The Logo Creator Review – The Last Image Editing Software You May Ever Need

In this review, I will be taking an extremely in-depth review of a popular graphics and image editing program called The Logo Creator. It, as well as its multiple add-ons, is the creation of Marc Sylvester over at Laughingbird Software.

I've been using The Logo Creator for a few months now with the intent of writing this review. So, as I have been using this product myself, everything I write is based on my own experience with this software.

Going forward I will be discussing the good and the bad regarding this software. I will give a detailed look at what exactly you'll be getting when you purchase The Logo Creator software (Aff) itself, as well as each and every add-on available. I'll give some insight as to who this product might best serve, the training and support offered, as well as an overview of all of the pricing options available.

Once I've gotten through all of these large topics, I'll dive into the software itself and give you a detailed look at exactly how it all works!


Affiliate Disclaimer: You will find a few links to The Logo Creator throughout this review. According to my Core Principles and in order to comply with FTC Compliance Standards, if the link is an affiliate link, meaning I’ll make a commission if you purchase the product, it will be followed by “(Aff)”. Don’t worry, I’m not taking advantage of you. I only affiliate myself and earn money from products I would recommend to my closest friends and family. In fact, most websites online are making money from you, they just aren’t disclosing it to you!


The Logo Creator Ratings
  • 9.5/10
    Price - 9.5/10
  • 10/10
    Support - 10/10
  • 9.5/10
    Ease Of Use - 9.5/10
  • 9.0/10
    Tools & Resources - 9.0/10
  • 8.5/10
    Quality Of Images Produced - 8.5/10


Product Name: The Logo Creator
Overall Rank: 9.3/10
Price: $47 + Additional Add-On Packages
Owners: Marc Sylvester
Website: (Aff)

User Rating 5 (2 votes)
Comments Rating 2 (2 reviews)

The Logo Creator (Aff) is an easy to learn graphics and image editing software that produces high-quality graphics that can be used on websites, printed media, or anywhere else. It is a lot simpler and easier to learn and use than more advanced graphics programs, such as Photoshop, but does have its limitations in terms of its overall ability. However, given the price, I think it would be a prudent investment for anyone looking to create their own quality graphics and doesn't have access to, can't afford, or doesn't want to learn a more advanced program such as Photoshop.

Note: Throughout the rest of this review I will be frequently referring to The Logo Creator simply as “TLC”.


Full Review


Simple And Easy To Learn

Compared to more advanced image editing software (like Photoshop), The Logo Creator is extremely easy to learn and even easier to use once you get the hang of it. I'm convinced that I could even teach my grandma to use it if I
really wanted to…and that's saying something.

I've always used Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to create my graphics, so it took me a minute to get used to the different style of working, but after a couple minutes I had gotten the hang of it.



I will go into great detail regarding pricing specifics later on, but it's not expensive at all, especially when compared to most of the other graphics and image editing software out there. You can get the basic package for $47. Even
with all of the add-ons, which would run you an additional $290, the price of TLC is a fraction of the price of Photoshop.


Creates Beautiful Graphics

Once you get the hang of using the program (which won't take too long), you'll find that you are producing high-quality images that you never thought you would be able to make yourself. The files used within the program are
vector files, which means the edges will remain sharp and crisp. No matter how much you stretch them one way or another they won't get fuzzy and blurry.



What makes TLC extremely easy to learn is the way the software is set up. It doesn't use complicated drop-down menus and have a billion tiny settings to choose from. Rather, it uses a visual button and slider system that contains the essential settings you actually need to make nice looking images. If you want to change the color or font style of some text, or add a shadow to a shape, it's obvious where you need to click. You don't need to go searching through menu after menu looking for what you need.


Export Options

Once you have finished your design you are able to export it in one of four file formats: Transparent PNG, PNG, JPG, or SFW. This is an extremely nice option as it allows you to customize your final file format to wherever you will end up using the image. There's nothing more frustrating then getting ready to load your image into some other software only to realize it's not in the right format. With the export options in TLC chances are you'll be able to choose the right one to export as.



Super Customizable

While the interface is simple, you are still able to customize every aspect of your images. You can do all sorts of things like change the colors, add shadows and outlines, blur the edges, scale to any size, change the fonts, copy and paste, etc. Given all of the options you can customize, you have basically limitless abilities to create high-quality, unique images and graphics.


Lots Of Add-Ons

At the point of writing this review, there are 13 add-ons you can purchase to expand your TLC content library. Most of these add-ons consist of characters to use in your images, templates specific to certain uses (business cards, YouTube, Facebook, etc.), as well as background graphics and other useful things. The great thing about all of these add-ons is you can pick and choose which ones you want based on your needs. You may not need or even want any of them.


Mac & PC

I'm a PC guy myself, but even if you're a weird Mac person, you won't have a problem purchasing, installing, and using The Logo Creator because it is made for both!


Excellent Customer Support

I'll go more in-depth on this subject later on, but the customer support provided by the Laughingbird Software team is excellent. There is a very large and active forum where people are constantly asking questions and getting them answered by other members of the community as well as the actual Laughingbird Software staff. In addition, you can send in specific questions and concerns via email and they are answered promptly.


Regular Tutorials

The Laughingbird Software team is constantly adding new video tutorials to show all of The Logo Creator users how to use the software in new and helpful ways. There is typically a new video every week or two. The videos are narrated “Over-the-shoulder” screencasts so you are able to follow along with exactly what the narrator is teaching and doing.



Can Import Your Own Images

You not only have access to the large image library included with TLC and all of its add-ons, but you can upload any of your own images into the software as well. This means you will always be able to create super customizable images that are directly related to your, and your clients', businesses.


Royalty Free Images

Every image and graphic that comes with TLC is completely royalty free. This means once you purchase TLC and whatever add-ons you want, you can use the images as often as you want wherever you want with no additional costs.


Can Sell Graphics You Create

On that note, everything you create with TLC can be sold for money. That means you can actually create your own business by simply using TLC to create graphics. If you're a web designer, you could even use TLC to really enhance the website you are making and selling.

You cannot, however, simply sell the images and characters “as is”. They must be used, edited, and incorporated into your own creations before you can sell what you create.


Graphics Can Be Used For Anything

The graphics and images you create with TLC can be used for literally anything. You can use them for business logos, business cards, Facebook banners and Advertisements, PPC advertising, website banners and images, YouTube graphics, building signs, vehicle graphics, billboards, etc…pretty much anything you can think of.


Font Selection

The Logo Creator comes with over a hundred unique fonts created just for TLC. These fonts are really cool and fun, scary, girly, fancy, etc. There really are some pretty cool ones to choose from. On top of the fonts included with
TLC, you can also use all of the fonts already on your local system. This basically means you have an unlimited amount of fonts to choose from. If you can't find one you like within the TLC software or on your computer, all you need to do is find one online, download it, and install it on your computer.


Here's just a sample of some of the fonts that come with The Logo Creator.


Add Slogans And Taglines

There is a fun feature within the text editor that allows you to randomly select slogans and taglines to enter into your design. Now, I don't think you would necessarily use the already created slogans and taglines on your actual designs, but they are really good for generating ideas for your own slogans and taglines.



Autosave Function

TLC is constantly saving your work after every change you make. You don't need to worry about saving it periodically so you don't lose your work if your computer crashes or something crazy happens. We all know how much that sucks!



Adjusting From More Complex Programs

If you are someone who has been using more complicated programs like Photoshop, it takes a while to get used to the new style of image editing that comes with TLC. It's funny how even though it's a much simpler interface, it
can be confusing at first if you're not used to it.

I usually use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for most things, so it took me a couple days to get used to the simple and streamlined interface of TLC.


Some Aspects Are Counter-Intuitive

Even though TLC is really easy to use, there are a couple aspects which do seem a little counter-intuitive and harder than they need to be. Primarily, the fact that you cannot click and drag objects to resize them. Instead, you need to use sliders to make them taller and wider or to scale them up or down. To me, it's hard to correlate a slider with the size of an object. I'd much rather click and drag an object to resize it.


The button and slider system just seems like an odd way to manipulate text and images.


Graphics Tend To Be A Bit Cartoony

I've found that the images and graphics you can produce using TLC always tend to have a bit of a cartoony feel to them. I don't know if this is just my own abilities limiting my results, but I tend to think it's just a characteristic of the software itself because most of the examples on the TLC website have the same slightly cartoony feel to them. Not that this is always a bad thing, but you might have some trouble creating a super slick, modern design.


Too Many Add-Ons

It's cool that there are so many different packages you can choose from, but it's also overwhelming, especially when you're trying to figure out what you need to purchase just for the basic software. The price also adds up pretty quickly if you're looking to purchase many of the add-ons (even so it's still cheaper than Photoshop) I'll talk more on pricing specifics later in this review.


Object Selection

The biggest frustration I've had when using this software is selecting the correct object. I don't know if there's a trick I'm missing, but if I have two similar sized objects stacked on top of each other, it's really hard, if not impossible, to determine which object I have selected in certain instances. To be sure I have to move one out of the way, which is annoying because I then have to move it back later and it's not always easy to get it exactly where I had it before.


Needs More Alignment Options And Features

I know TLC is supposed to be, and is, a very simple software to use, but I do wish it had a few more options and functions to allow you to align and center objects. For example, the only such ability is to center the object on the canvas. This is cool, but only if you want it exactly in the middle of the canvas. If you want it horizontally center, but more towards the top or bottom you pretty much have to guess and rely on you moving your hand perfectly up and down.

Even simply allowing you to “shift + drag” to keep components parallel or perpendicular to where you started moving them from would make a huge difference. It would also be nice to be able to “right-click” to access some basic functions. As it is, you need to go up to the menu bar at the top of the page to do basic functions such as copy and paste, things that are usually in the right click menu.


Product Overview

I must admit it is a little confusing when you're looking at the sales pages for The Logo Creator and all of its add-ons. However, it's not too complicated once you get a grasp of what's going on. That's white I'm going to do now. I'll start by describing what The Logo Creator itself consists. Then I'll go through each add-on and talk about the specifics of what you get with each. I'll also include the price for each piece as if you were to buy it alone. Later on, in the “pricing” section, I'll explain the different packages you can purchase for discounted rates on some components of TLC.


The-Logo-Creator-Review---The-Last-Image-Editing-Software-You-May-Ever-Need-The-Logo-Creator-BoxThe Logo Creator Basic Software $47

The Logo Creator is the central software you need to be able to make any sort of graphics. Without TLC basic software, you won't be able to utilize any of the add-ons. With the basic TLC, you will get the following:

  • The Logo Creator software
  • Over 400 different templates
  • 500 images and elements
  • 50 transparent people images


The-Logo-Creator-Review---The-Last-Image-Editing-Software-You-May-Ever-Need-YouTube-Channel-Art-Creator-BoxYouTube Channel Art Maker $37

This add-on has many elements specifically designed to help you create awesome images and graphics for YouTube. All of the elements are sized correctly to integrate perfectly with every aspect of YouTube. With the YouTube Channel Art Maker you will get:

  • Over 100 YouTube templates: banners and thumbnails
  • Many additional graphic elements


The-Logo-Creator-Review---The-Last-Image-Editing-Software-You-May-Ever-Need-Business-Card-Creator-BoxBusiness Card Creator $37

The Business Card Creator is your one-stop shop if you're going to be using TLC to create your, or your clients', business cards. It provides many already made business card templates and images just waiting for you to customize them to fit your needs. With the Business Card Creator you will get:

  • Over 100 business card templates and relevant images
  • Access to an online print shop


The-Logo-Creator-Review---The-Last-Image-Editing-Software-You-May-Ever-Need-Vector-Characters-and-Cartoon-MascotsVector Characters and Cartoon Mascots $67

This add-on is one of the largest packages available to supplement your TLC purchase. All of the images included in this add-on can be used with any software, not just TLC. All of the images have transparent backgrounds and come in the following formats: PNG, SVG, and EPS. The SVG files are particularly great for programs allowing interactivity and animation. The EPS file type allows you to scale your characters from tiny little images to huge wall-sized images without losing any quality.

The Vector Characters and Cartoon Mascots add-on comes in three collections of images as follows:

  • Mascots Collection Set 1
    • 110 characters
  • Mascot Collection Set 2
    • 150 characters, 75 unique characters, each in two different styles
  • Mascot Collection Set 3
    • 50 characters individually drawn by cartoonist Dave Sylvester


The-Logo-Creator-Review---The-Last-Image-Editing-Software-You-May-Ever-Need-The-Character-CreatorCartoon Character Creator $27

This add-on consists of hundreds of character “parts” which you can arrange in thousands of combinations to create completely unique characters for your own use. It also comes with a set of already created characters for you to use as a nice little bonus. With the Cartoon Character Creator you will get:

  • Over 100 different body poses
  • Over 50 different heads
  • Over 100 different eyes
  • Lots of mouths


The-Logo-Creator-Review---The-Last-Image-Editing-Software-You-May-Ever-Need-The-People-Pak-Set-1The People Pak Set 1 $27

This is the first set of two add-ons providing you with a large collection of images of real live people, not cartoons or animations. It also includes some additional templates for your pleasure. Every image included in this add-on has transparent backgrounds as well. With The People Pak Set 1 you will receive:

  • Over 100 different images of real live people
  • Over 50 different silhouette images
  • 50 templates using the real live people images


The-Logo-Creator-Review---The-Last-Image-Editing-Software-You-May-Ever-Need-The-People-Pak-Set-2The People Pak Set 2 $27

This is basically a continuation of The People Pak Set 1 and includes many more images of real live people as well as additional templates using these new images. With The People Pak Set 2 you will receive:

  • 100 real live people images
  • 50 new templates using the real live people images


The-Logo-Creator-Review---The-Last-Image-Editing-Software-You-May-Ever-Need-Bloo-3D-Logo-CharacterBloo 3D Logo Character $27

This add-on is Laughingbird Software's attempt at creating an entire character for your use. His name is Bloo and he comes in a variety of poses. In case Bloo isn't cute enough, they also recreate the same poses as Bloo except with the adorable character called Orbie. With this add-on you will receive:

  • 122 different poses for Bloo
  • 122 different poses for Orbie


The-Logo-Creator-Review---The-Last-Image-Editing-Software-You-May-Ever-Need-Facebook-Timeline-TemplatesFacebook Timeline Templates $27

This add-on is simply a set of templates specifically designed for Facebook timelines. The templates are perfectly sized, so all you need to do is customize them for your specific use and you're set to go. With the Facebook Timeline Templates you will receive:

  • 50 Facebook Timeline updates


The-Logo-Creator-Review---The-Last-Image-Editing-Software-You-May-Ever-Need-Green-Screen-Video-BackgroundsGreen Screen Video Backgrounds $37

This add-on is unique in that it consists of a series of high quality moving pictures called videos! The idea behind this add-on is that you can use these high-quality videos as backgrounds for any type of green screen work you are doing. Each video is 720 dpi and is such high quality they will be crystal clear on pretty much any screen. The Green Screen Video Backgrounds add-on will get you:

  • 27 video backgrounds
  • 15 bonus high quality still images (1187×667)


The-Logo-Creator-Review---The-Last-Image-Editing-Software-You-May-Ever-Need-3D-Cartoon-Characters3D Cartoon Characters $17

The images included with this add-on are all 3D images of the characters Baldie Bob and Girl Keiki. These images can easily be utilized in video and animation software as well. When you purchase the 3D Cartoon Characters Add-on you will receive:

  • 20 poses of Baldie Bob and Girl Keiki
  • 25 templates involving Baldie Bob and Girl Keiki


The-Logo-Creator-Review---The-Last-Image-Editing-Software-You-May-Ever-Need-3D-People-Figures3D People Figures $27

This add-on includes many three-dimensional images of people, both male and female, to be used in all of your graphic creations. The 3D People Figures add-on consists of:

  • 200 high-quality images, 100 male and 100 female


The-Logo-Creator-Review---The-Last-Image-Editing-Software-You-May-Ever-Need-Alphabet-Logo-CollectionAlphabet Logo Collection $27

If you are looking to create graphics and images with lots of lettering, this is the add-on for you. You'll get a full set of letters and numbers in over 31 different font designs as well as a bunch of new templates highlighting the new fonts. When you purchase the Alphabet Logo Collection you will receive:

  • 31 different font collections
  • 50 new templates


The-Logo-Creator-Review---The-Last-Image-Editing-Software-You-May-Ever-Need-Halloween-Spooktackular-Mascot-CharactersHalloween Spooktackular Mascot Characters $24

If your business thrives around the Halloween season or you just want to get into the Halloween spirit then this add-on is exactly what you're looking for. It includes some awesomely unique spooky Hallowing characters, as well as a ton of other Halloween themed images and objects. Each high-resolution component comes with the following version as well: outlines, black and white line art, hi resolution PNGs, layered PSD files. With a purchase of the Halloween Spooktackular Mascot Characters set you'll get:

  • 10 Halloween mascots
  • Additional Halloween themes images and graphics


Training Overview

If this is all a little overwhelming, I have some good news for you. First of all, there is a series of twelve video tutorials specifically designed to orient you with The Logo Creator and teach you how to use its basic functions. Secondly, it turns out the creators of The Logo Creator actually follow through with their promises of continually creating additional tutorials for their products (which is a really pretty rare among products like these)

Here are the twelve videos you will find in their series to help you get a handle on the basics of using TLC:


  • Getting Started With The Logo Creator Version 6
  • Logo Design – How To Make A Logo With Textured Letters Using The Logo Creator
  • The Logo Creator – Create Cool Buttons
  • Saving A Logo With The Logo Creator
  • Importing Images Into The Logo Creator Software
  • Printing With The Business Card Creator Software
  • How To Make Business Cards And Logos
  • Logo Design Tutorial – Creating The Walking Dead Logo
  • The Logo Creator – People Pak Add-On Set
  • Cartoon Mascots2Go Volume 2
  • 3D Characters How To
  • The Facebook Timeline Set For The Logo Creator

In addition, they have a series of tutorial videos in their Tuesday Tutorials series. They are as follows:


  • How To Use Pinterest – A Tutorial To Bring More Traffic To Your Site
  • 5 Ways To Make Money Online With The Logo Creator -Part 3
  • How To Make A Meme
  • How To Make Money With The Logo Creator – Part 1
  • How To Remove The Background From An Image
  • How To Make A Viral Video
  • How To Increase The Resolution Of Images Without Photoshop
  • How To Use Powtoon And The Logo Creator Together
  • Copy And Paste Tricks Using The Logo Creator
  • Web Design Tutorial – How To Create A Reflection
  • Text Effects With The Logo Creator – Part 1
  • Splitting And Resizing Images With The Logo Creator
  • Tutorial Tuesday – Using Photos With The Logo Creator
  • Using Dingbat Fonts With The Logo Creator Software
  • How To Make A Lower Third

In addition to these specific topics, there are over 100 tutorials and other relevant videos on the Laughingbird Software's YouTube channel. You can find training on just about every topic you could think of.


Who Is It For?

TLC is ideal for the person who is looking for a cheap and easy way to make pretty good graphics compared to more complicated and expensive photo editing software. If you are hesitant to commit to learning those more advanced programs, TLC is ideal because it is quick to learn and relatively easy to master. It is also a great alternative to the Photoshop-like programs if you are inhibited by their exorbitant prices and/or their steep learning curve and simply can't afford them.

On the other hand, if you are someone who is looking to make highly polished and sophisticated logos and graphics, you are going to have a tough time doing so with TLC. Remember how I said it's hard to get away from the “cartoony” look with this software no matter how hard you try. Also, if you already have access to or are already proficient with Photoshop or similar programs then TLC might be a bit unnecessary unless you can find ways to incorporate them together.




The support you will receive within The Logo Creator network is actually pretty decent, especially since they have a huge forum that is extremely active with members and moderators. There are nearly 20,000 members with about 9,000 different discussion threads on about every topic you could imagine. The moderators jump in when they need 2to answer a specific question or clear things up, which is nice because it means you'll probably get an actual “official” answer to your question. You can also email their support team personally. If you do this you should expect to get your issue clarified soon, although probably not as quickly as if you brought it to the forum.



Now we're to the part you've been waiting for…pricing.

At the very minimum, you must purchase the basic TLC package, which includes: The Logo Creator, The People Pak Set 1, The Character Creator, Facebook Timeline Templates, Baldy Bob, and The Business Card Creator. You get all of these, the basic TLC software and five add-ons for a one-time fee of $47. This is a pretty good deal considering it would cost you $182 to buy them all separately, saving you $135.


If you are interested in increasing the amount of templates, characters, and objects at your disposal, you can buy all of the additional add-ons at their normal prices. They are as follows: YouTube Channel Art – $37, Vector Characters & Cartoon Mascots – $67, People Pak Set 2 – $27, Bloo 3D Logo Character – $27, Green Screen Video Backgrounds – $37, 3D Cartoon Characters – $17, 3D People Figures $27, Alphabet Logo Collection $27, & Halloween Spooktackular $24. All of these extras will cost you an additional $290.

So, if you are looking to get The Logo Creator and ALL of the additional content, it would set you back $337.


Final Verdict

So, now that we've made it through all of that, it's time for me to give my final verdict. Well, I think The Logo Creator is an excellent piece of software that could be a huge asset for the right person. If you aren't familiar with or don't want to get into Photoshop or other complicated and expensive photo editing software, The Logo Creator is a great alternative… Probably the best alternative I've come across yet.

It allows you to create great graphics and images in a much simpler manner than more complicated programs. It has an easy to learn interface and is fairly intuitive to use. Not to mention the great forum and customer support when you do get stuck. There are a few aspects of its user interface that I think could be improved, but if I wasn't accustomed to using Photoshop I wouldn't have ever even noticed them as a problem.

All in all, I think if The Logo Creator seems like something you'd be interested in you should definitely give it a shot. Start with the basic package until you get the hang of it, then if you like what you see, you can start adding onto the basic package with the add-ons that will be useful to you!

Be sure to keep reading to get an inside look into the details of how TLC works and all of the abilities and functions it provides.


Inside Look

Choose A Template

When you first start TLC, you will need to choose a template. The great thing is there are hundreds of templates to choose from, especially if you've purchased any additional add-ons. All of the templates are divided up according to the add-on package they are a part of. If you don't want to use a template and would rather start from scratch, you can do this too by simply clicking on the empty template.


Once you are into the actual image editing part of the software you will be able to add and edit text and images. Now I'll look into each one of those functions in more detail.


Adding Text

The primary method of adding text to your image is by entering the characters into the text box near the top of your work surface. If you'd like you can auto-generate some slogans or taglines to give you inspiration for your own text. Once you have your text typed correctly, you simply click “Add Text to Canvas”.


New text can also be entered into the canvas by using the Text Editor in the Text Menu. I'll cover this method in more detail below.


Editing Text

Once you have your text on the canvas, it's probably time to do some editing. Now I'll be taking a look at each and every aspect of text editing including with TLC.



Text Format

In the format menu you have the following options:

  • Circle: Force your text to form a circle. There are also additional settings to edit the text while it's in a circle. You can use Text Arc, Text Scale, Character Spacing, Character Angle, Circle Radius, & Circle Rotation.


  • Rotate: allows you to rotate the entire line of text to a certain angle. You can also rotate the individual letters while keeping the overall words in a line. Additional settings in the Rotate menu are Text Scale, Text Angle, Character Spacing, & Character Angle.


  • Fonts: You can choose either from the selection of embedded fonts that came with TLC, or you can choose from the system fonts already on your computer.
  • Text Alignment: You can align your text to the left, center, or right of the text box it is written inside of on your canvas.
  • Horizontal & Vertical Flip: This allows you to flip your text on the horizontal or vertical access.
  • Text Scale: adjusting this slider will change how physically large the selected text is on the canvas.
  • Character Spacing: this option, otherwise known as Kerning in the graphic design world, allows you to adjust the space between individual letters.
  • Line Spacing: This function allows you to adjust the amount of up and down space between multiple lines of text.



Text Color

You are in full control of the color of each and every aspect of your design, text included. You are able to use solid colors, gradients, or images to customize your texts' colors.

  • Solid Colors: you can choose from a set of sliders or enter in the hexagonal code for a specific color if you know it.


  • Gradients: you have full control of the gradient settings from the text opacity to the gradient scale and angle, colors, and whether the gradient is to be linear or radial.


  • Images: you can color your text based on a specific image you upload into the program. Once you upload it you are able to offset it horizontally and vertically to get it just how you like it.



Text Shadow

If you turn the shadow function on you will have the following settings to play with.

  • Text Shadow Opacity: This setting determines just how opaque, or transparent, the actual shadow will be on the background of the image.
  • Blur Radius: this setting allows you to play with the “fuzziness” of the shadow. You can have really crisp lines on your shadows, or you can blur out the edges of the shadows.
  • Text Shadow Distance: this setting essentially adjusts how far the text seems to be away from the background. The further away the shadow from the letters, the farther it seems to be in front of whatever its background is.
  • Text Shadow Angle: This setting is determining where the light for your shadow is coming from. If the light is coming from the upper left, then your shadow will be to the lower right of the letters; however, if the light is coming from the lower right, the shadow will be on the upper left of the letters, and so on.
  • Shadow Color: of course all shadows aren't black, this is why you are able to make the shadows any color you would like.



Text Blur

This setting affects your text by blurring it out to certain degrees. You can keep the edges of the text perfectly crisp or blur them out so severely that it's hard to even tell what the original letters were.

  • Blur Radius: the higher the number the more blurry the edges of your letters will be; the lower the number the sharper they will be.



Text Outline

Adding outlines to your text can really make them pop if done correctly. For this reason it's good that TLC offers the ability to edit your outlines with the following settings:

  • Text Outline Opacity: this setting adjusts how solid your outline will appear. If the outline opacity is set at 1, it will be completely opaque. If it is set at 0, it will be completely transparent.
  • Text Outline Strength: this setting determines the overall thickness of the outline.



Text Edit

This menu allows you to add new text to your canvas. Once you enter the text into the text box you have two options:

  • Revert: this function will undo all of the changes you've made in the text box and return the previous text back to the canvas
  • Implement: this function will apply the changes you've made in the text box to the actual text on the canvas



Add Images

Adding images is super easy with The Logo Creator. First you must select the folder you want to view in the drop box at the top of the image gallery. The folders you will see depend on how many add-ons you have purchased. Once you have selected the folder you would like, you can scroll through all of the images in that folder. When you find the one you want, all you need to do is click on it and drag it down onto the canvas…and voila! The image you wanted is now on your canvas and ready to be edited!



Image Editing

Editing images with TLC is super easy and fairly intuitive. There are four editing aspects you can use to bring
your images to TLC perfection: Image Format, Image Color, Image Shadow, and Image Blur. They are all fairly
similar to the settings used for editing the text, but I'll go into more details now.



Image Format

In the Image Format menu you have the following settings to play with:

  • Image Opacity: and image opacity of 1 means your image is completely opaque and an opacity of 0 means it's completely transparent
  • Image Scale: this setting allows you to proportionately change the size of the image
  • Scale Image Width: using this setting will adjust the overall width of the image without changing the height
  • Scale Image Height: using this setting will adjust the overall height of the image without changing the width
  • Image Angle: this setting allows you to essentially rotate the image to different angles
  • Horizontal Flip: can simply flip the image along its horizontal axis
  • Vertical Flip: can simply flip the image along its vertical axis
  • Image Skew X: this setting skews the image along its x (horizontal) axis. This basically means it pulls the top and bottom edges of the image in opposite directions to “skew” it.
  • Image Skew Y: this setting skews the image along its y (vertical) axis. This basically means it pulls the right and left edges of the image in opposite directions to “skew” it.



Image Color

There isn't really a “normal” menu to edit the color of an image. This is because the image already has color. In fact, using the “colorize” or “gradient” menus is actually simply putting a transparent layer of color over the original colors of the image.

  • Colorize: Here you can choose the exact color filter you want to place over the original colors of the image. You can get your perfect color using the two sliders in the menu, or you can enter a specific hexagonal image code.


  • Gradients: you have full control of the gradient settings from the image opacity to the gradient scale and angle, colors, and whether the gradient is to be linear or radial.



Image Shadow

If you turn the image shadow function on you will have the following settings to play with.

  • Image Shadow Opacity: This setting determines just how opaque, or transparent, the actual shadow will be on the background of the image.
  • Shadow Blur Radius: this setting allows you to play with the “fuzziness” of the shadow. You can have really crisp lines on your shadows, or you can blur out the edges of the shadows.
  • Shadow Distance: this setting essentially adjusts how far the image seems to be away from the background. The further away the shadow from the image, the farther it seems to be in front of whatever its background is.
  • Shadow Angle: This setting is determining where the light for your shadow is coming from. If the light is coming from the upper left, then your shadow will be to the lower right of the image; however, if the light is coming from the lower right, the shadow will be on the upper left of the image, and so on.
  • Shadow Color: this is where you are able to make the shadows any color you would like.



Image Blur

This setting affects your image by blurring it out to certain degrees. You can keep the image perfectly crisp or blur it out so severely that it's hard to even tell what the original image was.

  • Blur Radius: the higher the number the more blurry the edges of you images will be; the lower the number the sharper they will be.



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