Traffic Rebirth In-Depth Review – Decent But Not Great

Traffic-Rebirth-Feature-ImageIn this review, I will be taking an in-depth look at a new product that claims to be an “‘Idiot Proof' way to get 30,000+ visitors per month in any niche” called Traffic Rebirth. This is something we are all striving for, but can it really be done in “3 Simple Steps” like they claim or is there more to the story that they aren't letting on with their marketing material.

I went ahead and purchased Traffic Rebirth, so I could check it out for myself. Now that I've had access to the Members Area and have taken a look at all of the training and resources offered, I will write an in-depth review of all that Traffic Rebirth is, the good, the bad, and the ugly…well, there's nothing really ugly on this one…so that's good at least…but there are a few great things and some not so great things I'll be talking about further down the page.


Quick Review

Traffic Rebirth is a series of video lessons that walk you through the process of creating a basic WordPress website, driving traffic to it, and then monetizing it. Its primary focus is on using Pinterest to drive traffic to your site but also gives brief overviews on other techniques including email marketing, search engine optimization, and other social media platforms.

It offers an adequate overview and is reasonably priced. I would be comfortable recommending it to my viewers but would encourage them to check out more highly recommended products before they commit to purchasing Traffic Rebirth. Continue reading for an in-depth review of Traffic Rebirth.


In-Depth Review

What I Like

I'll start the in-depth portion of this review off by talking about some of the parts of Traffic Rebirth that I do like and think will help you out if you choose to buy it.


Case Studies

Traffic rebirth doesn't just quote sourceless income statistics or traffic numbers but uses screen-capture videos to walk you through the numbers on multiple sites. They show you numbers from Google Analytics, JVZoo, Pinterest, Pretty Links, Adsense, and others in reference to the traffic and revenue on multiple sites.

Now, whether all those numbers come from sites they've utilized the Traffic Rebirth method on exclusively is another question, but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt for now.


Teaches Legitimate Traffic Generation Methods

At least Traffic Rebirth is teaching you legitimate methods for generating traffic and not some super sketchy, unethical, border-line plagiarist techniques like the last product I reviewed. While some of their tutorials are basic introductions, they're still pointing you in the right direction and demonstrating legitimate tools you can use to aid the process.


Basic Introduction to Many Aspects of Building an Online Business

Traffic Rebirth covers many aspects of building your first online business starting with purchasing a domain name, setting up a WordPress blog, figuring out a niche, writing a basic blog post, search optimization techniques, building an email list, setting up a Facebook page and business profile, using Facebook ads, and Google Adsense, among others.

Again, they are very basic, introductory tutorials on each of these topics, but they're enough to get you started.


In-Depth Pinterest Training

The crux of the Traffic Rebirth methodology revolves around utilizing the social media platform Pinterest to draw traffic to you site. As a result, this is where the most in-depth training occurs.

If you follow the training modules you'll learn how to create a Pinterest business account, set up Pinterest boards, begin to build a following, set up rich pins, create Pinterest appropriate graphics, find and join group boards, and post to group boards effectively.

I already have a good understanding of most social media platforms, but there were a few tips and techniques I learned from Traffic Rebirth's Pinterest technique that I was not aware of before.


Videos are Clear and Easy to Understand

The entire Traffic Rebirth product consists of 40 videos in six modules so it's a good thing all the videos are visually sharp and clear and easy to understand.


What I Don't Like

Now that we've gotten all the rosy stuff out the way, I'll talk with you about some aspects of Traffic Rebirth that I really am not a fan of, starting with their sales page and promotional material.


Promotional Material You Nothing

I'm a firm believer that if a product is worthy of being purchased it should have no problem telling potential purchasers exactly what the product will be doing and how it will help in their efforts.

Unfortunately, you could spend hours analyzing Traffic Rebirth's promotional material and still have absolutely no idea what it does. The product has quality information that could legitimately help some people drive traffic to their online business, so why not put that up front so people know what they'll be getting should they choose to purchase your product?

Instead, they crafted their promotional material in the same way that many outright scams have done and continue to do, that is, simply playing on human emotions and desires for income stability and passive income (which isn't really an accurate representation of what Traffic Rebirth will teach you anyways)


Multiple Upsells

Another aspect of Traffic Rebirth that really rubs me the wrong way is the series of upsells they push on you as soon as you purchase the basic passage. Before you even have access to the product you purchased, they're pushing you to buy three different products related to Traffic Rebirth.

First, they try to sell you five case studies that you can copy and paste for yourself. This will cost you $27.45.

Second, for a one-time fee of $27.57, they'll offer to set up the entire system for you.

Third, they'll try to sell you private label rights, so you can sell the product to other people. This will run you $47.66 for the full sales funnel of products (including all the upsells) or $37.51 for the front-end product only.

All this product pushing doesn't end there either, once you're in the membership area, they have an entire section devoted to these upsells. That’s confusing to because when they first try to sell you on the additional packages, they tell you they're time limited, yet you still have every opportunity to purchase them from the member's area.

All in all, the insistence and pressure on upsells tells me that the creators' first intentions aren't to help people build a successful business online, but rather to make money from them. While the information you will receive for purchasing their product may be legitimate and helpful, making sure you're successful is not their primary concern.

The irony is that, if they were to focus on your success primarily, and profiting from their product secondarily, I'm guessing they'd make more money in the long run.


Videos Move Very Quickly

Now, regarding the actual training modules you will receive if you purchase the product, the videos are high-quality, but they move through the content very quickly. They even moved to quickly for me at times and I found myself pausing them or going back because I couldn’t keep up with what they were doing.


Very Basic Introduction to Building a Website

One of the biggest problems I foresee for anyone buying Traffic Rebirth is that it gives a cursory, introductory overview of many topics without diving deeply into any single topic, except Pinterest.

So, you'll get everything up and running, but after that, you'll be on your own unless you start looking for other products to purchase, or you could just join a community that covers every aspect of building an online business.


Sales Material Is Inconsistent With Actual Product

My final point regarding what I don't like about Traffic Rebirth shines a lot of light on the true motivations of its creators and the purpose they are producing this product (and many others) in the internet marketing niche. This point is that very little of their sales and promotional material represents what the product is.

There are countless claims that this product will teach how to develop “Passive Traffic”. When you get into the product you realize that none of what they are teaching you to do is passive and requires a good amount of work to set up and keep moving.

They also claim that the methods they are teaching are search engine optimization free. However, the reality is that the longest module in the whole course is regarding search engine optimization. They devote a full twelve videos to teaching us long-term search engine optimization.

The final issue I have a big problem with is the “Three Simple Steps” they claim to teach. Broadly speaking, yes, they're teaching you three steps. What they fail to disclose, however, is that the first two steps require a ton of work to get in place and put into motion. I fail to understand how this can be marketed as three simple steps. If it really were that easy everyone would be doing and, also, why would have a course of six modules with 40 videos each 4-10 minutes long?!?


Who Should Buy

The type of person who would get the most benefit out of Traffic Rebirth is one of two types of people. The first is someone looking for a basic introduction to the many aspects of getting an online business up and running. The second is someone looking to really dig into developing their Pinterest profile with the intent of driving more traffic to their website.

Most of what they are teaching is very basic website creation, so if you already know the basics, much of it will be pointless to you. However, that may be what you need.

That being said, if you're looking to really build a great website and draw lots of traffic from multiple sources, not just from Pinterest, there are better options.


Product Overview

Traffic Rebirth is centered around the idea of bringing traffic to your site using Pinterest. It also explores other methods of traffic generation as well, but Pinterest is the focus. I won't go into too much detail here regarding what you get if you purchase. However, if you'd like the nitty gritty details, go check out the in-depth product review at the end of this review.

In short, without giving away too much, Traffic Rebirth will guide you through the process of creating a website and using various methods of driving traffic to that site, especially Pinterest. It will teach you how to grow your Pinterest following, post to group boards, and monetize your traffic.


Customer Support

The customer support you will have access to is a support forum you can access from the member's area dashboard. It's a support forum utilized by all the products the creators of Traffic Rebirth have created.

This is an easy solution for them, but less than ideal for their customers because many of the topics and threads may be completely irrelevant to you because they're dealing with a different product entirely.



The price for the basic Traffic Rebirth package is a reasonable $17.00. If you're happy with that and don't get sucked into the details, it may be well worth it for what you get. The real costs come when you get sucked into buying the upsells.

The “Reseller” option will cost $47.66, the “Do it For You” package will cost $27.57, and the “Case Study Copy & Paste” option will run you $27.45.

These are all one-time fees, so if you were to purchase all of them it would do $119.68 worth of damage to your bank account.


Final Verdict

My final verdict regarding Traffic Rebirth is that it's a decent product that will be able to help you better understand the basics of building a website. Unfortunately, I believe their marketing material is dishonest and poorly represents the amount of work it requires generating an income producing website. It also misrepresents what the focus of the training you will receive.

The price for the basic Traffic Rebirth package is not overly priced, so if you do decide to make the purchase, it's not going to break the bank. I would be willing to recommend this product to my closest friends and family if I knew they understood exactly what they were getting. That being said, I'd try to convince them of other options first.


Another Recommendation

Traffic Rebirth is a decent tool, but it gives a very basic overview of all that is needed to build a successful, income-generating online business. It is a static product that lacks any person-to-person training and interaction so, if you get stuck or are feeling overwhelmed with the process, you might be out of luck. Another problem is once you get the hang of it, you'll need to look elsewhere for more training as you advance in your knowledge and understanding of the internet marketing world.

There are few resources out there that can walk you through the entire process of building a sustainable online business from the very first steps to the more in-depth complicated aspects. Most of them only cover a single aspect of the process, so as you go along you'll be leaving a wake of products you've purchased for each need you come across as you build your business.

Enter Wealthy Affiliate University. Before you get turned off by the name, I'd highly encourage you to check out all that this resource and community of like-minded internet entrepreneurs has to offer. To be completely honest, this is the first resource I came across five years ago when I was looking into creating a blog with the intent of earning money from it, and I haven't left yet.

Wealthy Affiliate offers super in-depth training on all aspects of building an online business from the very basics to advanced marketing and search engine optimization techniques. It is also filled with a community of folks who are willing to support you on your journey and help you when you get stuck!

Don't just take my word for it though because, unlike many programs that promise success, Wealthy Affiliate gives you free access to almost all they have to offer. This means you can try it out completely for free, no credit card required. In fact, you can remain a free member for life if you'd like.

I've written the most in-depth review of Wealthy Affiliate available on the internet and I'd encourage you to check it out and see for yourself what it has to offer!


In-Depth Product Overview

Now we'll take an in-depth look at exactly what you will get if you choose to purchase the basic Traffic Rebirth package. I'll go through each aspect according to the order it appears in the menu of the Traffic Rebirth Member's Area.


Course Modules

This is where a bulk of the material you have access to lives. It consists of six modules each with a series of videos ranging from two to fifteen minutes long. Obviously, I can't tell you the content and techniques you'll be learning but here are the six modules along with the video titles and lengths:


Module 1: Our Case Studies and Introduction

Video 1: Case Study: Greg's Traffic (6:49)
Video 2: Case Study: Stefan's Traffic on (5:56)
Video 3: Summary Overview of the Method (8:16)
Video 4: About Your Instructors Greg Kononenko & Stefan Ciancio (4:32)


Module 2: Building the Basics of Your Site

Video 1: Find Your Niche (13:46)
Video 2: Find Domain, Set Up Hosting & WordPress (10:35)


Module 3: Build Out Your Site

Video 1: Establish Your Blog Structure (15:28)
Video 2: Mandatory Site Pages (1:49)
Video 3: Content Research & Production (9:53)
Video 4: Adding Content to Site (4:16)
Video 5: Set Up Your Facebook Account


Module 4: Pinterest Setup

Video 1: Set Up Pinterest Account (4:57)
Video 2: Set Up 10 Pinterest Boards (7:53)
Video 3: Set Up Rich Pins (1:20)
Video 4: Get Your First 50-100 Followers (10:39)
Video 5: Create Pin Graphics for Your Posts (5:18)
Video 6: Add Your “Money” Pins to Pinterest (5:21)
Video 7: Find Group Boards & Apply to Them (17:04)
Video 8: Share Your Pins to Group Boards & Get Traffic (15:05)


Module 5: Long-Term SEO Traffic

Video 1: Overview (3:59)
Video 2: SEO Concepts (8:12)
Video 3: Essential Tool – Moz Toolbar (7:24)
Video 4: Keyword Generation – Google Keyword Planner (6:01)
Video 5: Keyword Generation – Keyword S***er (5:32)
Video 6: Keyword Generation – SEM Rush (11:11)
Video 7: Competition Analysis – MOZ Toolbar (7:20)
Video 8: Creating SEO Optimized Content (6:41)
Video 9: Building Links (8:44)
Video 10: Set Up and Build Email List (3:13)
Video 11: Set Up and Build Custom Audience (7:31)
Video 12: Get FB Traffic Using Ads to Your Custom Audience (14:22)


Module 6: Monetization

Video 1: Adsense Monetization (5:39)
Video 2: Additional Monetization (12:18)
Video 3: Long-Term Plan & What to do After this Course (6:19)


Buy Upgrades

Upsell 1: Get Case Studies
Upsell 2: Get DFY (Done For You)
Upsell 3: Get Reseller



Here is where you can access the free “Bonuses” you are given for purchasing Traffic Rebirth. The bonuses consist of two case study videos, a tutorial on generating Twitter traffic, and links to the Facebook mastermind groups for the product's creators, Stefan and Greg.

Video 1: Case Study #1 (3:30)
Video 2: Case Study #2 (4:22)
Video 3: Twitter Traffic Boost (4:46)


Unannounced Bonuses

There are also two unannounced bonuses that you have access to. It turns out they are two other products that claim to help you make money online: Skweezy Internet Marketing & Flip Flop Profits.

Again, this just makes me wonder: if Traffic Rebirth is really the system that is going to help you passively generate a five-figure income, what need is there for you to be interested in these other products?

Well, it's because their focus is making money from you, not truly serving you in your online business ventures. It's very likely they have some sort of reciprocal agreement with these two products to help each other out by referring their members to each other's programs, both making money off you.



This section of the Member's Area takes you directly to a support forum for all the products created by Stefan.


Questions? Comments? Thoughts?

If you have any questions or comments regarding Traffic Rebirth, Wealthy Affiliate, or anything else regarding building a successful online business, please don't hesitate to drop me a message in the comments section below! I'll get back to you as soon as I can.


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