than Google, ie. Bing, Yahoo, and other smaller search engines. That doesn't mean your sites won't end up ranking in Google, but they will stand a much better chance in the other search engines.

Step-by-Step Strategy

Even though he fails to give a proper in-depth explanation of how to go about everything he is talking about, he does give an overall step-by-step process to his strategy. If you already know the basics of website creation and all of that stuff, this will be alright, but if you don't, you'll need additional resources to teach you how to do some of the things he is explaining.

Explains How He Selects Products To Promote

One of the key aspects of the strategy in this ebook is selecting products to promote on your “super fast affiliate sites”. That being said, it makes perfect sense for Dave to give a detailed explanation of how he goes about selecting products, the characteristics of a product that will fit his strategy well, and characteristics of those that won't.


What I Don't Like

Short Book

In my opinion, a 31-page ebook with relatively large font is not long enough to merit the price of the product. I feel like he could've gone into MUCH more detail on just about every point he made throughout the book. To me, this book seemed like an introduction to an affiliate marketing strategy and that there should be 10x more material that unpacks all of the steps and strategies he is employing.

Clickbank Focused

Throughout the entire ebook, much of the strategy revolves around promoting Clickbank products. Unfortunately, Clickbank doesn't have the best reputation and has a lot of pretty shady products (not all of them by any means…but a fair share). He does mention some other platforms that offer products you could review but still focuses mostly on Clickbank products.

Possible Legal Issues

One of the biggest issues I have with the strategy described in Super Fast Affiliate Sites is that it revolves completely around purchasing domain names that use the exact product title in the URL. This sets you up for the possibility of legal action against you if the company you are promoting has any sort of protections against that very thing. He does warn you not to do this for large international or domestic brands because they are sure to figure out what you're doing and contact you regarding potential lawsuits.

He is honest and open about this throughout the ebook and even tells you to take down the site and transfer the domain to the proper company if you are contacted by one of their representatives or a law firm working on their behalf. Again, he is completely open and honest about this up front…so it's not as negative of a thing to me as it would've been if he was trying to hide that potential risk from you.

Focuses on Small Search Engines

This is just a personal preference, but his strategy is completely focused on search engines other than Google…even though there are a lot of them out there, Google still has the lion's share of users and potential purchasers of your product.

I know the idea is a bunch of small sites, and I'm sure there is money to be made there, but it's never going to be as profitable as focusing on getting traffic from Google.

Information Products Only

I feel like Dave greatly limited the scope and scale of this product by focusing solely on information products, that is, products that just give you information about things and not actual physical products. I do believe, however, that you could take the principles discussed in this ebook and apply them to physical products on platforms like Amazon or even service products that offer affiliate programs!

No Need For High-Quality Content

As a personal belief, I believe that any content I produce should make the internet a better place. That means any content I create should be top-of-the-line, helpful, and informative. This pretty much goes directly against the stance taken by Dave in this ebook. He specifically says to not focus on creating high-quality content, but rather to do just the bare minimum to try to squeeze some sales out of potential visitors.

Backlinking Strategy

One of the key methods used in Dave's strategy is getting a few backlinks to your site, preferably by purchasing them from PBNs (Public Blog Networks). If you're not already aware, this is definitely considered a grey-hat method, if not a black-hat method by Google and possibly other search engines.

Again, Dave mentions this in the post, so he's being honest about it. He claims that because his websites are so narrowly focused and specific it doesn't have as negative of an effect as if I was to purchase a bunch of black-hat links to

Also, he's not focusing on Google and, as of now, the other search engines aren't quite as strict as Google is when it comes to some of these things like link building.

Lack of Specifics

There are a lot of steps mentioned as part of the strategy discussed in this book: domain purchasing, setting up WordPress, installing a theme, creating content, building backlinks, etc. Now, if you already know how to do all of this then you're good to go…but if you're new to this or just don't know how to do any one of these steps, you're going to have to look elsewhere to learn.


Product Overview

Obviously, I can't tell you everything you will get when you purchase Super Fast Affiliate Sites (Aff) because I'd be giving it all away. However, I will tell you the overarching idea of what this product is about and the rough strategy it is developing.

The book starts off by giving you a little background information about the author, Dave Mac, and where he comes from and his authority on the subject. This section also makes him seem fairly trustworthy because he tells you the benefits AND potential pitfalls of his methods and strategy.

Then he discusses three lessons he's learned along the way as he's been perfecting this strategy. They aren't anything groundbreaking, but they're definitely valuable lessons to learn. These lessons have greatly shaped his current strategy when it comes to affiliate marketing.

The final part of the book is where he takes you through the broad steps you will need to take to get your own super fast affiliate site up and running. Again, I say broad steps because he doesn't go into any sort of detail in explaining how to actually complete them. He does point you, through affiliate links, to some potential resources to get you going in the right direction.


Who Should Buy Super Fast Affiliate Sites?

In my opinion, someone who already has a basic understanding of creating a WordPress website and creating sales content and who is looking for strategies to build a bunch of small affiliate sites would be served well by this product. However, if you are more interested in building authority sites and spending more time on a site with the potential to generate a lot of revenue, you should probably look elsewhere (see “Better Alternative” section below).


Customer Support

The customer support aspect of Super Fast Affiliate Sites is really pretty small. It's just an ebook, so all the service you would probably need would be for refunds, which would be completely through JVZoo, the platform that is hosting and selling the product. However, you are given Dave's email address upon purchase of the product, so you could shoot him an email if you have any questions.



The set price of Super Fast Affiliate Sites is a one-time payment of $27 dollars. Also, when I purchased it, if you were willing to share the product's sales page on Facebook, you will get an additional $10 off, bringing the final price to only $17. However, it seems that option has gone away as of the time I was writing this review…so unless that comes back, it's going to be the full $27.



Final Verdict

All in all, purchasing this product isn't going to hurt you. It's definitely not a scam and is a completely legit product. It tells you one person's strategy of how he has been able to generate an income with small affiliate sites. He's up front with the potential drawbacks or problems you might run into, which is always refreshing.

Get Super Fast Affiliate Sites Here (Aff)

I must say though, given that this is only a 31-page ebook with large font, I'm not really convinced that this is worth the money, especially if you are on a tight budget. However, if it won't be a problem to shell out $17 and it's something you're interested in, then go for it!


Better Alternative

Super Fast Affiliate Sites - Wealthy AffiliateIf you've read this review and are still looking for something more, there is one product/resource/community I would like to recommend to you called Wealthy Affiliate University. The truth of the matter is, if you're trying to build a sustainable online business, you are going to need a ton of resources, training, and a community to surround yourself with that will help you when you're stuck and motivate you when you feel like giving up, and encouraging you on your way to success…not to mention excellent training resources. That is exactly what Wealthy Affiliate University is.

In fact, it's where I first learned about the idea of building a successful online business and where I learned how to build this very website! If it wasn't for me stumbling across their community, I would never have built this profitable website.

The best part is, you can create a profile completely for free, without any credit card or payment information, and get access to much of the platform and the first few training modules. That alone is enough to get your business going. If you don't like it, you can leave with no harm being done. But, if you do like it and want to stay (which I'm confident you will if you give it a shot) then you can join at either a monthly or yearly membership to gain access to all of the premium features.

If you'd like to learn a little more about this community, feel free to check out my in-depth review of all they offer here.




That about does it! If you have any questions or concerns regarding Super Fast Affiliate Sites, or please don't hesitate to drop me a comment below! I'll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible!

Dustin “Kirby” Garness

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