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Product Name: Tube Launch
Overall Rank: 3.2/10
Price: $29 one-time fee + upsells for $197, $97, & $77
Owners: Rick Thomas

User Rating 1.5 (2 votes)
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Tube-Launch-Review---It-Wont-Be-Launching-You-Anywhere-FeatureIn this review I will be looking at Tube Launch. This is a product created by Rick Thomas that claims to show you how to make money by uploading and commenting on YouTube Videos…aka spamming YouTube with Clickbank products.

Let's be real, making money with YouTube is not as simple as uploading and commenting on videos. There is much more to it than that and actually making money will require a lot of time, effort,  training, and creativity. Unfortunately, Tube Launch will not teach you much of the needed strategies to actually make money from YouTube.

I’ll be honest, don’t get your hopes up for this product. In fact, unless you want to learn another ineffective way to promote poor quality Clickbank products, then I would recommend moving on to legitimate ways to make money from home.

But, if you are still interested, here is a more in-depth look at what Tube Launch has to offer.


The Good

Video Quality

The videos within Tube Launch are of unexpectedly good quality. Most products like this usually have poorly produced, painful to watch video tutorials. Someone put in a good amount of time and money into producing this content. Unfortunately, it isn’t too helpful (see “The Bad” below).

Basic YouTube Skills

If you are an absolute beginner, than Tube Launch will teach you some of the most basic steps and skills needed to utilize YouTube. It demonstrates how to use most of YouTube’s video editing and publishing features, the very features that really successful YouTubers do use.

Short Sales Video

This really has no effect on the product, but as someone who reviews crappy products with annoyingly long and painful sales videos, Tube Launch’s short video was such a blessing! While it was still filled with empty promises of large incomes with little work, at least it was only 5 minutes of it and not an hour!


The Bad

Because I am not recommending Tube Launch, I will not spend too much time going through all of the negative aspects of the product. However, I will give a brief overview of some of the biggest problems I have with it.

Thin Material

The training videos offered are VERY basic. If you have even the slightest understanding of YouTube, you will find most of the videos to be a waste of time. For example, there is an entire, full-length training video dedicated to creating your user account, something that could be done in a 30 second video along with the other very basic steps. If you are looking for anything more than the very basic, you will not find it within Tube Launch.

Unclear Videos

Not only are most of the videos entirely too long, but they are also quite unclear and confusing. You may watch a video all the way through and then realize you don’t actually know what you were supposed to do or how it is supposed to help you make money from using YouTube.

Trains You To Be A Spammer

If you can make sense of the videos, you will realize that they are teaching you how to use YouTube to become a spammer. You will be taking previously created videos, slicing and dicing them, and re-uploading them to promote products (usually Clickbank products), and encouraging people to sign up for them through your links.

I’m sure you’ve seen a YouTube comment of someone promoting a random product under an unrelated video…well, that’s a big part of what Tube Launch is training you to do.

Following Tube Launch’s tactics will also run you the risk of getting your YouTube account locked by their moderators due to spamming.


You will come across multiple upsells within the Tube Launch members’ area. Not only are they expensive, but they are completely unrelated to Tube Launch, YouTube, or video marketing. For example, one of the first upsells you will see is for another product where you can “make money” by taking surveys.

See also: Click 4 Surveys Review – Just Another Bad Survey Site 

Dishonest Promotional Material

If you watch the sales video you will notice that it claims Tube Launch will connect you with “multi-million dollar companies spending tens of thousands of dollars creating top notch websites doing product development research and developing software”. This is their fancy sounding way of saying Clickbank products and we all know Clickbank products are generally crap. So you will be promoting poor quality products, not the amazingly desirable products they make you think you will be promoting.

In addition, the video is filled with all kinds of the usual marketing techniques to convince you that you NEED to buy this product in order to change your life forever and if you don’t you will be missing out on the best opportunity to come across your computer screen since the last product you saw…last night!


Who Is Tube Launch For?

In my opinion, nobody should buy Tube Launch as there are much better and cheaper (see “final recommendation” below) ways to learn what it will teach you. However, if you are a complete newbie when it comes to YouTube, looking to learn the absolute basics, and have an extra $29 lying around, than it may be of interest to you.



Surprisingly, the one-time fee isn’t as crazy as some other, similar products. With a one time fee of $29 you can have access to Tube Launch.

However, once you are in the member's area you will be hit with four upsells for other, unrelated products. These upsells will be for $197, $97, and $77. I would highly recommend staying away from those products as well!


Final Recommendation + A Better Alternative

There is no need for anyone to purchase this product. While it’s not a scam, I don’t think there is much value in it, not even for just $29. If you are looking for extremely valuable training on how you can actually make legitimate money online, then you should read about Wealthy Affiliate University.

Wealthy Affiliate is where I learned everything I know about making money online. There are so many different ways to go about it and Wealthy Affiliate was able to educate me in all of them…and still does to this day. The greatest thing is, you can try it out completely free without even entering your credit card information.

If you are legitimately looking to make money online, please check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate and decide if you would like to give it a shot.


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