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Product Name: The Upsell Equation
Overall Rank: 5.4/10
Price: $54.99, $79.99, or $119.99
Owners: CJ Parker & Tom Elliot

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The-Upsell-Equation-Review---Only-If-You-Want-To-Equate-Yourself-With-Upsells---FeatureIn this review I will be taking an in-depth look at the product called The Upsell Equation. Although I believe there are better alternatives out there (see end of review) to this product, I do not believe it is a scam. For that reason, I will go a bit more in-depth in the review.

Disclaimer, because this product is not a scam and I feel comfortable referring my readers to it, any links to the product’s page will contain my personal affiliate link. This is how I make money from this website and I only collect commissions from products I recommend.

The Upsell Equation, by CJ Parker & Tom Elliot is 53 page eBook, as well as additional supplementary material, focusing on increasing the conversion rate of the upsells you are offering on your information-based products. Just for clarification, information-based products are typically eBooks, informational videos, or other forms of media that are providing information to the customer.

Now let’s get to the proper review. I will discuss the good and the bad of The Upsell Equation, take a look at exactly what this product has to offer, who this product for, the support it offers, how much it costs. To conclude I will give my final opinion and offer you a better alternative.


The Good

Doesn’t Discard Morals

For once, there is a Clickbank product that isn’t as sketchy as hell. In fact, the sales page disowns and distances itself from some common underhanded sales techniques such as: one-time offers, back-end product pitches, sales funnels, false scarcity techniques, and devious pop-up or pop-under coding.

Also, they don’t just talk about disowning these techniques, they don’t use them at all within their promotional material. This, in itself, is fairly uncommon and a good sign.

Only Selling To Their Targeted Audience

Mr. Parker and Mr. Elliot are open about who should consider buying their product and who shouldn’t. They know what their product is and who will find it useful. They say explicitly that if you don’t already have sales, then this product is not for you.

Just the fact that they have a specific target audience gives them some legitimacy. When compared to many products out there that don’t care who buys their material, this makes The Upsell Equation seem on top of its game.

Takes Advantage Of Human Psychology

The authors of The Upsell Equation definitely did their research when composing this eBook and corresponding content. Much of what they are teaching is based on some interesting human psychology.

Many times we don’t consider how much of an effect we can have on peoples' subconscious. Everything from the colors, to the tone of our language, to the placement of our product offers can be optimized based on human psychology. It is definitely something you want to consider when composing your future promotional materials.

Legitimate And Effective Sales Methods

As a result of their use of psychology as well as their renouncing of underhanded sales techniques, the advice and instruction that The Upsell Equation gives is actually legitimate. Since it is legit, it should be fairly effective if followed and implemented within your own promotional material.


The Bad

I Don’t Like Upsells

Even though the methods behind The Upsell Equation is legitimate, it doesn’t change the fact that I hate upsells. An upsell is an upsell, whether it is done immorally, or whether it is don’t honestly. Simply making someone feel good about falling for an upsell pitch, doesn’t change the fact that it is still an upsell.

I will never be a fan of upsells (if you haven’t already gotten that figured out about me).

The-Upsell-Equation-Review---Only-If-You-Want-To-Equate-Yourself-With-Upsells---ArrowRepackaging Upsells

Continuing on my rant regarding upsells; a large portion of what this product teaches you how to do is to repackage your upsells into a more palatable concept of “different packages”. This is implemented on their very own sales page.

They spend an inordinate amount of time showing you everything you are going to receive, then at the end they present it to you in three packages. You will only receive everything you just read about if you purchase the most expensive package.

Instead of getting you to buy the basic product and then present more information for you to purchase afterwards, they present everything up front. Then they are able to psychologically manipulate you to believing you need to purchase everything…and that is how they repackage the upsell!

Too Much Hype And Unrealistic Claims

Hyping up a product so it seems like a walking miracle is another thing I really dislike. The Upsell Equation’s sales page isn’t as bad as most…but it still does it. Here are a few of the improbable claims that it makes in regards to how it will impact your sales and income:

  • “…we can get a 96.8% upsell conversion rates and boost customer value by up to 15 times.”
  • “…from selling a $20 eBook one week to offering $545 high-end upsell products next.”
  • “Profit-Per-Sale from $12.74 to $187.18.”
  • “$27,438.84 in just a little under four and a half weeks.”
  • “How to get almost every single one of your buyers (96.8%) to take your upsell offers and pay you more money.”

In addition to these claims, they also do a bit of the “let’s show a screenshot of how much money we’re making so everyone can think they can make the same amount of money as us” nonsense.


It’s a shame really. In my mind the product they’re offering is decent. Why do they need to go diluting their sales page with all of this typical scammy nonsense?


Product Overview

Now let’s take a look at exactly what kind of material you will get should you decide purchase The Upsell Equation. Depending on which package you purchase (repackaged upsells), you may get up to 5 components.

Component #1: The Upsell Equation “Core Manuel”

Obviously, this is the core on which the entire The Upsell Equation product is based on. It is a 53 page eBook showing you the “weird mind trick” that you may want to take advantage of in your sales pages.

It focuses on using the idea of “relativity” to make your product and price seem outstanding compared to the competition. In addition, this eBook will delve into the specifics of where you should be placing your upsell pitches within your promotions.

Component #2: Copy & Paste Templates

In this section the creators give you what they call a “fill in the blanks” template so you can easily implement the techniques into your sales pages. They also give you an “irresistible” (their words, not mine) order button that you can include in your sales pages as well.

Component #3: The Anatomy of a 96.8% Swipe File

This component gives you an over-the-shoulder look at what they claims to be their own super successful sales letter that has a 4.5%-8.2% conversion rate with a 96.8% upsell rate. They also discuss a bit about why this letter works, not just about what they do.

I have a little bit of a problem with this section. The way they frame the section and give their examples makes it seem these types of numbers are easily achievable. The truth is, a product with those kinds of conversion rates is INSANELY successful. I’m pretty sure most people would die to have numbers like that, even those that are considered successful internet marketers.

Component #4: 5x “Video Walk-Through” Tutorials

As its name implies, component #5 for is a series of five videos that further build on the ideas of the eBook from Component #1. Some of the topics they cover are how to “ethically bribe” people to give you more money (interesting idea), how to convert prospects that are on the fence about purchasing your product, how to build trust and authority with your prospective customers, and how to create high-end, high-priced products that people want to buy.

Component #5: Your Exclusive “Advanced Upselling Secrets” Video Series

This is just a series of five more videos discussing more somewhat manipulative techniques you can use to try to get people to buy your upsells. In essence, they are just an even more in-depth look at the material covered in Component #4.


Who Should Buy The Upsell Equation?

If you are already getting some sales on your informational products, are looking to get more upsells out of your customers, and are looking for a step-by-step training to bring your upsell game to the next level, then this product may be for you.

The great thing is that Mr. Parker & Mr. Elliot are very upfront about who should and should not purchase their product. If you are just a beginner and/or aren’t making an initial sales at this point, then you should wait to purchase this product until you are a little further along.



There is limited support through The Upsell Equation programs. If you purchase one of the two cheapest packages you can expect the response time to be between 2-5 days for any inquiries you make. If you purchase the most expensive package you should receive responses the same day you make an inquiry.



The price of The Upsell Equation depends on which package you choose to purchase. The cheapest package, the Standard Edition, will run you $54.99. The Full Upgraded Package will cost you $79.99 and the Platinum System $119.99.


Remember, instead of hitting you with the upsells later, they are hitting you right away…only this time they don’t seem like upsells! This is exactly what their product is teaching you to do!


Final Opinion

In conclusion, I think The Upsell Equation is a product that will give you a few ideas and teach you some new tricks to apply to your sales pages and other promotional material.

Is it the game changer that they claim it to be? No, I don’t think so.

When it boils down to it, if you really want to buy this product, then go for it. If you can afford it, then it won’t hurt to give it a go and see what you can learn. On the other-hand, if you can’t afford it or are looking for a more in-depth approach to closing sales and creating upsells, then I have a better solution for you.


A Better Solution

If you are really looking to comprehensively improve the performance and conversion rates of your products, then you should seriously consider testing out the free trial of Wealthy Affiliate University. Wealthy Affiliate is one of the highest rated and most popular affiliate marketer training resources in existence.

There is an extensive amount of written and video training, teaching you how to do exactly what The Upsell Equation is teaching you to do…and then some. Truthfully, the wealth of knowledge you will have access to as a member (even a free member) in incomparable to what you get when you purchase The Upsell Equation.

If you are at all interested, I would encourage you to read a little bit more about Wealthy Affiliate. You can do so at my personal review here. I don’t want to pressure you, so head on over, read my take, and see how you feel! Hopefully, I will see you inside!

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